Artists vs. Legend “KOYOTE” || Immortal Songs 2

It’s Dance Time! KOYOTE

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I used the random number generator on Google and it came up with 424. In my head this was a pretty recent episode because this year has both taken forever and flown so fast! Like how are we in September already?!

Episode 424 aired on the 5th October 2019. The Legend for this episode is the 3 membered co-ed group Koyote.

Koyote have gone through a few iterations, but as it stands now (and for the longest) the members are Shinji (only original member), Bbaek Ga and Kim Jongmin. The group debuted in 1998 and they’ve won several major awards.

If you are unfamiliar with Immortal Songs 2, it is a music “competition” in which 6 or 7 artists (groups, solo, collabs) cover songs from the Legend’s repertoire. The guests sit in a waiting room with three hosts and this is where they introduce themselves to viewers and where the laughs happen ♥ Shin Dongyeop (the presenter) randomly draws a ball containing the name of the performer and the order is chosen this way.

The audience consists of 500 people who vote after each round for their favourite performance. Whoever has the most votes wins the episode.

I really enjoy the format and it’s a way to discover artists that you may not have seen otherwise. Normally I just watch for the artists, but I thought it would be fun to check out the Legend’s songs and compare which version I like better!

Of course we all have different opinions, and I’m in no way bashing either the artists or legend. I really enjoyed making this post, I hope you do as well! ♥

U Sung Eun & Giant Pink – Disturbance

Disturbance or “Paran” (파란) is from the album Passion (Nov 2000) and sold almost 3x their previous 2 albums in Korea with 486,539 sales.

The first performers were a collaboration between U Sung Eun – the runner up in The Voice of Korea and a well known OST singer – and Giant Pink – the winner of Unpretty Rapstar 3 in 2016.

The original song is very 90’s/early 2000’s which makes sense because that’s when it was released. It’s techno and dance and such a fun time. Kim Jongmin (who I found out was a singer in this episode lol) has a nice voice, which goes well with Shinji’s in this song. I found her voice stronger and less strained here. The rap is also very good!

The cover performance started out as a ballad and I love when fun outbeat songs start out this way! U Sung Eun’s voice is super pretty and Giant Pink surprised me with her singing as well. Her rap was obviously great! I would say their voices sounded great separate of each other, but when they sang together it was a little mismatched.

Who do I prefer: KOYOTE

Their original song is fun and has a more cohesive sound with the vocals and beat.

You can watch U Sung Eun & Giant Pink’s version here ♥

MAMAMOO – Meeting

Meeting (만남) is from the group’s debut album Koyote Volume 1 (Jan 1999). This song is a remake of Im Ki Hoon’s The Day I Met You (당신과 만난 이날) (1995). At time of release, the singers were Kim Gu, Shinji and Cha Seungmin. Koyote’s version is an upbeat dance track and has changed parts, including re-written rap sections.

The second group to perform was Mamamoo, a 4 member girl group (Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa & Wheein) who are one of my favourites. They debuted in 2014 and were considered one of the best debuts of that year.

I watched the updated version with the current members and it’s fun and sweet. Jongmin’s voice is husky and nice, but I’m not too fond of Shinji’s vocals. I like Bbaek Ga’s rapping style. It’s definitely a catchy and feel good song.

Mamamoo brought the song back to it’s more original roots and performed the song as a ballad. I’m trash for ballads and these 4 women have incredible voices! It was a flawless performance vocal wise and I would highly recommend following this group ♥

Mamamoo won the first round with 365 votes.

Who do I prefer: Mamamoo

I think this is for obvious reasons!

You can watch the Koyote version of Meeting here ♥

The Yuk Jung Wan Band – Genuine

Genuine (순정) is also from the group’s debut album Koyote Volume 1.

Again I listened to the up to date version with the current members. Genuine is super upbeat and their voices go well together! At this point I was coming to terms with Shinji’s vocal style – the strain crackle (technical term 😂) – and it wasn’t too distracting here.

The 3rd performers were The Yuk Jung Wan Band – Yuk Jung Wan and Kang Junwoo from the original band Rose Motel (which is whole other drama). These two people were pretty hilarious, cringey and ultimately really talented.

