January – All The Kpop – Part 4 || 25th – 31st â™¥

Debuts || Comebacks || Releases || OST’s

I’ve finally finished January! This ended up being a shorter post and not as much music was released at the tail end of the month.

These posts are just to show you what has been released in the Kpop world and which songs I liked (I’m not the best at describing music 😅). I hope that you can find new favourites ♥

The sites I used to compile this list were Kprofiles and Kpopofficial and I tried my best to include everything kpop related, but I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone.

January 25th

Golden Child – 안아줄게 (Burn It)

Golden Child currently has 10 members – Dae Yeol, Jang Jun, Tag, Y, Seung Min, Jae Hyun, Ji Beom, Dong Hyun, Joo Chan and Bomin (Jae Seok left due to health issues). They debuted in 2017 under Woolim Entertainment. Burn It is the title track for their 5th mini album ‘Yes’.

I didn’t even watch the Drama Full Version, but why am I teary?! The video above is a mix of performance and drama – zombie apocalypse – and it’s really good! Maybe if you don’t like zombies, a little bit of gun usage, or bite wounds just check out the live performances – such as the comeback stage on M Countdown. I also saw that they released a choreography version, which you can check out here~

The song itself is really good. The vocals and production make for a strong and emotional song. The beat changes and flows really well with the pace of the song and vocals. And the rap is great. This is definitely a group I’ll be looking more into ♥

January 26th

Kyuhyun – 마지막 날에 (Moving On)

Kyuhyun is the maknae of Super Junior – who debuted in 2005 under SM Entertainment and are currently under the subsidiary SJ Label. He debuted solo in 2014 and Moving On is the Winter Edition of his ‘Project: å­£’ series.

I will never not love and adore a Kyuhyun ballad. He has one of the best vocals in the industry and this song is perfection! If you haven’t checked out this series, I highly recommend it! SM artists have the best live vocals, so his live on You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook is also fantastic ♥

Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

Dreamcatcher (previously MINX) are now a 7 member girl group – JiU, SuA Si Yeon, Handong, Yoo Hyeon, Dami and Ga Hyeon – who debuted in 2017 under Happyface Entertainment and the group is currently under their subsidiary Dreamcatcher Company. Each member represents a nightmare/fear. Odd Eye is the title track for their 7th mini album ‘Road To Utopia’ which is part of their Dystopia series.

Dreamcatcher are one of my favourite girl groups. They are incredibly unique and blend a great range of vocals with a mix of beats. I’m not usually into this kind of music, but it’s incredible with Dreamcatcher’s vocals and their amazing concepts. Odd Eye is fantastic and I highly recommend this girl group! They deserve so much more love ♥

Yu Jun Sang & Lee Jun Hwa ft. Kim Hyo Su – Let’s Not Be

Yu Jun Sang is an actor and singer, best known for his roles in Hong Sang Soo’s films ‘The Day He Arrives’ and ‘In Another Country’. He is also active in musical theatre. Lee Jun Hwa is a guitarist. This song features on J n joy 20’s album ‘Travel Project 4. in Africa’ and the MV shows their work with the charity World Vision.

This is a really beautiful, uplifting and well sung song ♥

January 27th

IU – Celebrity

IU (Lee Ji Eun) is a solo singer-songwriter and actress. She debuted in 2008 under LOEN Entertainment (now Kakao M) and last year signed with EDAM Entertainment. IU has the nicknames Nation’s Little Sister and Nation’s sweetheart. Celebrity is the pre-released track off her upcoming 5th full album ‘Lilac’.

Celebrity is a beautiful mix of ballad and upbeat fun. IU’s vocals are without doubt one of the best in the industry and this song is brimming with her talent. IU also writes such uplifting and thoughtful songs and Celebrity is no different ♥

January 28th

HyunA – I’m Not Cool

HyunA is a solo singer currently under P Nation (because despite getting Cube to where it is today they basically fired her when she and Dawn went public – we stan Psy and healthy happy idol relationships in this household). HyunA first debuted in 2007 with Wonder Girls, but left due to health reasons. She then re-debuted as part of 4Minute under Cube Entertainment the following year. She made her solo debut in 2009/10, as well as being part of Triple H in 2017 (I miss both groups). I’m Not Cool is the title track of the her 7th mini album of the same name.

It took me a little while to get into I’m Not Cool. It’s very beat heavy and the style isn’t what I’m really used to. However, after several listens I really like it. HyunA has such an interesting rap voice, which is paired with a very different toned singing voice. I like the lyrics to the song and it does make you feel upbeat and ready to face the world.


Dae Hwi is a member of boy group AB6IX, who debuted in 2019 under Brand New Music. Dae Hwi is the Maknae of the group and also participated in Produce 101 and subsequently did activities as part of Wanna One.

21 is a cute and upbeat song. And the fact that this boy has been releasing songs for his birthday’s to remind everyone is just perfect 😂 It seems like BNM is letting this group have freedom with their music and that’s always great to see – this song is both written, composed and produced by Dae Hwi.

January 29th

Seung Jwan – 이유 (The Reason)

Seung Kwan is the main vocal and face of the boy group Seventeen. It has 13 members and he is part of the ‘vocal unit’. The group debuted in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. The Reason is an OST for the drama Lovestruck in the City, which starred Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won.

Seung Kwan has such a soft voice. In this song it flows easily through different tones, which makes the ballad interesting as it builds. The Reason is a very pretty song and it works well as an OST, but also stands on its own. I really need to get more into this group!

The song titles/parts in blue will lead you to official MV’s or audio~

Honourable Mentions:

  • 25th January: – Sandeul (B1A4) – I Feel You (OST She Would Never Know). Sandeul has such a pretty and calming voice when he does ballads. I think that the latter half of the song is better than the first, as the parts of the music are repetitive (+ kind of annoying) and does drown out his softer vocals at the beginning.
  • 26th January: IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – D-D-DANCE – This is the strongest iz*one song I’ve heard. There are several really strong vocals and the raps are great. The music is good and it has more of a mature sound, however, there are elements of the vocals that I still don’t fully like. I think if this was on in the background, I’d enjoy it more. It’s great to see them growing~ || MAMAMOO – AYA (Japanese Version). Mamamoo are perfect. All four members are incredible and AYA is a great song, both in Korean and Japanese ♥
  • 27th January: SOOHYUN&HOON – I Wish. These are a sub unit from U-Kiss. This group was one of my first faves and I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to them since the Collage album… which was 7 years ago… and they only have 3 members now. I like this ballad, I think Hoon has a pretty voice, but SooHyun sounds quite strained and not how I remember.
  • 28th January: Car, the garden – Doesn’t Matter. This artist has a good voice that sparks a nostalgic feeling and Doesn’t Matter is well sung. The problem is that the song just isn’t that interesting. I enjoyed the first minute and then was getting a bit bored… so, I like the voice, I just wish it was used in a better way – as I went to the near end and it sounded great. || PENTAGON – Honey Drop (OST Web Drama Replay). Pentagon has great vocals, and it’s no different in this song. However, the music is just a bit too much and is annoying.
  • 29th January: HAN – 외계인 (Alien). I’m not familiar with Stray Kids, but Han has a nice sounding voice and his rapping is great. For me I like listening to parts, but some of the shout-singing/rapping – especially in the beginning – just wasn’t something I liked. But, like I said, I do like his voice~ || Jackson Wang – 個人 Alone. This is such a good song! Jackson is a fantastic artist and while this isn’t in Korean (it’s in Mandarin), I highly recommend checking it out! ♥


What were your favourites of these days? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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