Lee Minki x Marie Claire Korea 🧸

이민기의 계절들 || Feb/March 21

Lee Minki is an actor, singer and model. He first gained popularity in 2005 starring in the sports drama Taereung National Village and then his roles in rom-coms. He starred in the box office hit Very Ordinary Couple in 2013 and returned to a main lead tv role with Because This Is My First Life in 2017. He latest drama – Oh My Ladylord – is currently airing, in which he is starring alongside Nana.

This editorial is from Marie Claire Korea~ (click the link for the original article and photos).

Normally, I despair about some of the prices of the clothes in editorials, but most of these items are in the hundreds so I’d be repetitive and annoying, so my disclaimer is here… brace yourself 😂

In the above picture and the three below, Lee Minki is wearing a yellow knit jumper (£655) and black trousers with white turn ups (£500) from Salvatore Ferragamo. I couldn’t find the reference for the trainers, so they may be from the stylist’s collection.

Minki has such a pretty mouth shape that is highlighted in the above photo. While the bottom ones highlight his cool, cute and sulky range haha~

This is such a pretty picture. I love me some pastels~ An entirely white outfit makes me anxious, but it does look stylish. The pose is cute as it’s slightly shy/innocent.

Minki is wearing a white shirt (all range around the £600 mark) under a sweatshirt (£890) – it’s described as tan, but might be more distinct in person as it looks off-white at most in all the pictures – and white trousers all come from Prada. While, the trainers are from the stylist’s collection (and look to be Nike’s).

Minki looks so cool and dishevelled wearing all Gucci in this photo.

The Donald Duck graphic t-shirt (£400) is from the Disney x Gucci collection, which is worn under a check wool shirt (£700). I like the shirt more from afar, because I don’t really like the choice of including brown. The denim jeans have the interlocking GG logo and I couldn’t work out if they match the picture on the site – they look green/darker than the eco washed pair, but it might just be a case of lighting, and in that case they are £800. In any case they suit Minki’s body shape nicely.

This picture gives off cute – his naturally upturned lips are adorable when he has a soft expression – and awkward vibes, which is mostly due to the camera angle. Minki looks like he’s waiting for an appointment haha~

The outfit is great! Pink on pink action – definitely giving kdrama Chaebol vibes. The shirt and trousers combo come from COS (I couldn’t find them on the website yet, but all the clothes I looked through were under £100). The Jimmy Choo “Diamond Light M Sun” suede/nappa trainers (£325) are cute, but I would have preferred a white pair of trainers with this outfit or even the mocha coloured version.


  • Editor: Park Min (박 민)
  • Photographer: Yoon Song I (윤송이)
  • Hair: Jung Seon I (정선이(블로우))
  • Stylist: Kang I Seul (강이슬)
  • Makeup: Oh Eun Joo (오은주(블로우))


Salvatore Ferragamo || Prada || Gucci || COS || Jimmy Choo

Do you like these photos? Do you enjoy Lee Minki’s acting? Let me know in the comments~

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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