Yoon Chan Young x Dazed Korea 🐻


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Yoon Chan Young was a child actor, but has gained wider recognition due to the popularity and accessibility of Netflix drama All Of Us Are Dead (2022), an adaption of zombie webtoon “Now at Our School” by Joo Dong Geun. Chan Young has won several Best Young Actor awards for his performances in Mama (2014) and Doctor John (2019). He is starring in the drama Juvenile Delinquency which is currently airing on seezn.

I definitely enjoyed his performance in AOUAD, and I look forward to seeing how he grows from here. And this photoshoot has such a great colour palette and style ♥

You can see the full article on Dazed Korea here~

This poor teddy has seen better days! I don’t know why but the rundown, kind of grubby aesthetic can look so cool and it does here.

It also helps that I really like the framing of the shot and Chan Young’s pose. Plus, the vibrant aspect of the shirt is also pearl aqua green which makes my shawol heart happy ♥ According to the description the shorts Chan Young is wearing belong to the editor (which is weird, right? lol).

This looks like it could be an album cover for some obscure 80’s/90’s inspired band and I love that. The simple home setting is offset by Chan Young standing on top of the kotatsu in a vibrant red “laminated fabric” suit (£2,350) from Dolce & Gabbana.

The print top belongs to the editor (do they mean stylist? They’ve written 에디터 in the description which is editor, but it just seems weird to me… am I the only one?) and the leather loafers (around £180) are from So.U:Lesures.

For accessories, Chan Young is wearing a “skeleton shaped” bracelet (£803) from Raf Simons. The description also says he is wearing a chain necklace from REFLECT, but I can’t actually see it…

I quite like the mix of browns and blues in this picture, even though it’s a pretty basic shot.

Chan Young is wearing wide jeans (around £380) from Maison Mihara Yasuhiro and a reddish brown jumper which belongs to the editor.

I love this photo!

The different shades of brown/greys and wooden textures mixed with the wrecked teddy bear and Chan Young’s odd, but kind of cool outfit is great. The pop of that milk chocolate with the shirt from Mister Gentleman’s latest collection is wonderful! Under this Chan Young is wearing a patterned turtleneck from Dries Van Noten, while the trousers are the editor’s. The boots (£149) are Dr Martens.

Chan Young is again wearing a necklace from REFLECT, which is visible in this shot.

 Chan Young is so pretty and the pinkish tones in this picture make it an even lovelier portrait ♥

He is wearing a cute t-shirt and cut out pink vest from A Personal Note. The Prada bucket hat and pearl necklace belongs to the editor.


Editor: Lee Namhoon + Kang Seungyeop || Text: Lee Hyunjun 
Photography: Kim Taehwan  || Art: Park Hanjoon 
Hair: Kim Soochul  || Makeup: Lee Seulki 


Dhruv Kapoor || Dolce & Gabbana || So.U:Lesures || Raf Simons || Maison Mihara Yasuhiro || Mister Gentleman || Dries Van Noten || Dr. Martens || REFLECT || A Personal Note || Prada

Thanks for reading!

I hope that you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥

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