They turned Genuine into “new-tro” giving the song a 70’s vibe. The main singer’s voice is pretty calming somehow and low which matched the beat really nicely. It was a fun song to listen to and the performance was equally, if not more, entertaining to watch!

The Yuk Jung Wan Band won the second round with 398 votes.

Who do I prefer: The Yuk Jung Wan Band

This was a lot more fun and conceptually so cool!

You can watch Koyote’s original version of Genuine here ♥

Nayoung (GuGuDan) & Dongheon + Yeonho (VERIVERY) – Passion

Passion is the title track from the 2000 album Passion.

The fourth performers were girl group GuGuDan’s Nayoung and boy group VERIVERY’s Dongheon and Yeonho. They cutely called themselves GURIGURI ♥

The original song by Koyote is loud… the beat is overpowering and because I’m not so fond of techno or house from this time period, it got annoying real quick 😂

Meanwhile, GURIGURI were fantastic. They made Passion up to date and it felt like it could have been a performance on Music Bank or Inkigayo! It was the most compelling performance to watch up to this point. This performance combined the idol group aspects of singing and on point dancing.

I’m not familiar with either Jellyfish group, but they were wonderful. Nayoung’s voice is deeper than I expected and it was great, and when Yeonho started singing I was blown away! I do think the rapping was a little weak, but overall the song and performance was cool and fun!

GURIGURI lost this round to The Yuk Jung Wan Band.

Which I prefer: GURIGURI

Again, I’m pretty sure my reasons are obvious!

You can watch Koyote’s original version of Passion here ♥

(G)I-dle – Sad Dream

Sad Dream (비몽) is from the album Philip (March 2002) which has the group highest album sales of 513,244. This year they won the Bonsang (Main Prize) at the Golden Disc Awards for this song.

The penultimate performers were the girl group (G)I-dle and thanks to this episode I finally learnt how to pronounce their name properly (the G is silent for those who are interested). This group is incredibly popular, both in Korea and internationally. I also learnt that the leader Soyeon writes and composes their songs.

For this cover, Soyeon transformed the upbeat song into a tango rhythm song inspired by their track Senorita. Again, this would have been easily seen on Music Bank or Inkigayo. However, it did feel a little flat, but I’m not really sure why because the vocals were great as usual.

The original was alright (again I listened to the up to date version). I enjoyed the rap sections and it has a fun tempo overall.

(G)I-dle lost this round to The Yuk Jung Wan Band.

Which do I prefer: (G)I-dle

(G)I-dle has the benefit of more members and a performative aspect that I love. Their vocals are also superior, and I liked that they thought outside the box.

You can watch Koyote’s original version of Sad Dream here ♥

Hoppipolla – Breakup

Breakup (실연) is from the second album Koyotae 2nd (Nov 1999). I listened to the original 1999 version and the male vocalist has a rather nice voice. I will say that in early songs, Shinji’s voice is rather sweet and screechy in parts…

The original song has a really nice lyrical undertone, but the techno beat ruins it for me. It became annoying and was repetitive and hurt my head.

Hoppipolla were the last performers. This group were formed in the music competition Superband and went on to win the show. They officially debuted a month after this episode of Immortal Songs 2 in November. They’re led by an idiot (I’LL I love you though), but when they perform it’s magical. They are each incredible artists and the element of Jinho’s cello is stunning every time! That opening gives me chills every time!

Hoppipolla make Breakup into a more stripped back version. I love both vocalists (I’LL & Ha Hyun Sang), as I’ve said I love Jinho’s cello and Youngso is incredibly talented on guitar. Every time I watch them I’m blown away and happy by how much they love performing.

Hoppipolla won the round and this episode with 417 votes!

Which I prefer: Hoppipolla

Again, this was incredibly obvious. Nothing was going to beat this prfect performance!

You can watch the Koyote’s original version of Breakup here ♥

Overall, this was an incredible episode of Immortal Songs. There were elements to all performances that I really enjoyed. While I haven’t become a fan of the Legend, there are performers that I plan on looking more into ♥

I hope you enjoyed this format and would be happy to see this again, let me know in the comments ♥

Do you have a favourite song/performance or singer/group from this episode?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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