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I really enjoyed doing this post when I was on Team EXO for my previous Kpop ReadAThon, so I thought it would be fun to do with Twice.

And while that is somewhat true, this was a bit of a struggle bus 😅 I’ve spent hours finding these concept photos from several different sources – twice.jype, Twice Wiki and dbkpop and then I had to re-collect them because PowerPoint decided to delete my document completely without a trace 😭 and I’m still a little conflicted on how everything turned out… I hope you enjoy it nonetheless ♥

For this post, I went through 16 eras (Twice’s debut and 15 comebacks). As I had issues getting the pictures in order considering size and general layout look, the below is the order of the comebacks:

The Story Begins || Page Two || Twicecoaster || Twicecoaster: Lane 2 (repackage) || Signal || Twicetagram || Merry & Happy (repackage) || What is Love? || Summer Nights (repackage) || BDZ (Japanese) || Yes or Yes || The Year of Yes (repackage) || Fancy You || Feel Special || &TWICE (Japanese) || More & More

Let’s get started!


Top Row: The Story Begins || BDZ || Merry & Happy || The Year of Yes — Bottom Row: Twicecoaster Lane 2 || Signal || Yes or Yes || Fancy You || More & More

Nayeon has very good comeback looks/promo pictures. It was hard to get her’s down to my limit of 9!

The Story Begins has some questionable outfits, but Nayeon’s is stylish and the actual picture is cool. And talking of cool, I love BDZ as a whole! And the promo pics have such a badass energy that we don’t often see with Twice.

The Merry & Happy repackage shot is so beautiful. Nayeon looks so adorable and her skin is glowing a lot more naturally ♥ In The Year of Yes repackage Nayeon looks sophisticated and I love the her with shorter hair, which is also why the More & More shot is perfection. She looks so ethereal and effortlessly beautiful in her promo picture ♥

Twicecoaster Lane 2 and Signal are both adorable. I really like Nayeon’s outfit in Lane 2, as well as her hairstyle which frames her face in such a pretty way. And the reddish brown that becomes more vibrant in Signal is wonderful.

In Yes or Yes, Nayeon’s outfit is cool and has a sexier vibe. And I find Fancy You also has that slight vibe. It’s such a pretty picture!


Top Row: The Story Begins || Signal || The Year of Yes || Yes or Yes — Bottom Row: Merry & Happy || Feel Special || More & More || What is Love? || Twicecoaster Lane 2

Jeongyeon also has pretty good comeback looks on the whole. She looked so cool in The Story Begins debut and this picture shows that. And while Twicecoaster Lane 2 has a more cute feel with the colours and space buns, it still has a cool feel about it. Same with the What is Love? promo. The short blonde hair frames Jeongyeon’s face so well. And those sweets look so yummy ♥

The Signal concept photos were a bit hit and miss depending on the “powers” the girls have, but Jeongyeon’s looks cool and so does the outfit.

On the top row we have Yes or Yes and The Year of Yes repackage. Both pictures are pretty. The colour scheme of Yes or Yes is youthful and stylish, while repackage promo is sophisticated. And Feel Special also has a definite sophistication! The black hair colour suits Jeongyeon so well! As does the dark red of Merry & Happy and the slightly platinum blonde of More & More.


Top Row: Twicecoaster || Merry & Happy || &TWICE — Middle Row: Twicecoaster Lane 2 || BDZ || More & More — Bottom Row: Fancy You || What is Love? || The Year of Yes

In Twicecoaster and Lane 2, Momo looks so cute! In the former, the outfit is super cute and we love messy space buns! While I’m not super sold on the outfit for Lane 2, they’ve put her in worse things and even so Momo looks adorable!

The rest are cool, pretty and sophisticated. The cool ones are BDZ. Momo’s is my favourite shot from this comeback shoot. The short black hair suits her so much! The other is Fancy You. I absolutely love this picture and it might be my favourite of her’s ♥

In &TWICE and What is Love? Momo’s black hair goes super well with the colours she’s wearing. The pretty red dress and the blue’s suit Momo so well.

The pretty and sophisticated mostly go hand in hand. The Merry & Happy is super pretty, the colours really suit Momo. Similar colours are in The Year of Yes and the outfit and styling is elegant. And talking of elegant, More & More is so pretty and like Nayeon’s, Momo’s picture is effortlessly beautiful ♥


Top Row: The Story Begins || Twicecoaster Lane 2 || Signal || The Year of Yes — Bottom Row: Merry & Happy || Yes or Yes || More & More

I love Sana, but she never seems to have the best promo pictures in my opinion considering the backgrounds or outfits.

In the Story Begins we have a cute, but cool pose and outfit. Also Sana in pigtails ♥ In Twicecoaster Lane 2, Sana looks so sweet and the ombre is pretty cute. The cutest picture is without a doubt the Signal concept photo! Her power is invisibility and the effect doesn’t look awkward and Sana hiding under a book is super cute! The Merry & Happy promo is super pretty and I love her mittens and beanie.

The Year of Yes promo is pretty and the darker colours suit Sana a lot. And then in the Yes or Yes promo is absolutely beautiful. It’s definitely my favourite. Sana looks cute, but also mature and cool ♥ And lastly, the ginger/red hair in More & More is absolutely stunning (I do wish they hadn’t whitewashed her so much though and honestly this is an issue with most of the Twice members).


Top Row: Twicecoaster || Twicecoaster Lane 2 || What is Love? || Yes or Yes — Bottom Row: More & More || The Year of Yes || BDZ || Feel Special || &TWICE

The first 3 in the top row are super cute. Jihyo has such a pretty smile ♥ The styling in both Twicecoaster and Lane 2 are cute. In What is Love? the styling is cool and the colours are bright and fun!

