My Favourite TWICE MV’s || TOP 8 β™₯

I’m like TT, just like TT

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Monday’s are TWICE days right now on my blog! Check out why in my Kpop ReadAThon tbr post β™₯

To make this post I watched 31 videos! I’ve seen several before, but a lot of them were new to me. On the JYP Entertainment YouTube Channel they have 15 MV’s, while TWICE JAPAN has 16.

If I tell you how difficult it was to get this list down… I wanted to share 5 of my favourites, but that wasn’t going to happen. It was hard getting it down to 8 πŸ˜‚

I like these music video’s for several reasons, so they’re in order of when they were released. All view stats are as of 30.08.2020 and the dates are from when the video’s were uploaded on the the respective channels. The Korean ones are normally dropped on Mnet a few days earlier β™₯


23.10.2016 || 539M views

This MV was released in October and definitely has a fun and creative, yet somewhat spooky atmosphere. The effects aren’t the best (i.e. Momo and Chaeyoung’s “costumes”), but they aren’t terrible either. Personally I thought Tzuyu, Jihyo and Jeongyeon have the best concepts β™₯

I liked that there were serious/mature aspects to the MV amid the cuteness. I will say that whoever decided Dahyun should dress up as a bunny needs a bonus! She kills me every time! πŸ˜‚

This is probably cheating, but I also really like the Japanese MV. Most often, these are normally the same video, just redone so the members are singing the Japanese lyrics. This version of TT is more aesthetic with a lot of pastels and overall a cute and chic vibe. I also liked the aspect of the drive thru, it’s fun!


19.02.2017 || 262M views

The amount of work that had to have gone in to making this, both on the parts of the members/crew and the editors is amazing.

The quite movements and the outfit changes are cool and the multiple frames are cute. This is definitely a cute & fun video and we love a dumb JYP cameo πŸ˜‚ It kind of makes me think of what girl group mv’s used to be like all the time.

The colours are for the most part bright, but there are subtler shades balancing them in the “story” sections. I will say I’m overly sure how this video is connected to the story of TT. Did the characters in the book take the house over? Idk haha

Lol at no-one hitting baby Tzuyu during the pillow fight scenes πŸ˜‚


15.05.2017 || 251M views

Signal is SO cute! The colours, school atmosphere, editing and the alien love interest is incredibly fun to watch! I can’t dance, but I want to learn the chorus, it looks like so much fun to do!

The futuristic elements are done well and the “powers” are cutely played out by each member while trying to make the alien fall in love with them.

This song is also a bop!


11.01.2018 || 122M views

This video is absolutely adorable!! This Japanese MV is an anime turned real life and I love it! Twice see a girl who is lonely and wants to get candy on Valentine’s day, so they become human and escaped their world with the help of animated JYP (when I realised it was him I DIED πŸ˜‚).

How wholesome and cute does that sound? The anime parts were well done and the human members in the anime world was cutely executed. The colours of the MV are bright, with a mix of vibrant and pastels.

This song is also super catchy!

What is Love?

09.04.2018 || 419M views

This was really cute and hilarious! The fact that they are asking “what is love?” while enacting scenes from romance films is cute, but I love the fact the members plays both the female and male roles! Who needs male extras? Not Twice! Jeongyeon as Romeo and Tzuyu as Juliet was stunning! The visuals β™₯.β™₯

The sets and outfits were wonderful and this video is very well put together!

I do have a few issues though… I wasn’t sure why there was a small section of 3 members in a check box set and an Acuvue ad… huh? They seemed a weird addition, but kind of tie into my other issue: Nayeon is the “unpopular” girl because she has freckles, glasses and curly hair, but becomes “pretty” at the end with none of those things. As if there is only one standard of beauty.

Anyway, I may be looking too much into that. Let me leave it on the fact that when I realised one scene was the snowy field from Breaking Dawn I laughed out loud πŸ˜‚


16.08.2018 || 53M views

This Japanese MV starts out so intense, almost like a drama or anime with Sana’s voiceover and the text on screen. It then goes on to fighting and a serious atmosphere… this doesn’t really last for long, which is kind of disappointing, but knowing Twice’s sound and vibe, it makes sense. The MV turns cute with slapstick antics against the bad guys.

The video is creative (most of the Japanese ones are more so than the Korean mv’s) and funny. The colours and sets are a lot less in your face and mellower than normal.

Mina’s plan b in getting caught is to act cute and honestly, great plan! πŸ˜‚


5.11.2018 || 262M views

Another Halloween MV to add to the list. This one is definitely a lot more toned down than TT. It still has that Twice cuteness, but it a bit more darker toned (in terms of colouration) in general than most others.

Some of the sets (or edited in backgrounds), especially the ones where the members all dance could have been more interesting. Otherwise it’s a fun video to watch, it helps that the song really amps up the enjoyment factor!

The Best Thing I Ever Did (μ˜¬ν•΄ 제일 μž˜ν•œ 일)

12.12.2018 || 37M views

This is the softest and warm toned video out of all the ones I watched. The concept of them sitting in a cinema, watching clips of their friendships and dumb antics is so cute and heartwarming. And then we see them playing in the snow and enjoying Christmas together. Right in the feels! β™₯

I do wish the background for the clips was a bit more interesting. I get they were going for an old time silent movie type thing, but it could have been prettier.

Overall, this is like the soft twin to the more chaotic and fun Christmas mv of Merry & Happy. Also this one has reindeer! Instantly superior to everything else πŸ˜‚

The fact this has such a small number of views (I mean 37M is still a lot, but not in comparison to their other songs) is such a shame because not only is it a really precious video, but it’s such a good and beautifully sung up-tempo (?) ballad! Merry & Happy is also a beautiful song, why are people sleeping on Twice’s Christmas songs?!

Honourable Mentions:

Heart Shaker & Dance the Night Away & Breakthrough & Feel Special

What are you’re favourite Twice music videos? Are any of your’s here? Apparently, I really liked what they were doing in 2018!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day & staying safe β™₯


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