My Favourite ATEEZ MV’s || Pre-Debut + Treasure Eras

These videos are so pretty!

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Despite having only been active since 2018, ATEEZ have had several comebacks and around 14 music videos (including 2 Japanese and a few special versions). A good source list of video’s comes from wiki (I know, but it’s actually a good source most of the time!).

Instead of ranking these from best to bestest (?), I’m going to go through it them by year.

I’m aware that ATEEZ’s Treasure Era videos have some sort of story. There is no official theory, however, one comment (under the Answer MV) explained it in a way that I could comprehend after watching them all:


From || 02.07.2018

Composers: EDEN + Kim Hongjoong || Lyrics: KQ Fellaz || Arrangers: EDEN, BUDDY, Kim Hongjoong

From” is a song made by Ateez pre-debut when they were originally called KQ Fellaz (I’m so glad they changed it haha).

This video is good, if not a little generic as we’ve seen it a lot with other boy groups. However! This was made before they debuted and the video has a nice colour scheme, the atmosphere is fun and cute – especially the group scenes. The choreography was also done by the group. Did Ateez go from trainees to professional even before debut?!

“From” is also well sung and a lot of fun to listen to ♥


Say My Name || 15.01.2019

Composers: EDEN, BUDDY + LEEZ || Lyrics: EDEN, BUDDY, LEEZ, HLB, Hongjoong + Mingi || Arrangers: EDEN, BUDDY + LEEZ

Say My Name” is directed by Jason Kim (from Flipevil). The song comes from the second mini album Treasure EP.2: Zero to One. The sets in this video are pretty cool and the lighting/colour palette fits the song nicely. The styling is kind of a cool juxtaposition to the sets. The song and choreography is good – they’re great dancers and very expressive. There are also intriguing connections to the previous videos.

Illusion || 10.06.2019

Composers: EDEN, LEEZ + BUDDY || Lyrics: EDEN, BUDDY, LEEZ, Hongjoong + Mingi || Arrangers: EDEN, LEEZ + BUDDY

Illusion” is the cutest video Ateez has done. It’s adorable! This song comes from Treasure EP.3: One to All and this MV is directed by Jason Kim
(Flipevil). The colour scheme is mostly pastel and bright, with some cute cartoon background aspects. The outfits are stylish and fresh and the set of the flying ship is fun ♥

Wave || 10.06.2019

Composers: EDEN, LEEZ + BUDDY || Lyrics: EDEN, LEEZ, BUDDY, Hongjoong + Mingi || Arrangers: EDEN, LEEZ + BUDDY

Wave” has such fun summer vibes! This song directly follows Illusion and also comes from Treasure EP.3: One to All and this MV is again directed by Jason Kim (Flipevil). It’s a pretty song and the scenery is so lovely, with the styling being fresh and complimentary. The choreography is also great! Wave reminds me of KARD’s Hola Hola and I love that ♥

Wonderland || 08.10.2019

Composer: EDEN, LEEZ, BUDDY + Ollounder || Lyrics: EDEN, LEEZ, BUDDY, Ollounder, Hongjoong + Mingi || Arrangers: EDEN, LEEZ, BUDDY + Ollounder

Wonderland” comes from Ateez’s first full album Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action and the MV was directed once again by Jason Kim (Flipevil). This one is my favourite MV of theirs and the song is also an intense and powerful anthem-like song with a cool marching band aspect. The cool dark colour scheme is contrasted nicely with deep orange and red lighting within the video. The set pieces are nice and the transitions between scenes and the choreography (i.e. to different places + outfits) were seamless. This was such a great way to show off Ateez’s talent.


Answer || 06.01.2020

Composers: EDEN, Ollounder, LEEZ + BUDDY || Lyrics: EDEN, Ollounder, LEEZ, Hongjoong + Mingi || Arrangers: EDEN, Ollounder, LEEZ + BUDDY

Answer” is a song that had to grow on me some more for me to truly like it. However, my reaction to the MV is still the same. Answer is the title track from the 4th mini album Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer and the music video is also directed by Jason Kim (Flipevil). The sets are really pretty ♥ There is a mix of classical, innovative and conceptual spaces within this video and the contrasts of colour are really aesthetically pleasing. I do wish that the styling was a bit more coordinated. There are sections of the mv (mostly in the choreography sections) where the outfits are somewhat messy and don’t make a cohesive colour scheme or style; I would have preferred more cohesion to match with the video.

The Japanese version of Answer was released on the 29th January. From what I could tell by watching both, they’re both the same with the only difference being the language the boys are singing.

What I’ve learnt from this is that I really like it when Jason Kim directs Ateez’s videos! ♥

What are your favourite Ateez MV’s? Do you have a theory of your own about the story line in Treasure Era.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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