The Lover (Episode 11)~

This episode was hilarious, emotional and strange… I felt that the beginning was a little slow and off kilter, but it gradually got better. I really think that JaeJoon’s acting talent could have been used better in this drama, his scenes in this episode were heartbreaking. All I can say is I wish this drama was longer and that this wasn’t the penultimate episode.

The voiceover for the opening of this episode talks about how love doesn’t always equate to happiness. That relationships have their ups and downs and that love can’t be a one sided self sacrifice.

Picture1 Picture2

We open up with DoSi and DooRi, the latter voicing over that older couples generally spend more time doing singular activities, but that it can make you feel lonely. DooRi notices that the weather is nice and asks DoSi if he wants to go out, but he says that there isn’t anywhere to go. She then offers other options, but DoSi keeps making excuses.

She then suggests a place that he took her before, when they first starting dating, and said that he made her meet him, without makeup, because he wanted to see her quickly. DooRi is disappointed when he says that that’s because they were only just dating.

In voiceover DooRi says that she thinks DoSi doesn’t care what she does now, and Picture3asks if something has made them focus on other things more than each other.

While DoSi is enraptured by the cars on his phone, DooRi asks him whether she should stop being a reporter. She says that it is boring. He doesn’t really respond and DooRi has enough, she swears at him and heads to the bedroom. He calls out that she is like this because she hasn’t eaten, completely not understanding the situation at all. This is so upsetting, seeing as how strong a couple they have been throughout the previous episodes.

Picture4 Picture5

DooRi says that she feels lonely even when she is next to him. In voiceover DooRi explains that he probably didn’t have any malicious intentions, just that he needed his own time. She explains that in her head, she understands, but her heart doesn’t.

In apartment 610, JinNyeo voices over that there are times when you want confirmation of what your relationship is. As they watch tv, JinNyeo tells YoungJoon that they should have a secret code too, YoungJoon disagrees saying that it’s childish.

He then says that it’s embarrassing, causing JinNyeo to ask if he thinks their love is embarrassing. She then offers him $10, which he knows is coming, she then ups the ante and offers $20. He instantly agrees and even starts listing off suggestions.

Picture7She then suggests that he do a strange “sh*ting” motion dance when he performs… We then see JinNyeo filming him doing just that. He then stops and says that he’ll lose fans if he does that and their code should be more subtle and secretive. We are then shown YoungJoon saying his introduction and showing his hand (in a rock gesture), her initials written on his fingers. Picture6They both like the idea, but then JinNyeo asks what he would says if people asked about it. He gives a response that causes JinNyeo to hit him with a pillow and she then suggest doing something with SNS.

Jin Nyeo suggests that he makes posts containing acronyms so that he can send messages to her. He has a go, and says he is living with JinNyeo… and he even thought hard about it… this kid haha

JinNyeo tells him to delete the message so people don’t see it, otherwise it will cause trouble. She says that this secret code business is too hard and that they shouldn’t do it. YoungJoon on the other-hand refuses to yield even though he was so against it in the beginning.

He says that she should cancel the work that she had planned in the evening and listen to the broadcast he is filming. That there will be a code for her.

Picture8 Picture9

JinNyeo watches and she is pleased with how he is acting. However, he then says ‘oh hey’ in a very JinNyeo way, shocking the host. He continues using her way of exclaiming, causing people to trend that they think YoungJoon is gay, a thing that in Korea, sadly, could cause a lot of problems.

In voiceover JinNyeo explains that their lives never go in the expected way, and that this could cause them to drift even further apart.

Picture10 Picture11

Over at apartment 510, SeolEun says that over time she is noticing the strange habits of her man. HwanJong comes over and notices that she is reading a film magazine. He doesn’t know she is interested in films, she explains that she really likes one of the reviewers. That he is sexy because he is smart.

Because of this HwanJong begins rambling off film facts about, changing films, and progressively finding it harder to come off as smart. He gets a lot of things wrong, such as mixing up the directors, but is insistent on one thing, causing SeolEun to think that he is annoyingly persistent and then just agreeing with him.

Picture12She calls him sexy and smart, which makes him feel better and he goes to get them some cola from the kitchen. When he comes back, she is reading a different magazine, he points someone out on the cover, but gets the name wrong. SeolEun then pics up another magazine and asks who the people on the front are, to which he has no idea, amusing her a lot.

In voiceover she say the most useless thing to do is act like you know everything.

DooRi is busy on her laptop when DoSi comes in to show her something. They begin to listen to an audio-file, which isn’t his voice. His PD has changed the voices without even telling him.

