Heart to Heart (Episode 14)~

This drama continues to deliver the emotion. Hong Do and Yi Suk are definitely one of my favourite pairings (if not my favourite) in dramaland.

This episode is going to kill me, I haven’t watched it yet, but I just now haha ^^”

00:59 – Okay, that opening! Yi Suk said he loved her and then kissed her. I know that something good is going to happen this episode and near the end, so I have that to look forward to while I cry at whatever they throw at me beforehand haha ^^”

05:05 – It breaks my heart that Yi Suk is so adamant that Hong Do isn’t the little girl that set the fire, that he thinks it’s the grandfather making it up. But she is…

06:40 – I know at the moment he just wants her not to be Young Ji is personal, but Yi Suk has a point, why didn’t she remember when he talked about his brother, when he said his brother died in a fire. Why did nothing surface in her mind then? Was is the name that triggered all the memories to come back?

Plus butler Ahn needs a raise. He is so caring and sympathetic to Yi Suk, especially with this business.

08:00 – Those little flashbacks of little Yi Suk and Young Ji playin were cute~

09:31 – So it was the actual photograph that triggered those memories to come back.

11:25 – That was so intense. Yi Suk is so upset and angry and confused. I think it is too harsh to blame Hong Do for everything.

On a side note: Yi Suk said his grandfather lost a son… I’m guessing that’s Yi Suk’s father… it was his choice to leave his family and then take advantage of his wife from time to time.



I’m so happy that Det. Jang is still looking into the case of the fire, that means that something will come up and the whole thing won’t be Hong Do’s fault (please kdramaland make it happen!).

But I still don’t understand the thing about the lighter… why does it matter if it was at the scene if the fire department said the fire was lit with a match? Does it mean that someone was there and could have stopped the fire or helped the boy, but didn’t? Or am I being stupid? ^^”

13:30 – After all that time no one sat Se Ro down and told her everything about what happened to her older brother? She was sent to live in a dorm and didn’t really know why? That is so sad.

19:24 – Yi Suk is practically defending Hong Do to everyone, but not her. He thinks that the blame shouldn’t be fully on her, that the adults were to blame as well. He said that it was his fault because he shut his brother tightly into the container.

This is such a huge sad mess.

21:11 – butler Ahn and psychiatrist Uhm are coming to the rescue, I hope! Why is the grandfather not listening to butler ahn? I mean look at how well it went before when he didn’t listen to butler ahn!! smh.

22:35 – 


Why do I have a feeling that there is a lot of truth to this statement? Everyone is blaming themselves, but I think he may have more guilt in that fire than the others.

23:40 – Did Yi Suk try to get his brother out, but couldn’t because he’d closed it too much? This is so distressing, my poor heart.



How can people not like Se Ro?! She is so concerned about everyone and even though she doesn’t really know what is happening she is trying to help sort things out.

28:45 – What the hell grandfather! You were so cute and now… T.T You’re saying that they shouldn’t go into who is to blame but you basically blame Hong Do for everything anyway. Plus you are giving her money to make her disappear and to forget about Yi Suk and your family.

I feel that Butler Ahn was once again not listened to.

32:03 – Yi Suk really does blame himself for his brothers death. I’m so glad that psychiatrist Uhm went to see him. Her telling him to forgive himself, to forgive his twelve year old self was something he needed to hear. He needed someone to talk to and to not just sit alone drinking alcohol.

He also seemed to realise why Hong Do has trouble being out and about around people. That being bad mouthed and pointed at scarred her.

33:30 – THANK THE HEAVENS FOR BUTLER AHN!!! HE IS THE VOICE OF REASON IN THIS TIME OF GUILT AND BLAMING! I’m so happy he is here and that he is using his head. That he is thinking about everyone and he is thinking about Yi Suk. Butler Ahn seems to be the only one who really has Yi Suk’s interest at heart in that family.

37:05 – Those little cute flashbacks at the clinic with that music make me feel sad… Please little to Butler Ahn Hong Do!!

38:12 – ‘We’re not going to break up.” You better keep your word Yi Suk or I may have some sort of breakdown haha ^^”

42:46 – MY BABIES ARE BACK TOGETHER!!! ♥♥ This is what happens when people sit down and tell each other things and explain.

45:50 – Psychiatrist Uhm is so cute~ I love how she keeps giving Hong Do tips about things, she is like an aunt ^^

46:07 – I’m such a terrible person, but I don’t feel so bad about the grandfather being in hospital after having collapsed.

51:24 – T.T Why is this happening? It was going so well and the potentially dying person cliché has been brought in to cause more heartache.

 56:42 – Butler Ahn knows something, as does the grandfather… what happened back then and why won’t the grandfather acknowledge it. Butler Ahn is right, this is Yi Suk’s life.

59:06 – I really can’t deal with this. They are being so sweet to each other, he is telling her not to hide and face the world and she is telling him not to drink too much and do well for himself. This goodbye is so heartbreaking T.T

59:30 – You kiss her and tell her you love her and you’re still going to leave.

1:00:44 – She is shouting that she loves you, don’t go Yi Suk. Stay with her T.T


This ending did not go how I was expecting it to and now I hurt… I think I need to go and lie down. Because these two characters are so in love and have been so open and real with each other this break up is so much more painful. Plus the characters are played but such great actors!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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