Kpop Collecting Dust in my “Watch Later”

πŸŽ™ It’s kpop time πŸŽ™

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If I get recommended a Kpop video and it looks interesting or I haven’t see the clip in a while, I’ll send it to the Watch Later void. I currently have 120 videos in there, and over 20 of them are Kpop related.

This post is going through the video and seeing if I love the videos and some of them will just be me telling you to stan an idol πŸ˜‚

HA:TFELT – Life Sucks


I have loved Yeeun’s previous music as HA:TFELT. It’s incredibly emotive and she’s a fantastic singer. This is a song that is about her relationship with her father and how he used her credibility to commit fraud, which led her to being sued. All charges were dropped of course because she was a victim. This song – sung entirely in English – is heart-breaking and I’m glad he’s serving prison time for his crimes. For more info Soompi did an article on the situation which you can read here~

Yeeun is also a great person, who has gone through many struggles – she’s even been attacked for being a feminist. I truly hope you enjoy her music and support her β™₯

Noir – Lucifer


I’d not heard of Noir – a 9 member boy group which debuted in 2018 – but I love the dark, occult concept so I saved this. And it’s cool! The rappers have distinctive sounds, and the vocalists all have beautiful voices. This combination makes a stylish and smooth song with a punch. While the video isn’t the greatest, the styling and choreography is wonderful to watch!

I’m definitely going to check out more of Noir’s music β™₯

Irene + Seulgi – Monster


Where do I even start with Irene and Seulgi?! This is the sub-unit I didn’t know I needed and now I have it, I’m blessed πŸ˜‚ Look at SM doing something right.

I’ve heard the song, but only seen clips or stills of the video which is so cool! The song is wonderful of course. Irene and Seulgi have incredible voices and the style fits them so well. The entire package gives cool, girl crush, Sapphic realness and I’m here for it!

I’m excited to see what this sub-unit has in store for us, and of course stan Red Velvet (as though you don’t already)!

HYO ft. Loopy + Soyeon (G)I-DLE – Dessert


Girl’s Generation are the first girl group I ever got into and the fact they’re doing a lot of solo projects makes me happy despite the long hiatus. I’ve heard snippets of this song, mostly through Hyoyeon’s insta with the other members.

Hyoyeon and Soyeon have really distinctive voices and they go well together. The song is a bop and has the coolness and style of Hyoyeon which I love. I think I would have preferred this song just being a collaboration between the two female idols… Loopy’s rap isn’t my fave and for me it lessens the impact of the song.

Support all the GG girls (including Jessica) and if you don’t know (G)I-DLE you need to fix that immediately!

Kyuhyun – Dreaming


Kyuhyun is on this list twice. I love his voice and it’s one of my favourites in kpop. There is something so comforting about his singing and his style. This song is a ballad, but has that pretty element of Spring.

None of his songs have ever disappointed me! β™₯

Yoon Doo Joon – Lonely Night


This was Doo Joon’s project after he was discharged from his military enlistment. As a fan of Beast and now Highlight, it was nice to see him getting his first solo β™₯ This song was chill, but very emotive and it did take a few listens for me to really appreciate it.

I would highly recommend checking out his acting as well. Doo Joon is an all rounder!

Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon – Aladdin’s Speechless


Dreamcatcher is such a great girl group! The vocals and concepts are amazing (there is one of their songs coming up in this post). So when I saw this cover – not knowing the original because I have no interest in Disney’s live actions – I had to save it!

It’s so good! I got goosebumps β™₯ Stan these talented women!

Taemin – 2KIDS Live Video


If you aren’t a fan of Taemin, then I don’t trust you. This man is incredibly talented, not only as a dancer, but as a vocalist. He’s also a big baby, how can you not love this idiot?!

Also, SHINee is the best β™₯

Hwasa – Maria


I’ve only heard the chorus, which is so cool. The full song is amazing! Hwasa has such a good voice, both for singing and rapping. It has a great depth as well as being able to hit those high notes. Maria is smooth, sexy and cool, which is Hwasa’s style. She is such an icon!

Mamamoo are a great group with top tier vocals and their concepts and songs are always good β™₯

Dreamcatcher – BOCA


Once again a stunning track from Dreamcatcher! They have really found their niche and are thriving within it β™₯ Boca has all the elements of great vocals and powerful rap merged with the combination of hip hop, classical and EDM. On paper I don’t think I would be interested to check out their music, but there is just something about it that grips you!

Their dancing skills are also great! Stan Dreamcatcher β™₯

Kard – Gunshot


Gunshot is cool and powerful. Kard honestly has everything! The vocals are incredible, they’ve never released a bad song, the dancing is perfect, yet they are so underrated! I think this is because they aren’t promoted that well.