In Yes or Yes, The Year of Yes and &TWICE, short haired Jihyo is so pretty! The lighter brown and the colours around her in Yes or Yes maker her glow ♥ In The Year of Yes, I just really like the picture. It’s cute, simple and the styling is great. With &TWICE, I love the outfit and her expression!

In BDZ, it’s a simple picture, but the lighting and dark hair is cool. On the flipside, in Feel Special, Jihyo has light brown hair, the lighting is very bright and everything is super sparkly. Despite this, the vibe is somewhat similar in that Jihyo looks cool and I would let her step on me 😂

Lastly, in More & More, the pink hair and soft makeup is super pretty and while I’m not so keen on her hand placement, it’s still a lovely picture overall.


Top Row: Yes or Yes || Summer Nights || &TWICE — Middle Row: Twicecoaster || Merry & Happy || Feel Special — Bottom Row: Signal || What is Love? || The Year of Yes

Mina is so beautiful! We see that in Yes or Yes in a cool setting; in Feel Special where it’s a softer beauty and in The Year of Yes which is absolutely beautiful! The pose, the colours and setting allow Mina’s beauty to shine ♥

In &TWICE and Merry & Happy, Mina looks lovely. The colours are rather different, but both suit her. In the latter, the pose and styling is cute and this is heightened by Mina’s pretty smile!

In Twicecoaster, I’m kind of torn because it’s cute, but also lowkey cool. And with Signal, I feel it’s the other way round haha! I will saw I prefer the lighting, editing and background in the Signal promo.

And finally, the Summer Nights promo is absolutely adorable! The styling and pose is super cute and fresh. I definitely enjoy the day time beach concept photos rather than the night time ones. The second is the What is Love? promo picture. Mina looks fresh, youthful and I love the colour scheme and outfit!


Top Row: Twicecoaster Lane 2 || Signal || Merry & Happy || What is Love? || Summer Nights — Bottom Row: BDZ || Yes or Yes || The Year of Yes || More & More

I realised that Dahyun is the only member where I was able to get the promo looks in order of the comeback 😅

A lot of Dahyun’s promo pictures are cute and quirky. And while sometimes that works super well, like in the Merry & Happy promo (so cute), there were times that it didn’t for me. The cute ones I like are Twicecoaster, much like Sana, pigtails are cute on Dahyun and in Signal I love the outfit, colours and the soft expression.

In the What is Love? promo, while I’m not so keen on the chunky shorts, I like the top and colours. Also the pose and styling are mostly cute and fun.

In Summer Nights, Dahyun suits the ginger/orange hair colour so well and she looks pretty.

On the other side, BDZ is super cool and strong. And in Yes or Yes, Dahyun fits the style and concept very well and is pretty with the mixed purple hair. In the repackage The Year of Yes, while there is a lot going on, I like her pose and smile. I do wish that the picture was less cluttered.

And finally, the dark blue hair in More & More suits Dahyun so well! She looks so beautiful and this shoot has so many of the members looking effortlessly beautiful ♥


Top Row: The Story Begins || Twicetagram || Merry & Happy — Bottom Row: Summer Nights || Yes or Yes || Signal || The Year of Yes || More & More

Sometimes I found that the styling for Chaeyoung was strange, but let’s share some ones I love! The styling in The Story Begins is great and the posing emphasises a sexy feel and the styling for the Signal concept promo is sexy, but has a cuter undertone to it. I found that to also be the case for the Twicetagram photo, which is my favourite ♥

But this doesn’t mean that Chaeyoung doesn’t have just really cute promos. The orange hair and strawberry dress is so cute and her smile is precious! And while the Yes or Yes promo is cool with the concept and colouring, Chaeyoung still looks happy and cute!

And finally, the last three are lovely and beautiful. Chaeyoung’s Merry & Happy promo picture is one of the simpler ones, but it’s so pretty! And this is the same with The Year of Yes. I will say I prefer the warm tones of the former, but I really like the “candid” feel to the photo and her shirt is super cute 🌹 In the More & More promo picture, Chaeyoung looks stunning!


Top Row: Twicecoaster || Signal || Merry & Happy —Middle Row: BDZ || What is Love? || Summer Nights — Bottom Row: The Year of Yes || Fancy You || Yes or Yes

Tzuyu is beautiful, we all know this, but some of her promo pictures are a little awkward. In Twicecoaster, BDZ and somewhat in Yes or Yes (this one has more of a hint of mystery that might be because of the concept and lighting/effect), her expression is a bit blank. However, because of the styling and the fact that Tzuyu is naturally super pretty, the pictures come out well in these cases.

But that obviously isn’t to say that Tzuyu can’t emote in photos. In Signal she looks sulky and adorable in her little pinafore dress. In Merry & Happy her smile is lovely and she looks so pretty and warm. In both of the promo’s for What is Love? and Summer Nights, Tzuyu looks sweet and youthful. The brighter colours and backdrops look super cute on her ♥

In The Year of Yes, Tzuyu looks elegant and whoever styled her did a fantastic job. And while I said Dahyun’s promo for this comeback was cluttered and that was something I didn’t like, this photo is cluttered, but the colour scheme softens the background and Tzuyu stands out more.

And finally, while I do like Tzuyu’s expression for the Fancy You promo picture – it’s soft and lovely – it’s mostly included because that dog is so cute! 😂♥

Do you have a favourite comeback era? Is there a member or several who you love their looks always? Let mem know in the commnets ♥

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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