Heart to Heart: Overall Thoughts

This drama is one of the best I have ever seen.

Structurally, this drama gives you so much time to fall in love with the characters and for the characters to fall in love with each other. I found that this allowed the relationships between all the characters much more real and natural.

There was no instant love between Hong Do and Yi Suk, it was gradual and became so strong.

After having so much love for the two mains together, it was much more painful seeing them trying, failing and then trying again to overcome the big obstacle in their path.

I found the plot enjoyable, but the characters were definitely the thing that made this drama shine. There were hardly any misunderstandings between the main couple because they were so open with each other. The characters were much more mature in that respect than I have seen before.

Hong Do was a strong and fierce leading lady, but has definite problems in her life, but she overcomes them with her own strength and the strength of those around her. She is definitely a good role model.

Yi Suk is adorable and silly, but he knows how to look after people and that is what makes him so endearing.

The side characters, such as Se Ro, Det. Jang and Det. Yang were great additions. I did have some issues with Doo Soo Jang, but most of the time I found him adorable. I really wish that his relationship with Se Ro was explored more. They were very cute~

I say I wish this drama would have been longer, but actually I am very satisfied with how it ended, I did feel confused by a few things (which were in relation to the brother’s death), but everything was wrapped up nicely and there was a definite show of healing for a lot of the characters and a feeling of moving forward which made me smile through the ending ♥

I’m so glad I watched this drama and I really recommend it ^^

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