Save One Drop One : KPOP Songs

Boy Group vs. Girl Group Edition!

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I saw this video by K-Fun in my recommended on YouTube and thought this would be a fun thing to do on my blog!

Rules: You will be given 2 songs, one by a boy group and one by a girl group, and you have to decide which one you want to save and drop!

I’ll be linking the songs in the titles of each round, just click the song title, so you can play along if you’d like!

EXO – Love Shot VS. Twice – Feel Special

This is so hard on multiple layers. EXO are one of the groups that got me into Kpop, and while at first I didn’t really like Twice I’ve grown to love them! Love Shot is a cool and sexy song, while Feel Special is a bop!

It took a while, but the one to save is Love Shot! It’s a song that works with any of my moods and in general it’s a lot better made than Feel Special.

Monsta X – Fantasia VS. IZ*ONE – Secret Story of the Swan

This is a no brainer for me. I’m a fan of Monsta X and Fantasia has grown on me a lot, so I’m saving it! It’s upbeat and each member sounds great! Not mention how hard Kihyun goes in before each chorus! Also I tend to like more powerful songs that start with the rappers of the group. For IZ*ONE, there are a few vocals I like, but they’re just not a group for me.

Winner – Really Really VS. Momoland – Boom Boom

I’ve been following Winner since I went through the trauma of watching WIN: Who Is Next? when it aired. Really Really is such a good song! It’s catchy, stylish, fun and makes me happy when it comes on! However, I’ve listened to Boom Boom many times now and I love it! Momoland have great vocals and this song is fun, upbeat and has such a cool vibe. It reminds me of some 2nd/3rd gen girl groups I love.

So in a surprising twist I’ve decided to save Boom Boom!

Astro – Blue Flame VS. (G)I-DLE – Lion

Oooh this is so hard!! I don’t know much about Astro, but after listening to this song I really want to check out more of their music. Blue Flame has smooth vocals mixed with a Trap beat and it works so well. On the other hand we have (G)I-dle’s Lion. I listen to this song so often, probably at least one a day. I love this group and song. It’s powerful, cool and incredibly well sung. It also makes me feel like a badass whenever I listen to it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‘

I’ll be saving Lion, but I highly recommend checking both these groups out β™₯

DAY6 – Shoot Me VS. Dreamcatcher – PIRI

This one actually hurts…

Day6 are such a good band with really nice vocals and Shoot Me has it all on display. On the other hand Dreamcatcher are also really good! Their mix of EDM, rock, ballad and pop makes them so interesting. It’s a combination I didn’t think I would enjoy, but it’s wonderful!

After a lot of deliberation I’m saving PIRI. It’s beautifully sung and I highly recommend you check out this group β™₯

TXT – Crown VS. ITZY – Dalla Dalla

I normally love a girl crush concept, but when comparing these two songs, surprisingly I preferred TXT’s Crown. Both songs are good, Dalla Dalla is one of Itzy’s strongest, but I really liked the fun and energetic vibe that Crown has which shows a lot of cute charisma, so I’ll be saving this one~

ATEEZ – Say My Name VS. CLC – Devil

Okay, this isn’t fair!

Ateez’s Say My Name has such a crispness to it and the rappers are so good, while the singers bring such a lovely element that is just as powerful. And CLC’s Devil is such a bop! It’s cool, sexy and still has some cuteness laced through. The vocals are wonderful and each voice has a depth to it that matches the concept perfectly.

Considering the mood I’m in right now, I’m leaning more towards CLC’s Devil, so that’s the song I’m saving! I highly recommend both though β™₯

Seventeen – Clap VS. LOONA – So What

Seventeen and LOONA may have more members than I feel comfortable with (I always think about how pay, line distribution, sponsorships etc. are split. For some reason I become their mothers πŸ˜…), but they’re great groups nonetheless. Seventeen’s Clap has a cool and sexy sound, but oddly still has some boyish charm thrown in, but y’know it works! And Loona has the same vibe, but So What has more of an upbeat, club-like beat.

While I enjoy both, I’m saving Clap as it’s more refined vocally wise.

BTS – Black Swan VS. Mamamoo – Hip

Mamamoo are one of my favourite girl groups and they slay every single time!

BTS’s Black Swan is pretty and while I don’t listen to their music, it’s one of the best I’ve heard from them in a while. However, Hip is upbeat, fun, cool and sexy. All four members have amazing vocals and it’s no surprise I’m saving Hip~

Stray Kids – Side Effects VS. Red Velvet – Zimzalabim

While I do like Red Velvet and I like the chorus, I don’t actually like Zimzalabim, so I have no qualms in dropping it. Stray Kid’s Side Effects is intense! The rappers go hard, and the beat goes harder! The vocals are really pretty and give the song a nice balance. I will say Side Effects does make me a little uncomfortable because it is so overwhelming, but we’re saving it nonetheless!

