SHINee x Marie Claire KR || 2021


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Not going to lie, I’ve been working on a different post for today, but I saw these and knew I needed these pictures on my blog asap!

SHINee are a 5 membered group that debuted in 2008, who recently came back from hiatus as 3 members (Onew, Key and Minho) were doing their military service. Taemin was holding down the SHINee fort and now it’s his hyungs turn as he has since enlisted at the end of May.

Their latest album is Don’t Call Me and their latest release is the Japanese song Superstar.

For the interview (Korean), original and other photo’s check out the article on Marie Claire Korea here~

Side note: The makeup bottle they showcase in a couple of photo’s is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF10/PA++ (Β£34.50) and this is also what the member’s are wearing as well.


Onew (left) is wearing a navy and white striped suit from The Hunt Man, with black Derby shoes from bananafit. The pearl necklace is part of the Amondz collection. The white t-shirt, socks and ring are from the stylist’s collection.

Minho (right) is wearing a super pretty black flower patterned suit from Saint Laurent, paired with accessories from the stylist’s collection.

Taemin (centre) is wearing a textured white shirt from Sulvam. The black tie and trousers, as well as the silver earring are from the stylist’s collection.


Key and Minho look so pretty in blue!

Minho (left) is wearing a knit t-shirt from the brand Knitted and white trousers from Recto.

Key’s (right) blue and white striped shirt is a From Arles (a brand I couldn’t find) piece. It’s gives such an interesting shape, with the ribbed bottom. The navy trousers are from the tailor’s LUSSOSO and lastly the silver bracelet (seen in the picture below) is from Hei.

Look at my stunning Leader and Maknae β™₯

Onew (left) is wearing a reddish looking brown knit top from Recto with a pair of VOIEBIT’s grey trousers. The white trainers are Fred Perry’s.

Taemin (right) is wearing a similar styled top in khaki from Jacquemus. On the site the top is a lighter colour, but I like that it’s a darker shade here which is probably due to the lighting and editing. The trousers are also from VOIEBIT. For accessories, the silver ring is from Amondz and the silver bracelet is from Hei.


The stylist putting these men in silk shirts was a power move!

Onew (top left) is wearing a slightly yellow silk shirt from Sunnus over a white t-shirt from the stylist’s collection. The silver pendant necklace is part of Amondz’s reindeer collection.

Key (top right) is wearing a navy dotted shirt from Saint Laurent and black trousers from the stylist’s collection. For the accessories, Key is wearing a double chain necklace from Portrait Report and a ring which belongs to the stylist.

Minho (centre) is wearing a black diamond pattern shirt from LEMETEQUE and trousers from the stylist’s collection. The little silver mirror ball necklace is from Nuavo and the gold necklace is from Le Masque.

Taemin’s (bottom) outfit is from the stylist’s collection, except the silver necklace which is from Hei. The blue silk shirt looks beautiful on him!



  • Editor: Park Min (λ°• λ―Ό), Yoon HeeJin (윀 νœ˜μ§„)
  • Photographer: Shin SeonHye (μ‹ μ„ ν˜œ)
  • Hair: Im JungHo (μž„μ •ν˜Έ(BLOW))
  • Styling: Kim Wook (κΉ€μš±)
  • Make-Up: Kim JooHee (김주희)


The Hunt Man || bananafit || Amondz || Saint Laurent || Sulvam || Knitted || Recto || From Arles || LUSSOSO || Hei || VOIEBIT || Fred Perry || Jacquemus || Sunnus || Dunst || Portrait Report || LEMETEQUE || Nuavo || Le Masque

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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