The Lover Rambles (Episode 1)~

Overall, this episode was absolutely hilarious! If you want to watch something that is different with a lot of adult humour, then go and watch this drama!

… is this like some sort of documentary-ish style? and that amount of English at the beginning was surprising.

This is so strange so far, no wonder this is rated 19+! Also the filming style is different to anything I’ve seen, it has a somewhat unpolished and “real” feel, yet has that graphic cuteness to it. I’m pretty intrigued as to where this is going.

Room 609 couple are hilarious!! I love how DooRi is a strong female who keeps her boyfriend in line. DoSi is… wow… hahaha

Takuya is adorable!!!! I just want to hug him ♥

Also, whoever thought of putting two attractive guys in an apartment and then having the first scene of Joon Jae shirtless, deserves an award!

This drama is really weird!! I just watched a woman try to force her boyfriend to pee sitting down and now someone has been given estrogen pills… hahahhahaha who came up with this?!!?

And why can’t I stop watching it??

Also, this whole scene was gold!! :”D

Oh Do Si is so absurd!! And I just can’t help finding him absolutely hilarious! He is weirdly endearing…

Jung Joon Young’s character is certainly interesting…. haha although I do feel that his odd humour is probably what Joon Young likes as well :p

I still can’t get over how sexual the dialogue is though!!

This is not your normal kdrama that is for sure.

I absolutely adore the use of music in this drama! I really adds to the quirkiness of the whole thing.

You tell him DooRi. This is such a good attitude!

Oh my gosh! This scene was so awkward and hilarious! When DoSi stood on his tiptoes pahaha And then afterwards when he was really sad and muttering that he should had drunk more milk as a child.

What the hell did I just watch?!?! My poor eyes!!! I am honestly torn between being freaked out and laughing so hard at that whole glow in the dark condom scene…

I think it’s a mixture haha ^^”

I can’t deal with how cute and adorable Takuya and Joon Jae are ♥ I really hope they do become a couple~

I also love that Joon Jae asked for a quiet roommate and Takuya never shuts up haha

Overall, I have to admit that DooRi/DoSi and JoonJae/Takuya are my favourites so far, they are endearing, funny and adorable ♥

Choi JinNyeo and YoungJoon are so strange, that at the moment I can’t quite put into words how I feel about them.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Ha SeolEun and Park HwanJong couple. They weren’t in this episode for that long and the scenes they had, I didn’t find very funny or interesting. However, if they have more time, then I hope I do.

I am definitely going to continue watching this drama to see what the writers think of next haha 😀

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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