Oneus – A Song Written Easily VS. Oh My Girl – Nonstop

This is hard as well! Oh My Girl’s Nonstop is so upbeat and energetic. The vocal are a mix of strong and soft and it’s such a lovely juxtaposition that works really nicely throughout the song. The chorus is catchy and has a really fun beat. Meanwhile, Oneus’ A Song Written Easily is upbeat, but also beautifully sung. The rappers are also the kind I enjoy and their parts are well placed. Overall, this song is a style I really like boy groups to do.

Both songs are really good! But because I’m trash for pretty male vocals, I’ll be saying A Song Written Easily β™₯

NCT U – Boss VS. Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last

NCT, in general, can be pretty hit or miss for me. NCT U tends to be more experimental and I when they utilise the great vocals and rappers with the interesting beats then I love it. Boss has that great balance, and the chorus is so catchy! On the other hand, while I do like Blackpink and their voices, it’s the song that’s the problem. As If It’s Your Last sounds like a song written and produced for 2NE1, so while the vocals are good, the strength needed to truly elevate the song isn’t there.

This turned into an easier choice than I expected and I’ll be saving NCT U’s Boss!

The Boyz – Reveal VS. Everglow – Dun Dun

I find that while Everglow’s Dun Dun has such a catchy chorus, the song lacks something. I’m not sure if the beat is too strong or the concept is too strong for their vocal range. Meanwhile, The Boyz have incredibly powerful vocals, and you know my stance on pretty male voices πŸ˜…

It’s not surprising that I’m saving The Boyz’s Reveal~

GOT7 – Look VS. Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch

GOT7 are a good group, but I only really like the chorus of Look. SNSD on the other hand don’t have a bad song, fight me πŸ˜‚ OH!GG is the subunit consisting of all the members that still have their contracts with SM. The song is stylish, upbeat and catchy. Each member has a distinctive and strong voice that suits the others perfectly.

So it’s no surprise that I’m saving Oh!GG’s Lil’ Touch~

SF9 – Good Guy VS. GFRIEND – Sunrise

SF9’s Good Guy is pretty stylish and the vocals are great. The chorus is also incredibly catchy and fun to sing. With Gfriend I have a somewhat love and hate relationship with their music. They have some bops and good vocals, but I have to be in a specific mood for them. They have a mix of cute and deeper vocals and they have a good balance in Sunrise. I will admit I prefer the chorus sections of this song.

Thinking of the songs as a whole I’m going to be saving SF9’s Good Guy β™₯

Pentagon – Sha La La VS. Weki Meki – Picky Picky

Pentagon are such a dark horse! They’re so good and can do several different concepts really well. Sha La La is smooth, cool and upbeat. Their vocals are spot on and I really should get to know the group (the only member I know is Hui because of Triple H β™₯). On the other hand Weki Meki’s Picky Picky has a cool vibe, but with a more cute charismatic charm. This is another group with solid vocals.

I will say Pentagon’s Sha La La is more interestingly produced and the style is something I will always enjoy, so I’ll be saving this song!

TOO – Magnolia VS. ANS – Say My Name

TOO are rookies?! This group is so good! They all have great vocals that match each other and they sound really professional. I swear groups these days are too good from day 1 πŸ˜‚ Magnolia is cool, compelling and has quite an interesting beat throughout. ANS also debuted this year, but due to internal disputes with their management and allegations of bullying, ANS has since disbanded. The group has good vocals in Say My Name, the problem is the production. The incessant and annoying horn/alarm sound makes it difficult for to me to even get through the song, and the music is just too loud in comparison to the singers.

It’s an easy choice to save TOO’s Magnolia β™₯

MCND – Spring VS. Cherry Bullet – Hands Up

MCND debuted this year and they are your more typical rookies. Spring is a good song, however, it’s not really anything special. Considering that their ages are 16-21, this boyish charm concept is great and they have a solid base on which to grow as they get older and more experienced β™₯ On the other hand it’s been nearly 2yrs since Cherry Bullet’s debut. Hands Up is cool, and the vocals seem effortless and work well with each other.

I’ll be saving Cherry Bullet’s Hands Up~

A.C.E – Take Me Higher VS. Apink – Dumhdurum

I’m not familiar with A.C.E, but after this I most definitely will be! (side note: Chan is missing in the photo as he was active with UNB). Every member has great vocals, and the vibe of Take Me Higher is fun, but also chill and perfect for the summer when it was released. Meanwhile, it’s hard not to know Apink considering they’ve been active since 2011. Dumhdurum is elegant and stylish, with a cool upbeat chorus. I really like both songs, so this is hard!

I have a bit of an issue with some of the background beats in Dumhdurum, so I’m going to save A.C.E’s Take Me Higher!

AB6IX – Breathe VS. AOA – Come See Me

AB6IX’s Breathe has a sexy beat and chorus, but I think some of the vocals aren’t well utilised in this song. There also seems to be a lot of autotune in places that gives a robotic feel. And despite the controversies surrounding AOA, they knew how to make good music. Come See Me has a cool beat that compliments the pretty vocals.

For those reason, I’ll be saving AOA’s Come See Me~

Do you agree with me? Which songs would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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