Heart to Heart (Episode 12)~

This episode was both cute and sad, I’m happy that certain characters relationships are strengthening and we see the drama come to it’s larger arc at the end, one which I feel will cause my heart lots of pain haha ^^”

01:33 – wait. What?! That little girl just casually lit a match and then set a fire while playing hide and seek… I’m guessing this is the cause of Yi Suk’s brothe dying in a fire…

This episode is going to get sad if we are going down that path… *cries*

04:53 – Butler Ahn is so thoughtful, giving Yi Suk a warning and telling him that he needs to ask forgiveness etc. Butler Ahn and Psychiatrist Uhm are good parental figures.

07:50 – This conversation went better than I expected! This family is so wonderful! I love how Yi Suk understands Hong Do’s actions and the grandfather isn’t far behind. I think he’ll need time to fully come round because of the shock.

08:18 – awww Se Ro was throwing stones as Det. Jang’s window. She is too cute, I think this couple will be so adorable :3



Oh my gosh this is too cute! He came back to sort her coat epaulette thingys. Se Ro is starting to creep into his heart I know it!!



I love the grandfather, this comeback is wonderful. How does Yi Suk’s father not understand that this is the truth and he shouldn’t feel so sorry for himself.

11:40 – The woman who like the grandfather has finally had it! And the grandfather is so confused, bless him!

13:18 – Yay!! Se Ro go the role and they even changed it from a male character to a female one for her because she was good. Her perseverance is so inspiring!

15:43 – wait… I don’t feel good about this! Hong Do’s grandmother used to work at Chairman’s (grandfather) house when the boys were little… does that mean Hong Do was there or…

16:50 – awww Yi Suk introduced Hong Do as his girlfriend to his mother and he looks so proud of himself ^^

17:50 – Det. Jang got pushed down the stairs… he better be okay, but if he needs to be nursed back to health, Se Ro is more than willing!

19:10 – Yi Suk’s family is so cute!! His mother is adorable and looks so happy and is being so sweet to Hong Do~ I love it when the mothers and female relatives of the male lead are actually nice!

20:38 – Oh my gosh! Det. Yang is basically me haha he gains weight because he keeps eating alone :p I love that he is being a wingman to the girl he likes as well haha ^^”

22:45 – I’m really not having a good feeling about this… but the little girl in the beginning… they didn’t call her Hong Do.

28:22 – The grandmother changed Hong Do’s name… does that mean she set the fire?? and the grandfather gave HD’s grandmother money for her to leave (I’m guessing)… please don’t do this to me drama!!

29:55 – Se Ro is so speedy at messaging!! I kind of feel bad for Det. Jang as he just wants to sleep, but this is pretty comical and Se Ro is adorable, so I’ll let is slide :p

32:55 – The maid (?) lady is so funny haha her way of thinking is so strange. It’s funny that she is moaning that no one is looking out for what he is wearing (the button coming loose and the string on his cardi) and I’m like, that was your job! You quit! like yesterday, he hasn’t found anyone else yet! And she asked if he’d changed his underwear?! She really fits with that family hahaha

35:28 – Looks like makeover time!!!

36:33 – That little scene was cute. I’m also glad that her style hasn’t really changed and Yi Suk doesn’t force her to change it, Hong Do is still Hong Do and she is happy with the way she dresses.

36:54 – Grandfather!! Really? You called her ‘this thing’… ugh bad form mister.



Yi Suk you precious flower let me love you!!!

42:00 – Yi Suk’s mother is so sweet, I want to just hug her! I know she doesn’t know the whole truth and something is coming which may make her feelings change towards Hong Do. But right now, she is just a mother who is happy that her son isn’t struggling with his life and is in love, even if the woman isn’t up to their ‘standards’.



Pahahaha why is he sleeping next to him?? I he his mother or something :p I love this partnership/friendship.

56:02 – I am firmly on the Se Ro and Det. Jang ship!!! They are so cute together and I really do want Det. Jang to be happy, he deserves someone who can love him and who he can love. Also, he said she was cute and was jealous (?) that the two guys were talking about her short clothes ^^

56:40 – IS HE TELLING THE TRUTH?!?!?! Yi Suk and Hong Do living in her house… I didn’t know I needed this!! That place is so small and they would be so cute and I think that this may not happen (yet – I can hope) because grandfather does not sound happy. Yi Suk even mentioned thinking about marriage… I think I need to lie down.

56:50 – He’s ‘running away’. How old is Yi Suk? It’s kind of sweet though, he’s standing up to his grandfather, but also doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

58:41 – I don’t like this. I really don’t like this. Please let this not be how things went down!!

And I don’t think Yi Suk’s mother is going to be on her side anymore.

59:03 – Why would you just tell her out straight something like that. The woman has bi polar and she doesn’t deal well with anything concerning her dead son.

I’m now scared about watching the next episode, I don’t know if my heart can take the pain which I’m guessing is going to come because viki didn’t show a preview… T.T

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~ ^^


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