Jin Ki Joo x Harper’s Bazaar Korea || Oct ’20

SLOW but STEADY || 13.10.2020

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  • https://getinformed.carrd.co/ This is an incredible carrd with information and resources about many of the issues the world is going through right now!
  • I find Twitter an extremely useful tool in finding information about these injustices and ways to help. As well as Change.org for petitions!

Jin Ki Joo had a few jobs before becoming an actress in 2015. She landed her first lead role 2018 with the drama Come and Hug Me, which I recently watched and enjoyed her acting โ™ฅ

Jin Ki Joo is currently starring in the weekend drama Homemade Love Story, which started airing September 19th on KBS2.

This is such a beautiful headshot. Jin Ki Joo’s features are pretty, especially her eyes, which immediately steal the focus. I also love her hand placement! They look so gentle and elegant.

Jin Ki Joo is wearing a knit top and dress from Prada. And the ring is from Portrait Report.

This fluffy dress from Ports 1961 looks so soft! I’m not so find of long boots, but the yellow is such a nice pop of colour in a rather muted photo. Jin Ki Joo is also wearing earrings from Doigte.

I do think that the pose could have been different. I like it, but it’s a bit strange how her leg is bent in such an odd angle, or is that just me? ๐Ÿ˜…

This is such a cute photo! It has that playful and innocent aura of a backstage/candid photograph. Jin Ki Joo has such an adorable smile โ™ฅ

In this shot, Jin Ki Joo is wearing a trenchcoat and boots from Mulberry. It’s hard to see, but she is also wearing a necklace from jewellery brand Doigte.

This is my favourite shot from the editorial. I enjoy the pose, outfit and the camera looking up at Jin Ki Joo~ And we also have another splash of yellow, this time in the form of a fan!

I love the grey cable knit jumper from Wnderkammer, as well as the trousers from Nuovmaree. The white ankle books are from Rachel Cox and the white looks stylish with the greys. Lastly, and again it’s a bit hard to see, but Jin Ki Joo is also wearing a chain necklace from Flan.

This is a strange pose, but I kind of like the interlocking effect of Jin Ki Joo’s arms. I also love her expression โ™ฅ

The mint, ripple effect dress is from Lee.y Lee.y. I’m glad the neck ruffle isn’t on show because personally, I don’t like that aspect of the dress. The accessories are two bracelets – the one on the bottom is a brass rope bracelet from Portrait Report, while the one on top is a “barrel” (not sure what the technical term is ๐Ÿ˜…) bracelet from Doigte.


  • Editor: Moon Hyejun (๋ฌธํ˜œ์ค€)
  • Photographer: Chae Daehan (์ฑ„๋Œ€ํ•œ)
  • Fashion Editor: Yoon Hyeyoung (์œคํ˜œ์˜)
  • Hair: Jang Hyeyeon (์žฅํ˜œ์—ฐ)
  • Make Up: Jung Sooyeon (์ •์ˆ˜์—ฐ)
  • Assistant: Lee Jieun (์ด์ง€์€)
  • Web Designer: Kim Yoojin (๊น€์œ ์ง„)


Prada || Portrait Report || Ports 1961 || Doigte || Mulberry || Wnderkammer || Nuovmaree || Flan || Rachel cox || Lee.y Lee.y.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe โ™ฅ


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