Han Ji Min x Allure Kr 🎀

keeping the blues || 19.05.22

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Han Ji Min is a Korean actress who had her breakout role in critically acclaimed film Resurrection in 2005. Since then she has become known for her work explores a diverse range of genres. Han Ji Min also starred in one of my favourite dramas One Spring Night alongside Jung Hae In ♥ Her latest drama Our Blues finished airing on the 12th June.

For the editorial and interview check out the full article on Allure Korea here.

I love this so much! There’s something I find so cute about Han Ji Min’s odd expression and that she’s on her tiptoes~

The black dress is from Louis Vuitton, while the Chelsea boots (£149) are Doc Martens.

Both the hair and the expression are great! Han Ji Min has really pretty features ♥

She is wearing the Dolce & Gabbana “floral ramage jacquard jacket” (£3,750) as a dress. I like that the sleeves look less structured here than on the runway model. The lining is leopard print which I don’t really like (I’m not a big fan of animal print unless it’s on the actual animal) and it’s worn with a DG buckle belt. The shoes are from the stylist’s collection.

Han Ji Min looks so soft and innocent in this photo.

The outfit comprises of a hooded poplin top which is worn down in the photo (£920) and a flared long poplin skirt (£3,630). The shapes/cuts of these two items from Alaïa are really interesting!

The spotted boots are Doc Martens and the hair bow accessory is from the stylist’s collection.

Look at this cutie! And the way the hairstylist has made a little bow with her hair is adorable~

The one puffed sleeved top is from ba&sh (I could only find the fully off the shoulder version and I definitely prefer it without the strap) and the skirt is the Hailie Midi (£695) from 16Arlington. The stylist for this shoot has pinned up the skirt to make it into a mini and it makes the shape so much better!

Ji Min is wearing the 1860 Bex Leather Extra High Boots (£209) from Dr. Martens.

I don’t really like the pose in this shot, but I absolutely love the pink colour of this chiffon ruffle dress (£2,650) from Gucci 💗

I adore this picture! Han Ji Min’s expression is wonderful and her eyes look stunning. The orange embroidered micro faille dress (£2,300) is from Valentino and it has a definite 60’s style. This picture with the feathered cuffs in this pose, gives old Hollywood glamour~

The hairstylist for this shoot needs an award! I love the styling, especially with the cute tail beret (₩135,000/around £85) from Misu A Barbe.

The pleated brown and white dress, with a metal necktie style pin (£906) is from Tod’s.

In this shot Han Jin Min is wearing the black and white “Josh Black fluttering heart blouse” (₩278,000/around £175) from the Korean brand aimons. This is paired with a pink sleeveless H&M dress and strap heels from the stylist’s collection.


Editor: Heo Yoon Seon (허윤선) || Photographer: Kim Hee June

Stylist: Han Hye Yeon (한혜연) || Hair: Lee Hye Young (이혜영) || Make-Up: Jeon Sung Hee (전성희(제니하우스))


Louis Vuitton || Dr. Martens || Dolce & Gabbana || Alaïa || Ba&Sh || 16Arlington || Gucci || Valentino || Misu A Barbe || Tod’s || aimons || H&M

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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