All four members are so talented and deserve more credit. I highly recommend checking Kard out, plus co-ed groups are so cool! β™₯

Taemin + BewhY – Pinocchio (on The Call)


I’ve seen this video several times, but whenever I get recommended it, I save it for later which is why it’s in this list.

Taemin as a performer is hypnotising β™₯ And BewhY’s rapping is great, but also his singing is interesting and I think it goes pretty well Taemin’s voice. All round this is a great performance and I think you should check it out if you haven’t – and even if you have!

Kim Jong Kook + Soohyun – Addiction (Fantastic Duo 2)


Kim Jong Kook has such a delicate and sweet voice, but I know him more for Running Man and the duality is mind-blowing πŸ˜‚ Soohyun has one of the prettiest voices I’ve ever heard (stan AKMU β™₯) and their voices fit well together, although I do think that Soohyun has a far stronger voice.

Kim Nam Gil + Lee Seung Gi – Please


Lee Seung Gi is an incredible singer and every time I’m blown away because I always forget he was an idol before an actor. I saw this come up in my recommended and I didn’t know that Kim Nam Gil could sing, so I was intrigued!

Kim Nam Gil’s voice is lovely and I have since learnt that he’s done OST’s. Their voices go really well together. Also in this video they’re all idiots and it’s cute. I need to get round to watching Master in the House and not just watching random clips on YouTube β™₯

Wonho – Losing You


Through the Kpop ReadAThon I got introduced properly to Monsta X and while it’s sad that Wonho felt he had to leave the group, I’m glad he was able to bounce back and start making music again.

Losing You – a song in English – is so sad if you think of the context. Wonho’s vocals are great, he has a lovely voice and he’s great in ballads. This muscled softie deserves some love and it’s worth it β™₯ There’s also another video of his later on in the post~

When the Devil Calls Your Name Performance Clip


This is a clip from the drama When the Devil Calls Your Name and it’s on my watchlist and I’m not sure whether I should keep this for until I watch it, but here we are and I’m going to watch it anyway!

Sondia and Kyungho’s voices are both wonderful to listen to and together they go so beautifully β™₯ This clip has definitely made me want to watch this sooner rather than later!

Kevin Oh – Lover


I’m familiar with Kevin Oh because of Superband, so when I saw his actual music recommended I saved it for later and he’s also on this list again with Kim Feel (I love that for me β™₯).

This song is so beautifully sung and the classical music backdrop is lovely. But, really, at this point is it a surprise that I love another male ballad singer? No, no it is not πŸ˜‚

Wonho – Open Mind


Wonho said “I didn’t show my abs enough in Losing You, I need to fix that” and I love that for him β™₯ This songs shows that Wonho is such an all round performer. He has great vocals, great dancing skills and he’s hot!

Wonho deserves a lot of support and even though I hate the name, I am a Wenee (if you know the name meaning you’ll understand that this big idiot is such a cutie) β™₯ I look forward to seeing what he brings us next!

Kevin Oh + Kim Feel – The Blower’s Daughter


For context this duet was performed on Superstar K series 7 which Kevin Oh won. Kim Feel was a runner up in the previous series. The Damien Rice song always gives me creepy stalker vibes, so let’s skip over that πŸ˜‚

While I like both of these men’s voices, I wasn’t too fond of them singing together. Kim Feel has an incredibly unique voice and it’s so emotive that it can feel disjointed. This meant I really liked when they sang separately rather than together.

Soohyun, Henry, Crush + Jung Seunghwan – All For You


Every single vocal is so good! Soohyun has one of the my favourite voices and her with Jung Seung Hwan was so pretty. And not only was this beautiful, it was also fun and charming, especially because Henry is such a ball of energy! β™₯

Watching this video will immediately make you happier! It won’t disappoint, I promise!

I really need to watch Begin Again!

Kyuhyun – Daystar


The second Kyuhyun track is Daystar, which literally came out a few days before I’m making this post!

I honestly don’t know what to say other than Kyuhyun is one of the best ballad singers ever and you should listen. Daystar is melancholic and just so beautiful β™₯

Kim Feel – Excuses


Talking of great ballad singers~ Kim Feel came to my attention when his OST song Hallelujah for It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was recommended and I instantly fell in love. He’s also been on Immortal Songs 2 a lot, we stan β™₯

He has a unique voice that is lovely to listen to. And Excuses is no different. This is a live acoustic version and I recommend his lives because they’re incredible!

Jamie – Monster


This is a cover of the previously mentioned Monster from Irene and Seulgi. Jamie (or Jimin) has such an incredible voice! Her range is stunning and I got goosebumps during this song! Those adlibs β™₯.β™₯

The two songs are stylistically different, but the confidence and impact is the same! This song is honestly a gift!

Do you have kpop videos in your watch later just sitting in the abyss? Use this as motivation to finally sit down and watch them all! And feel free to recommend me any artists or songs! β™₯

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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