Heart to Heart (Episode 11)~

Overall, this episode was full of emotion, both the sad and cuddly kinds. I love so many of the characters in this drama and it is so refreshing that they all have conversations and they are open. I’m really falling hard for this drama ♥

01:22 – They are making me sit through the putting different hands up in the air moment at the restaurant… can’t they skip this bit?! my heart can’t take it.

03:30 – I thought Yi Suk was there to meet madam oh (grandma Hong Do) so why was the grandfather surprised that he was there?

05:45 – Hong Do needs to stop saying sorry and actually explain why she dressed up as a grandma!! Yi Suk is mad/upset right now, he thinks she played him, so why is she just saying sorry??

07:00 – She could have explained better, but I’m glad that Yi Suk is sort of trying to understand her and not let her leave.

08:50 – I thought the woman liked the grandfather, why is she saying he’s an old man who smells and drools??? That is not going to make him like you!! hahaha

12:00 – I think a little piece of my heart just died…. I like that he gave her an opportunity to explain herself, but as a psychiatrist shouldn’t he be more understanding of her situation? She told Yi Suk straight that she was ashamed of herself for what she was doing so couldn’t tell him. Couldn’t his words have been less harsh? Shouldn’t he be worried that her phobia gets worse again?

13:42 – Se Ro Fighting!! I love how forthright and open these characters can be!



I know she looks so sad, but I just need to put this out… she isn’t wearing her helmet or a huge scarf?!?! This is either development or she is so distracted by her own heart ache that she hasn’t realised…

17:20 – I love that Det. Jang is trying to make a conscious effort to get over Hong Do, but I just feel so sad right now. She is losing the two people in her life who have been constant for a while now… how is she going to cope?? Ahh Yi Suk come back!!!

17:48 – Det. Jang kissed her… at least Yi Suk wasn’t there.

20:29 – Yi Suk has to realise that Se Ro is too much like him that telling her not to do something is never going to work haha

20:56 – Ahhh my heart!! The grandfather tried to teach Madame Oh (Hong Do) how to ride a bike indoors, that’s so sweet. He really is in love with her…. *cries*

24:04 – I know I shouldn’t be laughing but Psychiatrist Uhm is so cute and that is the kind of reaction most people would have to the situation of your grandfather proposing to your girlfriend who was in a disguise. I mean, it’s ridiculous haha

30:30 – I love that Hong Do and Se Ro had a cute little chat about their feelings, so cute!!

And I sense a makeover coming!!!

34:30 – Okay, I was wrong about the makeover… but I don’t care!! We got more Psychiatrist Uhm moments and she is without a doubt one of the best characters in this drama. She is adorable and ships Hong Do and Yi Suk!! She is such a cute mother like figure to Yi Suk ♥

Although, the confidentiality of these psychiatrists is really non-existent haha :p



Yi Suk just got told off hahahaha~ It wouldn’t be a kdrama without characters randomly talking to themselves in public/inappropriate places!

38:15 – Yi Suk is so quick to forgive and understand, I love that as soon as he knew Hong Do was outside the seminar place he left!

39:13 – He came running out with a cute little grin on his face!!! And now he is hugging her! I can’t stop smiling~

40:22~ ♥


44:36 – Se Ro hit the nail on the head! Det. Jang is essentially Hong Do’s older brother. He cares for her and doesn’t want her to get hurt and he loves her (but does he love her romantically? I don’t truly think so).

46:14 – I love that Se Ro is singing cutely to a sleeping Det. Jang, but she does kind of seem like a crazy lady who has kidnapped a drunk man hahaha

48:21 – awww Det. Jang gets super emotional when he drinks. I feel sad for him because he is very nice, but at the same time, I’m too invested in Yi Suk and Hong Do to really care too much…. is that bad of me?

53:05 – Well that’s it my heart has finally broken and I want Grandma Hong Do to get with the grandfather… *cries* why is this so sad and complicated?! I never imagined this relationship would hurt me so much!!

56:31 – OH MY GOD!! NOOOO!!!

This is not the best way to find out that the person you are in love with is actually not that person, but someone dressed as their dead grandmother. And your grandson knew about it!!

If the grandfather doesn’t have a heart attack, I might! He looks so sad and shocked… T.T

59:43 – Having the grandfather digging up information on Hong Do’s grandmother is not going to bode well for Hong Do or Yi Suk. He’s pretty angry and upset, I hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble!

01:01:50 – Uh-oh Grandfather called Yi Suk and is ordering him home!! This is bad, he sounded super angry. (on a side note: Butler Ahn works quickly! I hope he is getting paid well haha).

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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