This means he also won’t get paid, causing DooRi to tell him to get on the phone with the PD and argue about it. DoSi says that he should stop freelancing as it going nowhere and that he is having trouble sleeping because of it all.

Picture13DoSi asks if he should quit voice-acting and face reality. DooRi tells him that he shouldn’t give up because he really wants to do broadcasting.

He says that he wants to try other things as well, he suggest acting. To which DooRi shuts down saying he doesn’t have the right face for an actor! Every other suggestion he gives she shoots down, but then he decides that he wants to be a factory worker, saying he needs to get a proper job so that his insomnia will go.

He then falls asleep while studying. Realising that he doesn’t want to be a factory worker. DooRi asks what he wants to do and he begins to explain how he wants to bePicture14 free, unrestrained and enjoying what he does, that it matches him well. DooRi then tells him that it all points to voice acting. He realises that she is right, but says that he already told his PD that he quit.

He then does what she suggests after saying he wouldn’t – sending an apology to his PD, saying it was a mistake.

JoonJae is dusting a shelf in his room, thinking deeply, while Takuya is reading on the Picture15bed. Takuya asks him what he is doing and he tells him that he has been dusting the one spot for a while now. JoonJae says that cleaning is his hobby and Takuya teases that the house was a mess when he moved in.

JoonJae replies that he started to like it a while ago. Takuya replies with ‘as if that happens,’ to which JoonJae shortly replies that ‘it did’. Ah the parallels between cleaning and this relationship.

Takuya looks at him for a moment and then perks up, pointing at the part of the shelf Picture16closest to him and asking JoonJae if he wants to clean here. He timidly walks over and Takuya points out that his eyebrows are quite thick and goes to brush JoonJae hair out of the way so he can have a better look, JoonJae flinches a little, but Takuya continues.

The suddenly SooJin, JoonJae’s girlfriend, burst into the room shouting. She stops suddenly at looks confused at the sight in front of her. Takuya immediately gets up and bows, happily introducing himself and explaining that he lives here. This only causes more misunderstandings and JoonJae tells her it isn’t like that and takes her out of the bedroom.

JoonJae’s girlfriend asks him if he has someone else because he won’t answer her calls or read her messages. He apologises and says that the other day (which I assume is when he got ice-cream for Takuya) there was an emergency. She asks if he is ill again, he hotly replies that it’s not that.

Picture17Takuya ran out of the room when he heard shouting, SooJin notices him and asks JoonJae if the pair had started dating as she saw that the mood was good when she came in.

Takuya rushes forward and says that she has misunderstood, he is just JoonJae’s roommate. Silence follows and Takuya even glances at JoonJae, with what I would say ‘sad’ expression. Picture19The girlfriend then starts arguing that he must have someone else because he has been weird for a month now, which gets Takuya’s attention. JoonJae tells her to leave, but she won’t until he tells her if he has someone else.

Takuya then stands up for JoonJae, saying that he doesn’t have another girlfriend and he should know because JoonJae is with him everyday. SooJin goes back to thinking that pair are dating, because it’s the first time she has heard of him having a roommate and that she didn’t think he was the type that could live with others.

JoonJae takes a hold of SooJin’s arm and says that they should talk outside, but Takuya stops them and says that he only has a month left and not to misunderstand. SooJin then gets angry and tells him to butt into their business and that doing so is rude in Korea. This only makes JoonJae angry as asks her how she can speak like that. Takuya defends her, saying she was right and that he’ll go to his room so they can talk.

Picture20 Picture21

JoonJae catches Takuya’s arm when he walks away and says he is sorry. Takuya smiles and says that he is okay. The pair look at each other for a few moments and JoonJae apologises again. (JoonJae has tears in his eyes, I can’t handle how emotional I am getting over how sad that poor little baby looks T.T)

Picture22 Picture23

After JoonJae says this he tells SooJin that they should break up. They then notice Takuya standing in the doorway again.

“My heart is lighter now, but Takuya is…” It is not acceptable to leave me hanging here and then show a black screen for a few seconds before going onto a different couple. Right now, I don’t really care about anyone other that JoonJae, if he is not at least semi happy at the end of the next (and final) episode I’m going to be crushed.

Picture34Some time later, JinNyeo has prepared a spread because they are having an apartment complex meeting, much to her annoyance, in her apartment. DoSi is the first to arrive and is shocked by the height of JinNyeo (I love it when they play on his height haha). He asks sheepishly if he can have milk, but JinNyeo only has juice to offer him.

