Prince’s Prince (Episode 3) Recap~

This episode was certainly less crazy as the previous two and we seem to be getting a bit more of a storyline, or at least more build-up to one.

I especially like how this drama is filmed, the different digital effects make it a lot more visually appealing, as are the two male leads 😉

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the ‘gay’ storyline, mostly because right now, it all seems a pretence to either ‘infiltrate a company’ or ‘try to find out who someone really is’.

‘No Pain, No Gay.’ (Really?! This is the title pahahaha. what?!)

Picture1ShiHyun is on the phone to Secretary Kang, who asks if he should ask a male employee about MongRyong to find some dirt. At first ShiHyun thinks that he is disrespecting homosexuals, but Secretary Kang says he was just disrespecting him (hahaha~ so is ShiHyun gay?…)

Secretary Kang quickly changes the topic to YooNa, who is still ‘Missing In Action’. Secretary Kang suggests using the tracking device, which causes ShiHyun to erupt saying that he isn’t a slave hunter. Secretary Kang bad-mouths him again, but hangs Picture2up before ShiHyun can say anything! (I think I love Secretary Kang haha♥)

When he hangs up, YooNa walks past, carrying a bag full of fan letters. ShiHyun spots her and they argue, especially when she finds the tracking device on the inside of her tie. ShiHyun tells her it wasn’t him (this time), but she is still upset with him, saying that he should believe her when no-one else does.

ShiHyun enters the office, not content to deal with the staffs inability to choose lunch, nor being asked to cosplay. In a rage he slams his fist down on the table saying that he hates two things the most:

  1. Screaming girls (how HyangDan puts that down to being gay I have no idea!)
  2. Otaku’s

Picture3 Picture4

This causes a stir and MongRyong tells ShiHyun that all complaints should be made to him alone. MongRyong then puts his smile back on and tell the rest of the staff that he has a meeting to attend and leaves.

The staff member watch him leave closely and all exclaim happily when he is gone, meaning they can leave without him knowing!

While snooping around MongRyong’s computer at 2:30am, ShiHyun is caught by MongRyong who is rightly wondering why he is in his office, on his computer. ShiHyun Picture5comes up with the lame excuse that his computer isn’t very good, so he was doing his work here.

MongRyong asks what he is doing and ShiHyun, quick as ever, basically tells him he should know what his staff are doing. ShiHyun continues to say that he is working hard for the company’s sake, so there shouldn’t be a problem. MongRyong says there isn’t, just that he thought it odd that ShiHyun would want to work in an office full of otaku’s who he thinks are dirty and dislikes.

ShiHyun shoots up and points at MongRyong exclaiming it is his fault:

“You are my style. I can understand that you are an otaku. To that extent it has a charm.”

(The music in this scene is killing me pahahaha it sounds so sensual :’) hahaha)

MongRyong thanks him for the compliment and calmly tells him that he will consider his feelings. Rather flustered, ShiHyun walks out of the office.

The next morning MongRyong is trying to dig up information on ShiHyun as well, but finding nothing. He knows that there is something suspicious going on with him, and he doubts that ShiHyun is actually gay, but is simply a tactic. One which he decides to use himself.

In the office, MongRyong is trying to call YooNa, who is ignoring him in favour of the internet (I love that his caller ID name is ‘Crapper’ hahahaa~ reference to his love of saying crap all the time!!)

Picture6 Picture7

MongRyong comes out of his office, just as ShiHyun gives up, and asks if they all want to go out to eat. They all don germ masks and ShiHyun gives them an odd look, before saying he isn’t going. MongRyong gives him no choice, saying that office dinners are an extension on work and that he is ordering him, as the president to go.

When the group exit the building, someone takes their photographs which are immediately uploaded onto the fansite YooNa is scrolling through. She is shocked to see her brother.

Thank you for reading~


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