The Lover (Episode 12/Finale)~

This finale was full of emotion and I honestly think that this was the best episode. For some strange reason I like to watch dramas that make me feel a lot! I would also like to say the ending was absolutely perfect, sad to say goodbye this wacky masterpiece ♥

The time has come to bid farewell to this drama, and I am definitely not ready!

Picture1 Picture2

We open up with DooRi and DoSi being evidently anxious about something. DoSi is pacing and DooRi is flicking through tv channels. We find out that they are both waiting to hear news about their jobs.

DooRi passed and is now a full-time employee, however DoSi failed. Even so, DoSi smiles and congratulates DooRi. DooRi doesn’t believe him and checks his phone to see the reply he got. She then rambles on and on about how they are stupid for not accepting him and that he should try again and that it’s his first time doing this sort of applying and no one gets it in the first try. DoSi doesn’t hear what she is saying.

Later that night we see DooRi reach over for DoSi in bed, however all she finds is empty space. We then shift to the balcony where DoSi in on the phone with his mother, reassuring her that he is alright. We find out that DoSi’s father is in the hospital and he tells his mother that he will pay the month’s hospital fees and that she should stop working because of her health. This guy doesn’t ever seem to catch a break.

Picture3 Picture4

DooRi, who has been watching him, wants to tell him to ‘cheer up’, but she knows that will make him feel worse. She wants to comfort him, but she doesn’t know what to say.

Meanwhile JinNyeo is watching YoungJoon perform on MCountdown (JJY Band – OMG). She notices that he is losing weight and vows to give him some ‘invigorating’ food. Picture5

JinNyeo wonders where he is, so she phones him to find out that he is running late. YoungJoon even hangs up before she has finished a sentence. JinNyeo brushes it off, saying that busy is a good thing. However, she is a disappointed as she looks at the food she made for the both of them.

At 1:45am YoungJoon comes home, JinNyeo immediately get up from dozing on the table in the living room. He lies down on the sofa and JinNyeo feeds him some of the food she made. YoungJoon told her once that his company had about 50 employees, and she says that she made enough food for that many and he should take it in Picture6tomorrow.

She goes to feed him again, but sees that he has fallen asleep. She wakes him to make him go to the bedroom, where he will be more comfortable. YoungJoon apologises, and then tells her that he won’t be able to come home until Saturday because he is going to America to record music. JinNyeo is evidently upset about this news, but doesn’t say anything. Side note: YoungJoon giving her a forehead kiss was super sweet :3

The next morning, JinNyeo is packing YoungJoon’s things for him in the living room. YoungJoon comes out and she happily shows him an outfit she prepared for him to wear to the airport. However, he tells her that he has been sponsored to wear the clothes he has on (ah airport fashion is so important for idols!), but YoungJoon tells JinNyeo he will wear it next time.

Picture7 Picture8

Once he begins to leave, JinNyeo begins fussing over him, telling him to eat before he leaves. While JinNyeo goes to get more food for him to take with him, YoungJoon leaves after getting a call from his manager. JinNyeo is upset and in voiceover we find out that she wanted him to succeed, more than anyone else, but now she just wants him by her side.

Picture9 Picture10

Takuya is sleeping in bed, while JoonJae is sleeping on the sofa (look how cold that poor baby looks!).

JoonJae rolls over and falls onto the floor, hurting his side. JoonJae (in voiceover) explains that everything changed between them after last episodes events and that Takuya has changed as well. We see Takuya telling JoonJae that he wants to be alone. JoonJae wonders what he did wrong.

Picture11 Picture12

The next morning we are greeted with Takuya putting his shoes on, suitcase and rucksack in tow. JoonJae asks him what is going on. Takuya doesn’t give a straight reply, JoonJae takes hold of Takuya’s suitcase and asks the question again.

Takuya tells JoonJae to be well and says that he is thankful for the time he spent here. He then exits the apartment, leaving a dazed and upset JoonJae behind.

