The Girl Who Sees Smells (Episode 1)~

I have seen a lot of high praise for this drama and I can’t take it any longer, it’s time to delve in haha~

Overall, this was a wonderful opening episode, there were a few scenes I felt didn’t need to be repeated, however the characters and the visual effects, as well as the music are on point so far.

Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung have definitely impressed me!

The opening credits are cool with the comic book effects.

4 Years Ago:

01:38 – Well, this is a scary opening! Is the mother dead?

You know something bad has gone down when they start the drama with a flashback!

02:15 – The person in the girl’s (Shin Se Kyung) house house killed (?) her father too! I feel so tense right now!! The bad guy is in the house and she just entered it…

02:40 – He shushed her, that’s always super creepy when bad guys shush!


I’m on the edge of my seat!

Oh my god, the girl ran out of the house, followed by the man and then she got run over! The slow motion and the music used at this point were very effective.

The intruder has the girl’s, Eun Seol, nametag from her school uniform. Now he knows her name, he will try and kill her again? Finish the job later on? But why was in her house in the first place? Why her family?

I know it’s more dramatic to have her lying on the road and then for it to start raining, but why didn’t the person who ran her over get out of their car and help her the moment they stopped the car?

Moo Gak (Yoochun), a very adorable older brother is at a hospital after receiving a phone call from his sister telling him that her school bus has been in an accident. Her name is Seul Eun, the same as the other girl.

And this:

looks to be the killer at the start. He has the same shoes and come on, that face has a kind of creepy psychotic look about it (which I’m sure means that this actor will be a good one). The fact that he is at the hospital does not look like it will bring good news.

The music in this drama so far, my poor heart! Not to mention how good Yoochun is at crying… However, is the killer just going to go around killing every girl with the name Choi Eun Seul? He saw what she looked like, didn’t he?

Eun Seol, the alive one, is still unconscious after 7 days of being run over. Her parents were also found on the beach, the father having an odd burn or cut on his wrist. The police officer in charge (?) notices the mark and also latches onto the name Choi Eun Seul. He says that the girl is the only witness.

After 139 days in a coma like state, Eun Seul wakes up. She is a little dazed from waking up at first and then sees glowing effects that are the smells of things all around her. It seems that her senses are bombarded with smells and the effects, she begins to panic and becomes worked up.

Eun Seul, now Oh Cho Rim, doesn’t remember anything from before she woke up. She also now has one green eye (the left one) on which she wears an eye patch because people look at her with scared expressions.

The police officer from the crime scene, who was also there when she woke up, seems to have adopted her. I hope that his intentions are good, however why has no one told her the truth? She is still a witness and they would want her to get her memory back right?

It is 6 months later and Cho Rim is adorable, I think she is going to be a great female lead!

While in the cafe, Cho Rim sees a woman who has lost her wallet asking the man on the desk whether he has seen it. While they are talking Cho Rim sees that the woman smells like a hospital and uses citrus handwash, the same scent coming from under a baseball cap behind the counter.

The woman leaves without her purse and Cho Rim gestures and points to the hat, telling him to give the wallet to the woman. Without either of them speaking Cho Rim gets the man to leave the shop after the woman. I like how Cho Rim is concious of both parties in this situation and I’m definitely going to enjoy her character.

Present Day:

Moo Gak here is undercover and at this moment being watched by two other officers who are also undercover with him.

It seems that Moo Gak is a lower ranking officer than the pair and Officer Ye doesn’t like that he is trying to take over the case.

Meanwhile Officer Ki is annoyed that Off. Ye is wearing a bright white suit, which leads Off. Ye to talk about how he is into fashion and if Off. Ki had better fashion sense he would be married by now. Looks like we have the idiot/comedic relief team haha.

We then find out that Moo Gak wants to catch this thief in order to get a promotion, no doubt in order to try and catch his little sister’s killer.

Cho Rim is now part of a comedy group, however she is the youngest and has yet to perform on stage, instead doing chores. The groups shows are getting less customers and so the boss is becoming stricter about who performs, giving everyone, even Cho Rim (which everyone else is not happy about due to her being the youngest), the chance to go up on stage if they is funny. If the sales don’t improve, then he is going to close the group down.

While mopping the stage, Cho Rim begins daydreaming and envisions herself winning a competition the ‘Frog Troupe’ (her group) holds and then becoming scouted.


She sees herself on a talk show where they talk about how she has one many gag variety awards and how she is sweeping the nation. We even get a little scene of her being on Running Man, an extremely popular variety programme.

Sadly, her reverie is disturbed when one of her fellow troupe members hits her on the head.

When she finds out that this particular Sunbae won’t be helping her in the competition that they had practised for, but someone else, she begins to panic about not being able to find a partner to help her.

Meanwhile back at the shop, the thief has just come in to buy cigarettes. Moo Gak tells the woman behind the counter that he is leaving, but instead closes the shop doors.

