The Lover Rambles (Episode 3)~

I honestly think this is my favourite episode so far. This one was still funny, but we were able to see more intimate conversations which I enjoyed.

This little opening was adorable!! And I love how each apartment is counted as a couple. Super sweet ♥

I swear, Young Joon is more of a weird pet than an actual person haha ^^”

The way he rolled on the floor was sweet though, when Jin Nyeo said that if something rolls on the floor, the first person to get it means that it belongs to them, so he was saying that he belonged to her.

The little voice over segments in this episode are wonderful, they really add a more personal feel to the whole thing. It makes it more like a documentary of real life, than a drama which is so charming ♥

Men :/ Honestly DoSi gets competitive in the weirdest things haha

I do like the interaction between the tenants and I think it might help get to know more about  Ha Seol Eun and Park Hwan Jong, as they haven’t had as much air time. Hopefully, as we get to know them through the drama I may start to like them.

I love how Jin Nyeo just sweeps in and is better than the men at beating (?) the duvets, and then DooRi starts fangirling. She is honestly the best character, I love her so much!

That conversation between DoSi and DooRi really hurt my heart. I love that we got to see such a vulnerable and intimate moment between the two, it puts their relationship into perspective and fleshes it out.

Their scenes are always so natural and “real”, love this couple♥

I think I’m actually falling for the crazy couple that is Jin Nyeo and Young Joon. Their sweet moments are just so wonderful.

And I really like that Jin Nyeo is strong, stands up for herself, but it also a hopeless romantic, it’s very cute ^^

Really, Really??

We go from this, to him moving in for a kiss and then a black screen… I’m just going to take it upon myself to say that they did kiss, until they say otherwise, which I’m sadly sure is going to happen… *cries*

Overall Thoughts:

My favourite couple, without a doubt is DooRi/DoSi, he actually went to get the yoghurt and then didn’t wake her. They are so adorable and the most fun to watch, for me.

I’m also glad that I’m starting to love the crazy duo of Jin Nyeo and Young Joon, I think this episode made them more real, if that makes sense.

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see much of Takuya/Joon Jae, but I think the reason is because they are trying to integrate the pre-newly wed couple into it more. Also, the scene with the two boys was pretty powerful on its own.

I’m so glad I decided to watch this, it really is interesting and I strongly recommend it! Although I am pretty sad that I have to wait now… I’m so impatient *cries*

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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