In the evening, we see Takuya sitting at a bus stop, talking on the phone. He says ‘since when?’ and my heart immediately explodes because JoonJae has said this before. And yes, we find out that Takuya likes him and has done from the beginning, but that he is afraid. (This episode is really causing me pain! Don’t leave Takuya!!)Picture14

Anyway, the apartment manager spots him and asks if he is going back to Japan and then notices JoonJae (did he hear what Takuya said??). The manager then wanders off and JoonJae says (in voiceover) that it feels like only they are left on earth. He then takes off his jacket and hands it to Takuya and then walks away. Takuya (in voiceover) says that if they were a boy and girl, they would be happy right now. They then both say ‘we’re now…’ and in true The Lover style, when it comes to Takuya/JoonJae, we leave the scene.

Picture16The next morning DooRi is rushing around the apartment getting ready to leave for work. At the door, she tells DoSi to eat and that she’ll be back soon. We then see him throughout the door, bored and lonely. He says that time is going slowly today.

Later in the evening DooRi comes home and wakes DoSi up, who had been sleeping on the sofa. She tells him to eat the dumplings that she bought for him, but she won’t eat, saying she has already eaten. She then leaves him alone to eat, causing him to become upset and put his chopsticks down.

In bed, DooRi moans about the light being on, so DoSi turns it off. DooRi then goes to complain about his phone screen light, but thinks against it. She then buries herself in the duvet. DoSi then says that if she is tired he’ll tell her what he was going to tell her now, in the morning.

DooRi wriggles out from under the duvet, DoSi tells her that his father’s condition may have gotten worse. She sits up and asks if they need to go and see him, DoSi says no and that he has been transferred to a university hospital in Seoul. DoSi tells her that hisPicture15 mother has rented a small place by the hospital and that he needs to be by her side. DooRi agrees wholeheartedly, but DoSi knows she doesn’t understand what he’s really saying. He then says that he thinks he needs to go back home for a while. The pair then sit in silence. In voiceover, DooRi says that the end came at an unexpected moment, that it wasn’t goodbye, but that living together had come to an end.

We then move to the kitchen as DooRi drinks alone. She is then joined by DoSi, who can’t sleep.

DooRi then asks if they should get married. She says that now that she is earning money, they could get married. They wouldn’t need to be separated and they could look after his father together. He says he is thankful, but that marriage isn’t for them. He says he doesn’t want to burden her.

He says that he would feel burdensome and uncomfortable if she become part of his Picture17family when his parents are having a difficult time. While trying not to cry, DooRi tells him that she wants to stand by him when things are tough. DoSi continues to explain why he doesn’t want her to be a part of his family, mostly because he thinks he will make it harder for, he will be a burden. He wants to be stable, I think, before he allows DooRi to be his wife, so that he can look after her. (This is breaking my heart right now T.T)

Picture18The next day, DoSi has his things packed and is about to leave. DooRi is about to say something, but decides not to. DoSi tell her that he will call and then leaves. In voiceover DooRi explains that she couldn’t tell him to come back quickly.

SeolEun is busy looking at the preparations for the wedding, thinking that she is feeling rushed and doesn’t have enough space in the time she has. HwanJong then says that he has most of the preparations done, but the SeolEun lists of things, of which he hasn’t done (or even thought of). She says that he is carefree, to which he denies.

Picture19 Picture20

SeolEun then asks him to pick the wedding invitation they should use. They are both tired of each other’s behaviour it seems. HwanJong picks one, but she hates it, to which he says that she already has one she likes, so they should just use that one. This upsets SeolEun. She then thinks that they are different (which frankly has been evident from the start.)

Later in the day, after HwanJong has come home from work, well after having had a few drinks because he was upset, he says that they should have a drink together. SeolEun shuts down the idea, mostly because they don’t have any alcohol at home. To which HwanJong exclaims ‘ta-da’ and hold up a carrier bag. He then says that he bought some because she doesn’t have any money, this upsets and angers her.

She asks if she is mocking her for not doing anything at home, to which he says that isn’t what he meant. SeolEun tells him that this is what he thinks deep down, again he denies that.

Picture21 Picture22

SeolEun then asks HwanJong why he is marrying her. He says that he has to and there isn’t a reason, not the best answer to give. SeolEun then asks if he likes her, if when he looks at her, his heart flutters. He doesn’t answer and the two begin to cry.

