Heart to Heart (Episode 16) FINALE~

The final episode to this wonderful kdrama was a satisfying ending. I wish it was longer ♥

It’s the last episode!! I’m so not ready for this to be over.

Here goes!

03:00 – I get that the grandfather finds his son pitiful, but really, you think just giving Hong Do compensation is going to solve everything. You knew that she wasn’t to blame but still didn’t say anything and caused even more pain. You’re grandson got on his knees and asked you to kill him because he was in so much pain because he wasn’t with Hong Do, because you told him not to and used your weak heart against him.

I really did like the grandfather at the beginning, but now… I don’t.

03:11 – Oh my days! I completely forgot that Se Ro doesn’t know!

03:42 – Yi Suk has a point, a little hint would have been good from butler Ahn!

09:20 – I don’t know how I feel about Yi Suk’s parents. On one hand I can’t stand them, especially Yi Suk’s father who I haven’t like since the beginning. I mean, putting Il Suk’s death aside, he purposefully set a fire in a little shed thing while his wife was inside.

On the other hand, I the mother is harder to fully hate. I can’t seem to understand what she does and doesn’t remember, did she repress that part of her memory because it was too traumatic and only now remembers it? It seems she is also sorry for what she did to Hong Do and I’m assuming she is going to have a chat with Hong Do in true dramaland style.



She has every right to be angry, I hope Hong Do gives them a piece of her mind!

12:00 – If Yi Suk’s father had admitted it to himself, then he could have worked through all the guilt (and a prison sentence I’m guessing for the arson and manslaughter maybe) and he maybe wouldn’t be so pitiful.

16:18 – awwww Hong Do didn’t want him to come to her house, so instead he talked to her on the phone, so she could fall asleep ♥ I love that he started talking about how he started to like her. So sweet~

20:38 – Even now Yi Suk’s mother is more concerned with Yi Suk’s feelings. Being his mother I understand that, but what about Hong Do?! Not once have you considered her feelings. You essentially ruined her life when she was 6 yrs old, blamed her for something she didn’t do and then ruined the happiness she was getting now.

21:44 – Hold up, Yi Suk was thinking about not seeing Hong Do anymore? Listen to psychiatrist Uhm and don’t do such a stupid thing. Plus she is right, Hong Do needs him otherwise she might never be able to fully get her anger out and then we go back to her eating raw ramen, not talking to anyone and staying in her house.



Det. Yang is such a great sidekick! Also, I love how Det. Jang was talking about a scale of when you should hold onto someone, and Det. Yang’s first answer was that he isn’t good with numbers hahaha :’)

24:40 – This is exactly what the mother needed to hear. She needs to realise that she has to let Il Suk go and live her life and be a mother to her remaining children. Se Ro is such a strong character.

27:57 – T.T Hong Do is really upset and mad now and she has every right to be! So many people in that family knew and never set things straight. They are all so cowardly. If I was here I would definitely want to know why, I think Yi Suk should let her go and get the answers she wants.

28:59 – I’m a little annoyed at butler Ahn because he knew all along as well, but didn’t say anything really, but I’m glad he stood up to Yi Suk’s father and told him to sort this mess out and not run away like he always does.

32:07 – hahaha Hong Do interrupted his apology saying he wasn’t sincere, so don’t bother basically. Go Hong Do!



I love Hong Do so much! She is telling the grandfather how it is and isn’t forcing herself to apologise for anything because she never really did anything wrong and she isn’t apologising for her disguise either. And now this!! She is going to hold onto Yi Suk!!!! ♥♥

33:50 – I love how she ended with ‘Ko Yi Suk is mine now’ and then just left! I love this drama!!! Hong Do Fighting!!

35:13 – Yi Suk looks like he thinks he’s about to be told off or something haha.

39:48 – I can’t believe this is the last episode, Hong Do and Yi Suk are too cute, I mean they are so comfortable and he said that he would compensate all her pain by loving her forever and she said that he should follow her and she will bring him out of his brother’s shadow…. and then he started to tickle her. Oh my gosh I don’t want to stop watching these two!

43:55 – Is Det. Jang using gps to track Se Ro down at the airport? haha this guy has it bad! ♥

45:19 – I love Se Ro so much! She just kicked Det. Jang in the shin because he is over thinking everything. And seriously, he basically just said that he thinks about her all the time and wants to know everything about her. I see why it took 7 years for him to realise he had feelings for Hong Do… smh



This scene was too cute, they are adorable and Se Ro is definitely in charge haha Doo Soo Jang is definitely a turtle :p

But I wish she wasn’t still leaving.

47:10 – Se Ro’s mother is going to America as well. Even though she says that she is only going to visit friends, I think she took was Se Ro said to heart and is using this as way of bonding with her daughter~

48:05 – I don’t really like the grandfather at the moment, but his and the housekeeper lady’s relationship is so funny and I want them to be together. He told her to move the library ladder he was on and she couldn’t move it at all hahaha

48:38 – Never tell someone that they are useless and can’t do anything, because that will give them the power!! The housekeeper became determined to move that ladder and she did! hahaha

49:07 – The housekeeper lady is so on point right now! I think he really needed to hear that, only caring about his family hasn’t got him very far seeing as most of them have left…

50:33 – Okay, so the cafe where Hong Do has had all these chats is hiring for a part time job and the owner is absolutely perfect. Why are we only seeing him now?!!? Good looking and hilarious, were they afraid we would ship her with him as well?! hahaha

53:38 – Butler Ahn is back in my good books completely!!! The way they were talking about not being compatible and then butler Ahn, just swept psychiatrist Uhm up in to his arms and started running!! I love them so much!!!



Se Ro is absolutely wonderful! She took all these pictures (she even had a selfie stick) when he was asleep in hospital and has sent them, framed, to Det. Jang from America. How can you not love her?!

55:10 – Det. Jang is so happy to have go those pictures! He’s opened his heart ♥

56:45 – aaaawwwww I’m smiling so much! Yi Suk and Hong Do are holding onto each so tightly and I love it so much!! The words they say to each other are just so sweet~

57:20 – Yi Suk’s mother is really dealing well with everything and starting to love her life again, and looks like bridges are being built between her and her husband as well.

57:29 – hahahahhahaha I’m guessing Se Ro is the one on a backpacking holiday to cause Det. Jang so much frustration. I love that he is trying to find out if she has entered the country yet.

58:17 – Ko Se Ro arrived!!! And he picked her up and spun her around and told her he missed her. I was literally Det. Yang and those other two detectives during that scene, I was making the same noise and being as much of a fangirl hahaha I wish we had more of them!

59:05 – aww he wants her to call her ‘oppa’~ They were eating watermelon in her little garden thing and this is too cute~

1:00:00 – Aaawww Yi Suk and Hong Do walked down the street hand in hand and he told her to walk bravely ♥

I can’t believe this drama is over. It’s been so wonderful!! I want more!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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