The Lover Rambles (Episode 4)~

Overall, this was a really strong episode. I love that we are getting more interactions among the different couples and that there are more guest appearances. It makes it more “real”.

They showed a sort of condensed version of what happened with Takuya and Joon Jae last episode and my heart can’t take it!! haha ^^”

I hate this show… I also now hate random nails in walls now haha ^^”! I really hope this becomes something, the both of them are obviously (especially JoonJae) curious about each other, right? Right.

Wow, I understand that children ask a lot of questions, but that child was annoying. I feel bad for DoSi, but at the same time, he doesn’t handle children well! Which is a surprise because I thought he would be good with children, seeing as how he is sometimes immature and childish himself haha :p

I kind of love Jin Nyeo, but really, does she not have makeup wipes?! And then to accuse Young Joon of abusing her…. ahhh I don’t like that, even if it is used in a comedic way…

Young Joon also needs to stop saying mean things about her age, she is beautiful and adorable.

Pahahaha those music changes for when the mother was going back and forth with those back-handed compliments. That was wonderful!

Oh my days!! I’m finally laughing at scenes with Ha Seol Eun and Park Hwan Jong!

But what a way to accidentally get rid of your parents… drop condoms all over them hahahaha 😀

What the hell is happening?! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!! This drama is definitely depicting real life. This is something I can definitely see boys doing! :p

…. it progressed in a way I was not expecting and I will admit that I had to pause it a few times out of embarrassment and because it’s hard to laugh a lot and read subtitles hahaha

Also, did anyone else see Takuya laughing at the end, aww they left that little bit in. How cute ^^

I love how you shouldn’t mess with Jin Nyeo, even in her dreams haha That was certainly… interesting. The writers on this drama really know how to troll their audience!!!

What is it with everyone just walking into Takuya/JoonJae’s apartment??

Again with the trolling!! I knew something was up, I thought it might have been sweets or bubblegum… but Hwan Jong’s reactions hahaha


Oh my days!! It got better! Seol Eun walked in and thought the three guys had been having sex. I love that one of the first things Hwan Jong says is that they are attractive and not that they were just moving furniture. The reactions/misunderstanding in this drama are so funny. You never know what is going to happen next!

Overall Thoughts:

I was a little confused about the appearance of a friend of Jin Nyeo’s and it said to be continued, but didn’t continue…

I’m definitely starting to love all the couples now, obviously some more so.

This drama definitely sets you up for situations and then twists them, and even though you know that something it awry, you still get drawn into it because this drama is so wacky that anything could happen! Which is something I love, you are always on your toes!

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode and I hope that we get to see more cute moments and who knows Young Joon may go an episode without being hit… but that’s very unlikely haha :p

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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