HwanJong then hurriedly wipes away his tear and says that he left his wallet and that if Picture23he goes now he could find it. Instead of finding his wallet (which I’m assuming he hasn’t actually lost) he is drinking outside. HwanJong is joined by apartment manager, who he offers a drink to. HwanJong then asks him what love is.

The manager says that it’s been a long time since he felt that, so he isn’t sure. In voiceover HwanJong says that he thinks the pair talked about love, but that he doesn’t remember…

Picture24Another day begins and JinNyeo is busy doing household chores, she wonders if there has been a time that they have spent this long apart and she says that the time is going slowly. She then hears the doorbell and hurriedly goes to answer it, thinking that it may be YoungJoon.

However, it turns out to be YoungJoon’s road manager. He has people pack YoungJoon’s things saying that he was going to let it go that they were living together, but now that YoungJoon is getting more popular he can’t. He also says that people are seeing that JinNyeo is dragging YoungJoon down. (I don’t like this man. He is making Man Goo sad!)

JinNyeo asks if YoungJoon knows about this and his road manager replies that yes, he probably knows. We then see JinNyeo sitting on the sofa, in voiceover she says that she has thought about the end before. However, it is pretty evident that she didn’t think it would happen so soon.

Picture25 Picture26

We are then shown the apartment at night, which looks so much more lonely and sad without all of YoungJoon’s clutter. We see someone trying to put the door code in, but it not opening. YoungJoon shouts ‘Man Goo’ and ‘noona’, but is given no answer.

He calls her, but she doesn’t pick up. YoungJoon shouts that he knows she is inside and to let him in. JinNyeo shouts back asking why he came. JinNyeo is now standing by the door.

YoungJoon explains that he knows everything, that the company came to take his things. He wants to explain, but JinNyeo tells him to do so where he is. He then talks about how busy he has been.

Picture27 Picture28

JinNyeo then says that his company knew they had been living together for a while and that if she had known she could have been helpful to him. JinNyeo tells him that it’s okay to end it like this and that she must have caused him a lot of trouble. She says that she thought they could live together forever, but that she was mistaken.

JinNyeo tells him to go, to go to his house. YoungJoon says that this is his house, so where does she want him to go, but JinNyeo says that the house is hers. He then says that JinNyeo is his, so therefore the house is his too. He asks again where he should go (why is this episode set on killing me with all this emotion?).

YoungJoon then changes topic and says that his manager didn’t pack any of his clothes. He then says that he doesn’t have the short trouser that she gave him which were comfortable. JinNyeo asks what he likes about those old trousers, to which he replies, ‘they’re the only ones in the world’ and that he likes them the best. Ah metaphors ♥

Picture29 Picture30

JinNyeo then opens the door and begins crying, she wails that YoungJoon hurt her a lot and his road manager said that she was dragging him down. JinNyeo says that she thinks she can’t live without him.

YoungJoon tells her to stop crying, wiping away her tears and then hold out his palm, inside are two ‘famous Macadaraia’, to which JinNyeo laughs and says ‘macadamia’. YoungJoon explains that he stole them and made an excuse to come to see her. Which sets her off crying again.

Meanwhile, DooRi is having trouble adapting to being alone, as she absent-mindedly begins to make two drinks. We then see her answer the door to find the apartment Picture31manager who tells her about the demolition and that she needs to find a new place to live. We then see him telling each apartment. Apparently 75% of the apartment complex have already agreed and that the manager put up posters a fortnight before.

DooRi then sends a text to DoSi telling him that they plan to demolish the apartments.

Picture32We move on to see JoonJae lying in bed, evidently hungover and surrounded by empty bottles. He’s thinking about how hard it would be for the pair to be in a real relationship. He is then poked on the cheek by Takuya, at first JoonJae thinks that he is dreaming, but nope, cheerful Takuya is indeed in back. JoonJae even reaches out to touch him to see if he is real (so cute~) We find out that it has been a week since Takuya left.

In voiceover JoonJae says that Takuya is definitely there, but it doesn’t feel real. We then see Takuya put down food in front of JoonJae on a stool. JoonJae doesn’t seem to have moved from the bed, however his very dazed look may have something to do with that haha.