Outside, the two officers also on this stakeout are not paying any attention to the shop. Instead they looked to be resting their eyes, until Officer Ki had a phonecall from a Russian woman (although I am not too sure how real this Russian woman is haha). After the call the pair simply go back to not paying attention to anything in particular.

When Moo Gak gets closer to the thief he falls to the floor, I think he may be unconscious. At this moment in time, the two officers have noticed what is going on. The thief takes this opportunity to run from the shop.

The two officers go to give chase, Off. Ki falling over in his haste to get out of the car and then running into a scooter. The container on the scooter flies off of it and hits Off. Ye on the head. These two are definitely idiots haha.

Inside the shop, Moo Gak is snoring on the floor. The woman behind the counter tries to wake him up, telling him he can’t sleep there.

She then calls the police station to tell them that there is a police officer asleep on the floor. She also explains that he isn’t drunk, but he just fell asleep. Does Moo Gak have narcolepsy?

The next day at the police station, the first division chief (Lee Won Jung – ahh how I wish there was more Vampire Prosecutor) is accosted at the entrance by the Investigation team chief who takes pleasure in the fact that his team didn’t catch the thief.

Instead of saying anything on that subject the 1st div. chief asks what the other man’s actually does and tells him to search for his son because he keeps running away, the Investigation chief’s weakness.

The Investigation Chief then tells the members of his team to find the other Chiefs weakness.

Moo Gak is a patrol officer and right know Ki And Ye are moaning at him, saying he wanted to catch the criminal single handedly and that he should have used the previous nights to get some sleep. The both don’t like that he was trying to take over their case.

In storms the 1st Div. Chief who, saying nothing, punches Moo Gak.

Now outside, the Chief asks Moo Gak why he became a police officer, the special reason, but Moo Gak said that there isn’t one. The fact that Moo Gak wants to be elevated into his team comes out and Moo Gak says this:

To which the Chief replies:

After basically saying there is no chance that what Moo Gak wants will happen, he leaves.

We are then shown a condensed, yet still brutally emotional, flashback to when Moo Gak’s Eun Seol was murdered.

Meanwhile, Cho Rim is doing her usual tasks for the troupe, including buying drinks and handing them out. She then gets another job to do, which includes driving to pick up a lot of food.

The thing is, Cho Rim is not the best of drivers.

After picking up the food, she has trouble getting the car to move forward, when it does it is fast and unexpected to Cho Rim. As the car shoots forwards it clips a passing motorcyclist over and someone riding a scooter drives into the side, causing them to fly off the bike.

That person is none other than Moo Gak, now out of his uniform. Cho Rim gets out of the car in a panic and starts fluttering around a rather dazed looking Moo Gak. He has blood on his head and has a dislocated arm, though doesn’t seem to notice or feel the pain that should be occurring. Cho Rim practically starts dragging him to the nearest hospital.

Suddenly Moo Gak pulls Cho Rim towards him and out of the way of a passing van. They stare at each other for a little while, until Moo Gak shoves her unceremoniously away and she lands on the floor. He then goes over to the car and hits his bad arm against the car door before getting in (to put it back into place I presume).

Cho Rim quickly gets into her sunbaes car just as Moo Gak is driving off. Before this the person on the motorbike that Cho Rim clipped had gotten up and begun to leave. This person is obviously a person of interest to Moo Gak.

As Moo Gak chases the motorcyclist, he crashes into stalls, a water tank of some description and rides over things without seeming phased by the situation at all.

Cho Rim on the other hand is terrified and keeps shrieking. She tells him to stop, but instead he just shows her his police ID and asks for her cooperation, her face says it all:

Moo Gak then tells her that if they lose the criminal he is chasing he will charge her with obstruction of justice and causing a car accident. To this she responds by telling him to hurry up!

The motorcyclist gets off his bike and runs into a shopping centre. Moo Gak stops the car and they both get out of the car, however Moo Gak has a little more difficulty than Cho Rim as he forgets to unbuckle his seatbelt.

Cho Rim then asks what kind of criminal the motorcyclist is, to which Moo Gak answers ‘Robber’ before heading after him. Instead of following directly, Cho Rim turns back to the motorbike to look at the smells coming off of it.

However, she seems to have a little difficulty in remembering what the smell she see is.

Inside the shopping centre we see Moo Gak run round a water fountain and meet up with Cho Rim, who grabs him by the arm and leads him the way the robber went. When they come to a lift that Cho Rm says he took, Moo Gak tells her to go home and that he will investigate alone.

However, when she asks if the robber stole from a hair salon his interest in her seems peaked.

We are then taken back to the robbery itself. The Man locked the doors and was threatening the people inside with a knife while counting the money from the till. Moo Gak tries to get in, but the doors are locked, to get in he simply runs through the glass door.

The robber threatens him with the gun and then breaks several chairs over him. This gets no reaction from Moo Gak who tries to get closer to the robber. To get away the robber pushes a tray at Moo Gak and escapes through the broken door.

