Midnight’s Girl (Episode1) Recap~

This being my first webdrama I was pretty excited to watch the first episode. Overall, I am very pleased. The plot seems interesting, as do the main characters. It also helps that they are both two absolutely beautiful people! The editing is rather cute and quirky, as are the music choices. It was also a little more creepy than I thought it would be, but I’m very excited to continue watching.

Picture1 Picture2

We open the first episode in a hospital room. The tv is on in who I assume is Sera’s (Seo Min Ji) room and she looks to be in a coma state. A talent programme is on and our main lead Gong Ji Dan (Winner’s Nam Taehyun) is auditioning, during his introduction and when the music begins to play, Sera’s finger twitches.

After a cute and simple opening credits, we find Ji Dan woken by his phone ringing, an enthusiastic hyung on the other end who wants him to get ready and meet him.

His mother and sister are in the living room and his mother, who is on the phone, starts to praise the son of who she is talking to. This is definitely something Ji Dan has heard Picture3all before as he begins to mimic what she is saying perfectly. We even get a signature ‘diva’ face from Taehyun haha.

His mother asks where he is going and he says that he is meeting up with his hyung Kwang Cheol, his mother starts to complain that he shouldn’t hang around with a dirty moneylender and that if he comes home drunk again she won’t let him in. Taehyun just huffs and leaves the apartment.

Kwang Cheol takes Ji Dan to a rather run down building, to which he says will raise Ji Picture5Dan out of the bottomless pit that he is in. When they enter the ‘Four Beats Karaoke Room’, we are met with ominous thunder sounds and horror film-esque music.

Once they are inside we see that the inside is no better well kept, as there are cobwebs, dust and clutter. Kwang Cheol then reveals that he wants Ji Dan to work there for a month to bring in customers so that he can raise the place and then sell it for a profit.

Ji Dan says that he doesn’t want to do it, so Kwang Cheol reminds him that he was going to go to a music academy, got scammed by a fake label and kept having to change credit cards. Ji Dan has heard enough and grumbles that he doesn’t like Picture6karaoke places and that Kwang Cheol should give him a job at his loan business.

Kwang Cheol then tells him that his life will continue in a circle if he isn’t able to sell the place and we get a “vision” of the future, where Ji Dan is an old man and is busking on the street.

Kwang Cheol then leaves him to clean the place up, much to Ji Dan’s displeasure. We then see him running around slapping up flyers everywhere, with someone listing places quickly in voiceover where he should put them. He then throws the flyers over his head when he is completely done with the whole situation. We then get to a close up of the flyer and the subs are wonderful.


“Best service until you bleed out and vomit.” What?! hahahhahaha *dying*

We then go back to “Four Beats” and Ji Dan is having to put up with a noisy friend, his entertainment agency representative, who Ji Dan points out has only one singer – him. He tells the friend to just get a job so he doesn’t keep having a hard time and is incredulous to find out the friend hasn’t cancelled his business registration. The friend responds by saying that Kwang Cheol obviously still has faith in Ji Dan that he will release some music, because he gave him the Karaoke place to sort out. Ji Dan tells him that he is noisy and should do some serving.

But there are no customers. The friend then asks if a ghost will come, that even though Picture9it is daytime he can feel a strange chill. Ji Dan asks what he is talking about and the friend tells him about the rumour surrounding “Four Beats”. Apparently when the last customers leave, after midnight music plays in the last room and people have even died. We get a “vision” of an employee experiencing just that and he then sees a ghost girl, which I admit was scarier than I thought it would be haha

Back in the present day, Ji Dan has had enough, especially when his friend tells him that the previous owner has had difficulty selling the place because of it and Ji Dan only has a month. Ji Dan tells the friend to leave, but once he is alone, Ji Dan looks a little worried.

After a while of sitting doing nothing, apart from looking though the song book and Picture10singing to himself, Ji Dan wonders where the customers are. He then remembers that he doesn’t have the shop sign on. He flicks the switch and then goes outside to look. The sign is flickering and Ji Dan kicks and then hits it to try and make it work properly. The bulb then bursts. He then shouts that nothing is going right, which to be fair is pretty true.

Still no customers and Ji Dan is getting very bored. He then starts doing random things, such as moving furniture, eating, wandering around and playing on his phone. Finally he falls asleep.

At the stroke of midnight, the toy bear ferris wheel starts to play, the lights flash on and even the broken sign outside pings on. All pretty creepy. We then have a young woman enter “Four Beats”, she crouches down and looks at Ji Dan with a curious expression, she then wakes him up.

Picture12 Picture11

He asks if she is a customer, but she says that he must not have heard from the President (aka the person who owns the business who I assume is Kwang Cheol… (?)). She is a part timer. Sera looks very happy and rather playful, while Ji Dan just looks perplexed.

Thank you for reading~


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