JoonJae is the next to enter and DoSi, drops to the floor, saying he has cramp, so that he doesn’t have to feel short yet again. JoonJae says that his stomach isn’t feeling great and JinNyeo offers him some warm milk, slightly upsetting DoSi.

DoSi asks JoonJae if he works out and the asks him if he has any muscles left in his Picture35arm, DoSi rolls up his sleeve and shows JoonJae his arm. However, JoonJae is not paying attention.

DoSi then starts to grumble about how there should be more people, and soon after everyone floods in. SeolEun disagrees with DoSi, that you shouldn’t arrive too early as it makes the home owner uncomfortable.

SeolEun then says that it is very hot and takes off her cardigan, she begins to wave in front of her chest to cool herself down. Not this again. Doing this she gets the attention of every man, well apart from JoonJae who is deep in thought and eating.

HwanJong puts her cardigan back on over her shoulders and JinNyeo uses this chance to have focus on her, she takes off her apron to reveal her very long legs and a shirt which accentuates her chest. I love that the music changes to a melancholy tune each time JoonJae reaches and eats a cookie.

Picture24 Picture25

The manager comes in and starts to explain why he has called a neighbourhood meeting, when he has never done so before. He says that he has turned a blind eye to their illegal waste disposal, but that he can’t handle that there are so many condoms. He wants them to dispose of them cleanly, but that someone just dumped them in a blind spot so that the CCTV wouldn’t see them.

The manager demands that the person responsible owns up.

Picture26The manager firstly suspects HwanJong and SeolEun, who deny that it was them. However, JinNyeo remembers that SeolEun told her that they went through 100 condoms a week. DoSi agrees that it is them, I think mostly because this sounds like something he would do. The suspected pair then say that they don’t use the brand of the condoms that are piled on the table.

The managers suspicions then move to DoSi, the manager brings up the ramen incident and that he never properly separates his rubbish. DoSi says that he doesn’t remember doing that, but the manager does. DoSi intensely denies that it wasn’t him and shift suspicion to JoonJae, who is only paying attention a little, so blurts out this:

Picture27 Picture28

After some awkward few moments, the manager once again shifts the blame to DoSi (and DooRi who isn’t present), he says that they are the ones who have lived there the longest, so they know the complex well. HwanJong agrees and even throws in a murder comparison, that the culprit is the one who knows the site best.

DoSi complains that just because he has lived there for a long time doesn’t mean he is to blame. He then says that they aren’t suspecting an old woman in the apartment who has been there for 21 years.

The manager then breaks the news that the woman DoSi is talking about died a month ago. Her son (who is present) starts crying and people chastise DoSi, who stumbles out that he didn’t mean that she was the owner of the condoms, which only worsens the problem.

He then shouts that he wants them to bring proof and stands up, spouting nonsense Picture29like he has never seen a condom before. JinNyeo stands up to try and calm him down, as does JoonJae, offering him some milk (bless). This causes DoSi to slink back to the floor, embarrassed at the height difference.

JinNyeo then says that DoSi is right and shouldn’t be blamed just because he has lived there for a while. This causes SeolEun to suspect her, saying that JinNyeo is defending DoSi because she feels guilty that he is being blamed for something she did.

The meeting then dissolves into arguing, SeolEun arguing that HwanJong is taking ‘that lady’s’ side and then SeolEun and JinNyeo begin arguing. Meanwhile, HwanJong accidentally spilt food onto DoSi, and JoonJae is wiping his lap with a roller thing. Ah JoonJae, I feel that this poor baby is a little sexually frustrated right now.

Picture30The two women begin to fight and the other guests (not part of this drama’s craziness) leave, the manager calling out that he still had important news, but that he wouldn’t hold a neighbourhood meeting again. We see that the apartment is being demolished in 6 months.

Picture31HwanJong finally has had enough and picks SeolEun up and carries her out of the apartment. Meanwhile DoSi is on the phone to DooRi telling her that he’s at the meeting and that it’s weird, the people are weird and that he feels weird. The latter is due to the fact that JoonJae is still using the roller on him! He hangs up and JinNyeo comes over and tries to get the smaller pieces of food off his lap. He tells them to stop because he is uncomfortable, but they continue.

In voiceover, DoSi says that these strange couples are going in a strange direction. That it’s a confirmation of love, a new beginning for others and maybe an end for some (we are then shown the note on the managers hand about the demolition).

The preview for the next and final episode though… I don’t know if my heart can take it. I never thought I would be so emotionally invested in this crazy, sexual drama when I first started watching it.

Thank you for reading~


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