My Favourite Lee Hi Photos This Year on Instagram


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Lee Hi is one of my favourite solo artists ♥ I have loved her voice and awkward and fun nature since seeing her on Kpop Star season 1.

Her instagram leehi_hi is a great insight into her personality and I’m going show some of my favourite pictures Lee Hi has posted this year.

14.01 || 31.01

I know it’s kind of cheating to start out with a set of editorial photo’s, but Lee Hi posted them and they are stunning pictures.

Daisy’s are my favourite flower and I love the colour palette of all three pictures. Lee Hi looks beautiful and ethereal ♥


This is my favourite picture from the year ♥

I love the outfit, Lee Hi looks wonderful in yellow. It stand out so nicely against the chic black background. Her makeup is also beautiful!


How can you look good sitting on your tv cabinet in an evening dress with your badly organised shelves and look cool? Is it the sunglasses? Must be 🕶


Look at this cutie!! I love her outfit. The plant looks healthy. Her smile is so pretty. And even though her hairstyle looks ridiculous, it still looks good. It’s witchcraft 😂


I mostly included this because I like Lee Hi’s outfit so much. It looks so comfortable and warm. I also love beautiful people standing near flowers, I don’t know how to explain it 😅

03.07 || 13.07

The first phot is another professional shot, but I just really love everything about this picture. My favourite colour is green and the red lighting on Lee Hi makes the picture so dynamic!

The second and third photo’s are from the same day and I love how the first shows Lee Hi being cool and stylish and the second has a laid back feel, but also a hint of her awkward photo pose that she loves to do!


Lee Hi’s visual’s are next level and this outfit is so pretty 💋

14.09 || 24.09 || 29.09

The first picture is behind the scenes for a music video and it’s so cute!

Lee Hi in the second photo is stylish and sexy. We love to see a versatile queen in the same month!

I recently found out about Choi Jun and the duets he does with idols are perhaps one of the funniest things I have ever seen!! This one is no different (and while you’re there, check out Lee Hongki’s duet ♥).



This is such a stunning photo. The outfit is absolutely beautiful and the pose is everything!


Lee Hi is so pretty in this photo and I love the blue outfit even if I’m not quite sure what it happening with the sleeves 😂

Is your favourite picture here?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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