The Lover Rambles (Episode 5)~

This episode was pretty funny, DoSi/DooRi and YoungJoon/JinNyeo being the stand out couples. I really want them to be happy and enjoy watching the scenes that they have, although that cooking scene with DoSi did make me cringe because ewww!

What the hell!?!?!? Young Joon had a wet dream about Jin Nyeo’s mother…. I guess that’s better than where I thought it was headed.

But those faces he pulled when he realised pahahaha Joon Young has good comedy skills, unsurprising from this 4D idol!

… That manager (?) guy though… ewwww that was so disgusting! And then he put the pants in his pocket…. ewwww *cringes forever*

This is why you don’t say stupid things all the time! Of course DooRi was going to get angry, you basically told her that they would end up breaking up so they shouldn’t buy things together to make it easier.

I love that he has his stuff with him though haha ^^”

(Also his arm muscles… ^^”)

Awww poor Jin Nyeo!! That little puppy face when she was looking at him, waiting to see if he would answer. And then her sad puppy face when he didn’t say anything… I want this couple to succeed a lot now and this scene made me sad!

I do think it is unfair to put him on the spot like that though, Young Joon is only 21, not many people at that age are thinking about marriage.

I wish that cohabiting couples were able to be proud of the fact in front of their parents, sadly that doesn’t fully seem to be the case in Korea.

However, this episode is proving to be quite funny. I love the contrast between Young Joon/Jin Nyeo and DoSi/DooRi. The former is flustered and not prepared when elders come over, whereas the latter knows what they are doing and have obviously had a lot of practice.

Poor DooRi’s mother!! hahaha no wonder she felt dizzy and had to leave. I really love this couple! They are so funny and they work together well! ♥

What did I just watch?!?! Takuya and Joon Jae are killing me. Is Takuya playing with him?! He must know what he is doing right? The writers are really amping up the sexual tension. I hope they become a couple instead of a “dangerous bromance” which they are labelled as.

Poor Joon Jae, all he wanted was a quiet roommate.

Overall Thoughts:

I like that we are having more people outside of the ‘complex’ coming in so that we can see different sides to the relationships and it looks like we are going to keep meeting new people from the preview for episode 6.

YoungJoon and JinNyeo are quickly becoming a couple that I am strongly rooting for, I like JinNyeo a lot, she is strong but still cute and romantic in her thinking. YoungJoon is harder to like, he is funny to watch, but sometimes doesn’t seem to have much depth. I like that that is changing. He got jealous this episode and he wants to do better and he wants JinNyeo by his side.

I wish Takuya and Joon Jae had more serious scenes, especially with what has been happening, but this episode focused on Joon Jae’s frustration… again from the preview for episode 6 it looks like we may be getting some seriousness.

I find it hard to like the final couple, Seol Eun is alright, but Hwan Jong makes me uncomfortable. I don’t see any connection between the pairing really, but I guess they only had a small part in this episode so it wasn’t so bad. I just wish they were more engaging like the others as I want to like them and we are nearly half way through this drama.

Overall, I did enjoy this episode and can’t wait for the next one!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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