Back to the present we see a cool scene inside Cho Rim’s mind of the robber coming down the hallway, discarding his coat and helmet in a bin, calling and then entering the lift, followed by his scent.

Cho Rim sees that the robber went to the 4th floor, which turns out to be a sauna and gym. Seeing that there are too many people and that he didn’t see the robbers face, Moo Gak decides to leave.

Cho Rim is against the idea and starts to think about the robber and that he would probably change his clothes or clean his hands, meaning that he would go the locker/changing rooms. She then tells Moo Gak to take his clothes off.

Sadly, the next scene shows that he is still fully clothed, only this time in a pink and purple t-shirt and shorts provided for everyone. Meanwhile, Cho Rim is dressed in his clothes, the hood up, a germ mask on and wearing black sunglasses as she sneaks about in the men’s locker room. Moo Gak asks what we are all thinking:

After staring at the smells surrounding the lockers, while Moo Gak starts lose patience, Cho Rim finds what she is looking for:

Cho Rim then simply tells him that this is the locker the robber used to change his clothes, she then departs the locker room, leaving Moo Gak looking less than impressed and rather frustrated.

Whilst waiting outside Cho Rim gets a call from the female sunbae that sent her to get the food, who tells her to shup up and hurry back, even after she explains that she is with a police man.

We then go back to someone opening a locker, and then Moo Gak appears, quite creepily, now with a head towel on:

Moo Gak asks the man if he robbed a hair salon, the man tries to run and Moo Gak trips him up. The pair then start to fight, well Moo Gak hits him in the face with the towel from off his head, spins him round and then shoves him to the floor… he then grabs for his cuffs, which are not there.

Right on cue, Cho Rim comes charging into the locker rooms, disguise still on and gruff man voice to go with it, and hands him his handcuffs.

While standing up the robber shoves Cho Rim, who falls to the floor. Her sunglasses come off and her hood falls down to reveal that she is in fact female. The spanish music and her shocked expression are well matched.

Two men hide in their underwear hide behind one newspaper, while another drops his towel to reveal his pixelated area. Suffice to say, Cho Rim runs out shrieking.

Officers Ki and Ye are waiting outside to take the robber to the station. They tell him to leave, while he says that he can help them with witness statements. Officer Ki notices Moo Gak’s head and tells him that he should go to the hospital.

Cho Rim then forces him to go to the hospital to check his head, stating that he could get further injuries later. He reluctantly follows her. After he gets checked over, he tells her that the doctor said he was fine. The nurse then tells Cho Rim that the doctor wants to speak with his guardian, which turns out for the moment to be her. Much to Cho Rim’s confusion.

The doctor jumps straight to it and tells Cho Rim that Moo Gak cracked his skull in fifteen places and dislocated his shoulder. It’s a good thing he cannot feel pain.

The doctor explains that he must have ‘analgesia’ and gives this nice little definition:

The doctor suggests she takes him to the specialist in the hospital and she responds by asking why he is telling her all this and not Moo Gak. The doctor says that the patient didn’t seem to want to be treated. Cho Rim declines to take him, saying that she is a victim as well and shouldn’t stay long in the hospital.

Cho Rim tells Moo Gak to leave while she pays for the treatment and he bumps shoulders with a doctor, who bows slightly, not showing his face. He continues to walk forward while Cho Rim follos Moo Gak out.

This doctor slowly turns and bam:

Creepy guy from the hospital at the beginning of the episode! That death glare though *chills*

And then the creepy doctor watches the pair leave through a window. He seems to have recognised Moo Gak.

Cho Rim takes Moo Gak to a cafe where her friend works, where she apologises for causing his injuries, says she will pay for any treatment if the injuries get worse and gave him her contact info. In return he gives her his card with his details on and tells her to contact him when she gets the car fixed.

Moo Gak then asks Cho Rim questions about how she knew the robber had robbed a hair salon, that he was on the 4th floor and how she knew it was locker 139. She quickly stumbles to give answers that Goo Mak is unsatisfied with, such as she has good instinct and that her favourite number is 139.

Thankfully she is saved from further questioning by the remote buzzing on the table to tell them that their coffee is ready.

Moo Gak collects the coffees and when he comes back, immediately takes a gulp of the steaming coffee. Cho Rim follows suit and burns her tongue, telling him that he should have warned her that it was so hot. To this Moo Gak just finishes the whole cup, much to Cho Rim’ shock.

The pair leave the cafe, say their goodbyes and walk away in opposite directions.

A woman calls out to Cho Rim, calling her Eun Seol because she looks like the girl she used to go to school. Cho Rim of course doesn’t know what she is talking about and tells her politely that she has the wrong person and that people make mistakes.

All of which Moo Gak is listening to, having stopped when he heard ‘Eun Seol’. The episode ends with the pair turning back and looking at each other.


The preview makes me even more excited to continue with the drama. Seeing the pair work together is going to be fun, although I’m a little scared at how awkward it may be watching Moo Gak be Cho Rim’s comedy partner for the competition haha ^^

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it~


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