In voiceover JoonJae says that they are avoiding the important things. We then shift to later in the evening, and it looks like JoonJae still has not left his bed. Takuya then starts complaining that the house is dirty and that JoonJae needs to do laundry and eat. But even so he says that they had fun today. JoonJae’s voiceover replies that it was, because Takuya came back.

Picture34 Picture35

JoonJae then yawns and rolls over to his side. After a few moments Takuya climbs over him to lie beside him. Takuya lightly touches JoonJae’s face and smiles. He then Picture36take a hold of his hand. In voiceover Takuya explains that that moment with become a memory and that it is a one night dream.

After a while Takuya disappears from JoonJae’s side and that he left a note saying goodbye.

Picture37Back at apartment 610, YoungJoon is playing the guitar, while JinNyeo is ready to go to bed. YoungJoon makes her sit down and listen to him play, saying that the best rock star will play for her.

YoungJoon plays a pretty acoustic number. He then stops to turn the page, but causes them to fall on the floor. He makes JinNyeo pick the paper up and she asks what it is. It turns out to be a marriage certificate. He then throws another piece of paper her way, feigning surprise and asking what it is.

That ends up being a bank slip, showing how much money he has saved. He says now she can buy an apartment with the money he has saved (although if it’s in won, then he doesn’t have that much… but it’s the thought that counts!) and he says the apartment needs to be near a market because she shops a lot.

In voiceover, she explains that they didn’t get married, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is their hearts, that they remain the same. I’m so happy that they are happy now!! ♥

Moving out day! In voiceover DooRi explains that living together with someone is like being on an isolated island, but sometimes you have to leave that island. We see each apartment packing some things and then leaving. She explains that the moments they spent together will fade over time and that DooRi is having a hard time leaving.

(Also, we see a lot of shots of empty rooms while DooRi talks and did no-one want to take their curtains with them?)

Picture39DooRi is sat on the steps outside, still on the apartment complex. A shadow falls over her and she looks up quickly, thinking that it is DoSi. Sadly, it turns out to be the apartment manager, out of his dressing gown for the first time this season. He tells her that she needs to leave and then walks away.

Picture38DooRi then stands up, get her cigarettes out of her pocket and goes to take one out, when suddenly a hand creeps up behind her and taps her on the shoulder. DooRi looks back and sees nothing, so shakes it off. It happens again, and then a finger pokes her in the cheek, causing her to look down. DoSi then stands up, noting that she isn’t laughing.

She tells him that it’s childish, and then starts hitting him in the chest, repeating the word. DoSi then tells her to hold still and takes something from out of her hair, telling her that she is grown up so she shouldn’t have stuff in her hair, to which DooRi asks who was there to tell her. That he needs to be there to tell her these things.

DooRi then starts crying, asking why he came so late, if he received her messages. Picture40She then shouts at him that they are going to demolish the apartments and that they have kicked them out and he didn’t even know. DoSi then points out that she has snot coming out of her nose and wipes it away, DooRi tells him that he is bad. Even so she takes his hand when he asks for hers. DoSi even ruffles her hair cutely before telling her that they should go.

DooRi then says in voiceover as they walk, that it doens’t matter how much time they have together, it just matter that he is there at that moment holding her hand and being beside her. Even though they aren’t married, she says that she loves him even more. They are two people who live together, who love each other.



Picture41 Picture42 Picture43Picture44

JoonJae went to Japan! And basically invited himself to live there with him. JoonJae asks what Takuya did when he moved in, and Takuya says that he remembers everything. These two babies are so cute and I now want the adventures of TakuJae in Japan to be a thing ♥

Picture45 Picture46 Picture47 Picture48

JinNyeo and YoungJoon have a cute little baby and YoungJoon is very proud of himself that he can change the babies nappies. Also, his spelling hasn’t gotten any better. I love that JinNyeo looks so happy~

Picture49 Picture50 Picture51 Picture52

SeolEun has found a new man, while it looks like HwanJong has found one too! If they are not a new couple, then I don’t agree haha. HwanJong talked about waiting for his new fate, then the manager showed up at his door, that is kdrama magic!

Picture53 Picture54 Picture55 Picture56

And well DoSi and DooRi are pretty much the same haha ♥

Picture57 Picture58


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