If only there were more than 24hrs in a day! Or you know, I were better at time management…. ^^”

Hello Lovelies ♥

I just thought I would do an update for anyone who wonders why this place is such a shambles and what I am planning on doing about it ^^

I am currently behind in ‘I Remember You’ and ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’ which are currently airing T.T

I wildly underestimated how long it takes to recap 1hr long episodes. However, I am going to persevere with them all, but I doubt I will catch up before they actually end.

My plan is to recap 2-3 episodes a week (hr long episodes) and meanwhile watch ‘Oh My Ghost’ using twitter to write my reactions throughout the episodes. I put a twitter feed widget into this blog (I was pretty impressed with myself haha ^^”) so that will be available to look at (I do plan on doing an overall thoughts when I complete the drama in the future).

I plan on completing Prince’s Prince today, so the above plan should be implemented tomorrow.

I hope this makes sense, but if you have any questions don’t be scared to ask them and I hope you are having a lovely day~

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