The Lover Rambles (Episode 2)~

Overall, this was another strong and equally crazy episode!

Jin Nyeo and Young Joon… I don’t know if I like this relationship, it just seems way too odd for me to get my head around.

Room 609 ♥ Those two are so cute! Their relationship is great!

Oh my gosh!! The scene leading up to this… *faints*

This manager is so nosy though, who would pull the curtain back like that??

I love how Joon Jae’s face is just “what?” throughout the whole scene haha

That scene with the Ramen! I love how DoSi and DooRi’s relationship seems so real and not forced.

The way they argue is adorable and when DooRi laughed that it was too spicy when she had put in about three spice packs and then she added another one. I think this is my favourite couple, they are wonderful ♥

Okay, I may be falling for Jin Nyeo. She is adorable, but at the same time is a pretty strong female. I still have doubts about Young Joon.

When she told him to pack his bags and he just shuffled around on his knees hahaha 🙂

I think this is a couple that takes getting used to.

Takuya may be the cutest little thing ever! He got changed into a full football kit just to play a video game!! Adorable ♥

And the little Japanese/Korean similarities in speech, yet very different meanings in the language are proving to be hilarious!

Pahahahaha Those lift scenes with DoSi were so funny! Especially when he was singing and then he realised he wasn’t alone.

And I will never be over the height difference between him and the Takuya/Joon Jae couple.

Look at that cute little puppy in the middle! ♥

Is there anything that Takuya is embarrassed about?! Who just decides to teach their roommate Japanese by watching porn?? hahaha

I think it’s nice that they showed that Young Joon actually probably does have real feelings for Jin Nyeo.

But this show is so crazy!! I am not surprised that Jung Joon Young accepted the role hahaha :p

I find the SeolEun/HwanJong couple really uncomfortable to watch… they are so awkward and the material isn’t funny to me.

Overall, I’m definitely in love with the DoSi/DooRi couple. They seem to be the “main” couple of the drama. They are adorable, yet they both have qualities which are rather unpleasant haha They are super fun to watch as they are up for anything, that end role playing scene is proof enough haha ^^”

Takuya and Joon Jae are wonderful! I feel sorry for Joon Jae a little, he got more than he bargained for. But Takuya is a cutie ♥

Young Joon and Jin Nyeo are probably the oddest couple, sometimes I enjoy watching them, sometimes I’m just not sure what is happening haha They are slowly, but surely growing on me.

I quite like the addition of random relatives and other tenants (aka the lift scene), they make the drama that much more real life like.

This was a fun episode and I’m looking forward to the next one ^^

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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