C-Ent Airport Fashion || Favourites in 2021 (Female Ver.)


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I really love the concept of airport fashion. And while I was looking at pictures, I found that I really loved seeing what Chinese singers and actresses were wearing, so here’s a post of my favourite looks from 2021.

All images were from k-airportstyle.



Chinese actress Bai Lu looks incredibly cosy in this layered ensemble.



The singer and actress Fei (former Miss A member ♥) looks elegant and chic in a long red tartan coat. I love her shoes!



SNH48 member Yuan YiQi looks incredibly cool in this outfit. I love the half tucked white shirt with the cropped leather jacket. The chain clutch bag adds to the whole aesthetic nicely.



Bai Lu looks understandably non-bundled up in April. She looks chic in an outfit that has the staple pieces of black boots and harness.


K Lu – member of both THE9 and Fanxy Red – is the epitome of cool! This outfit is immaculate ♥


Singer and actress Kiki Xu looks stylish in this outfit. I love the splash of colour with the top, which has a cute shoulder strap detail~


Singer and actress Ju Jingyi is in an outfit I find so cute. The heart design jeans paired with the floral tank top and cardigan is adorable!


Bai Lu opened the month and she closes it with this preppy outfit. Her mask is also cute!



I think it’s becoming clear that I really like Bai Lu’s airport looks. This denim ensemble looks cool, but it’s the beret and the teddy bear pocket detail that sells it for me.



WJSN member Mei Qi has a solid outfit here. I love the half tucked shirt in the wide leg jeans. And I wish I could pull of hats, because all these different ones I’m seeing is making me jealous ♥



Actress Cecilia Boey looks stunning in this simple, yet stylish outfit. Not going to lie though, all white outfits scare me and people who wear them are making a power move 😂


Kiki Xu still coming in with the splashes of colour. I do really like the little animal bag that matches the colour of her cardigan.


WJSN member Wu Xuan Yi is rocking this leather jacket with her slides. We love the mix of style and comfort. I also love her hair colour here!


While Yuan YiQi is wearing something that wouldn’t look amiss on an grandad, I saw sheep and instantly fell in love!



Fei looks cool in this YSL bomber jacket with matching bag. I do really love the colour of YSL items.


Wu Xuan Yi looks adorable. The outfit alone is simple but I would have loved it without the cutest scarf I’ve ever seen, but that definitely gives the whole look extra points. I’m not much of a fan of the pink bag with the colour palette of the outfit.



Hickey and THE9’s Babymonster An looks incredibly comfortable in this outfit and I love the colour!


Kiki Xu looks super cool in this all black outfit. The tights really elevate this outfit!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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