Kim Woo Bin x Esquire Korea

Happiness At Your Doorstep || Feb 2022

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Kim Woo Bin started his career as a runway model (he’s 6ft 2″ and super handsome ♥.♥). He made his acting debut in 2011 in White Christmas (alongside fellow model turned actors Kim Young Kwang and Lee Soo Hyuk), but gained popularity for his appearance in teen drama The Heirs in 2013.

In 2017, Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, and has since completed treatment. He recently appeared on the variety show Unexpected Business 2 and has several projects planned for 2022, including Our Blues which started airing on April 9th and also stars Shin Min Ah ♥

You can view both editorial articles on Esquire Korea: 1 || 2

All the outfits in this editorial are from Ralph Lauren Purple Label.

Woo Bin looks handsome in this light blue Kent linen chambray suit (jacket £1,420). Under this Woo Bin is wearing an aran silk-cotton sweater (£780.00) and a cute little paisley silk square scarf (£210).

Stunning ♥

Woo Bin is wearing the denim Western shirt (£420.00).

I love this picture, he looks so sulky and cute!

Woo Bin is wearing a floral linen shirt (£320) that goes really well with the Hadley monogram Terry blazer (£640), with a white linen handkerchief (£105) in the pocket. This is paired with the Terry shorts (£270.00) and blue Bowsworth monogram canvas espadrilles (£280).

Woo Bin’s proportions in this outfit 💯

Woo Bin is wearing a rib knit silk jumper (I could only see this in blue but I assume they would be the same price £780) with the buckled linen-silk shorts (£350). I really like the pleat pattern.

Woo Bin looks stylish in this outfit. I like the location, but I’m not a fan of the lighting…

Woo Bin is wearing Gregory silk Shantung trousers (£560), a white shirt (£85) with the Kent handmade silk-blend dinner jacket (£2,480). He is also wearing embroidered slipper shoes.

He looks so mischievous!

Woo Bin is wearing a relaxed monogram linen shirt (£350), with linen-silk shorts (£350) and the jumper from an earlier photo draped over his shoulders. His is wearing the white version of the Bosworth linen espadrilles.

Such a cute pouty look~

I thought this was a jumpsuit, but it’s actually a pair of jeans and shirt combo. This is paired with hideous burnished calfskin fisherman sandals (£710).

Woo Bin’s leg are so long!

He is wearing a monogram silk-cotton sweater and Terry shorts under the monogram Terry robe (£780) which looks so comfy~ He is wearing the Alonzo slippers.

The voyager canvas bag is also from the Ralph Lauren Purple Label.


fashion editor: Yoon Woong Hee (윤웅희) || features editor: Park Se Hoe (박세회) || photographer: Hong Jang Hyun (홍장현)

stylist: Lee Hye Young (이혜영) || hair: Lim Cheol Woo (임철우) || make-up: Kim Sung Hye (김성혜)

assistants: Lee Ha Min (이하민) + Song Chae Yeon (송채연) || art designer: Kim Dae Seop (김대섭)


Ralph Lauren

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I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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