EXO Comeback Promo Looks || My Favourites ♥


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One of the cool aspects of K-Pop comebacks is the different styles that comes with them. We get to see our favourite idols try different fashion styles, make up looks, hairstyles (+ colours) and it normally elevates the concept and stages.

In this post, I’m going to show you my favourite comeback looks for each member of EXO. Some have more than others, especially the EXO-K members because SM bias~

All these photos come from the SM Town website that you can check out here

I don’t know how interesting this will be and they are in no particular order, but here we go!


Exodus || EX’ACT/Monster || Lotto || Universe

Freckle Xiumin in the Exodus comeback was both soft and handsome. While I liked the Monster concept look with the EX’ACT comeback, I love the soft pink/purple hair on Xiumin more. He looks so pretty!

The styling for Lotto was great all round and Xiumin looks sexy and mature. His hair style is similar to Monster and it suits him so much – I wish it was done this way more often. The last was the coffee shop AU in the Universe comeback. Brown/black hair on idols is always superior and in the promo pic Xiumin’s skin tone is more natural ♥


EX’ACT/Monster || Lotto || For Life || Obsession (X-EXO)

Chen’s looks are often hit and miss for me. While I’m not into the Monster look, the softer look for EX’ACT is so pretty. The hairstyle is like his clone in Obsession which I think looks really classy.

Again I really like the Lotto look. And Chen look perfect in the For Life comeback. The umber tones in his outfit suit his skin tone beautifully.

Side note: Chen has such cute ears ♥



Kris is a handsome man, but in my opinion he was styled poorly in most comebacks he took part in. I only really like Overdose. This was the first comeback that wasn’t so youthful/sporty and Kris in a suit is *chef’s kiss*


MAMA || Overdose

Luhan is good looking and I like that they kept his look simple in the MAMA era. Meanwhile, in Overdose I love how beautiful Luhan looks. The reddish hair colour is pretty and the smoky eye look just adds a very androgynous and ethereal look to the whole image ♥


MAMA || Wolf

Tao’s initial look in MAMA – like Luhan’s – was simple and handsome. This carried onto the Wolf repackage era. His make up is also rather subtle n each, although I will say the whitewashing that went on with Tao, in particular, is not appreciated.


EX’ACT/Monster || For Life || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

Lay’s looks were pretty boring in my opinion in the beginning (apart from Growl) and only really started to compliment his handsomeness in the EX’ACT comeback. This was also the beginning of his skin tone looking healthier in the promos.

Lay looked beautiful in the For Life comeback and while his participation in the Don’t Mess Up My Tempo comeback, his look was one of the best out of all the members. Lay suits the darker blond and who doesn’t love a good looking man in a leather jacket?


EX’ACT/Monster || Lotto || For Life || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo || Love Shot || Obsession (EXO)

Baekhyun’s comeback looks can either be stunning or… not so stunning (I hated the mullet trend!).

In EX’ACT/Monster he pulls of super sexy and also soft and pretty. This vibe continued onto Lotto. The preppy look in For Life suits Baekhyun so well and with the reddish brown hair he looks so handsome.

The looks of Don’t Mess Up My Tempo and Love Shot are pretty similar, and he looks stunning in both.

And finally, I like his look in the most recent comeback – Obsession – he suits the icier blond hair colour – I like how their is a blonder tint as opposed to his clone style.


Overdose || EX’ACT/Monster || For Life || Universe || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo || Love Shot

I love how in Overdose we got see Sehun’s forehead! It took him out of the baby maknae zone and I appreciate that change. He amped up the sexiness for the Monster element of EX’ACT and also gave us handsome nerd vibes.

For Life, once again stared a more natural skin tone for Sehun and looks pretty with the dirtier blond hair colour. As I’ve said before I really like idols with brown/black hair so Universe was strong comeback look for Sehun, as well as the styling which gave him more of a mature and classy vibe.

I didn’t really like the very ginger hair in The War comeback, but the richer red in Don’t Mess Up My Tempo and Love Shot is beautiful! The fashion styles of biker boy and vibrant suits match very well with Sehun as well.


Overdose || Universe || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo || Love Shot

Kyungsoo is one of my bias’ in EXO and I wish he was styled better.

Overdose Kyungsoo was out first look into how stunning this little ball of grump could be. The makeup and hair styling honestly gave me whiplash – Miracles in December came before this – the DUALITY!

For Life gave us the close shaved, melancholic baby in a sweater. This is a look that we rarely see on our idols, but it suit’s Kyungsoo so well.

After life, we got my favourite Kyungsoo looks in Don’t Mess Up My Tempo and Love Shot. This hairstyle compliments his facial features and bone structure giving him a mature and cool air.


Overdose || Universe || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo || Love Shot || Obsession (EXO + X EXO)

I always forget about blond Suho, but he actually really suited this style and the heavy make up of Overdose. I will say that I do prefer him with born, black and the red hair colours. For the most part Suho has been styled very well each comeback.

Universe gives us handsome coffee shop owner and I’m here for it. And then Don’t Mess Up My Tempo gives us a more ruggedly styled Suho, and then Love Shot brought out our chaebol Suho in full force 😂

And both styles in Obsession are great! The rugged, outdoor military style is sexy even with the kind of bowl cut action we’ve got going on. And the clone concept of classy and sexy with the combo of suits and leather (/pleather not sure) work very well for Suho’s visual and body.


Overdose || Lotto || For Life || Universe || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo || Love Shot || Obsession (EXO + X EXO)

Chanyeol is my other bias in EXO and he has been consistently well styled throughout EXO’s comebacks.

Overdose released the forehead once again and I love that! The make-up and vibe for these comeback promos is beautiful and suits Chanyeol’s features. Lotto Chanyeol is also incredibly handsome. The makeup and styling is right up my alley and gives bad boy feels, which are seen in some of the other looks I love.

For Life and Universe are pretty similar in both looks and styling. There is a but more of a boyish element to Universe. I don’t mind the hairstyle, but I like how it’s styled more in the Love Shot promos. It’s cooler and with the other accessories it makes Chanyeol look more his age. Which is the same for Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.

Chanyeol and his clone look for Obsession is my favourite out of all 6 members. His look gives off sexy French resistance vibes and I love his cute elf ears ♥ I also love the pink hair on Chanyeol and it’s definitely one of my top 3 favourite looks from him!


MAMA || Growl || Sing For You || Lotto || For Life || Universe || Don’t Mess Up My Tempo || Obsession (X EXO)

Kai has been styled in many different ways and while I hate some of them, I do really like quite a few. Blond Kai in Growl was a great look – so many idols pull of blond – and it worked well with the sporty, cool concept.

MAMA, Sing For You and Lotto are pretty similar – looks wise – but is matured each time by the concepts moving with their ages.

For Life and Universe are similar as well, in that Kai’s skin tone is glowing and healthy and complimented with the reddish/umber outfits and backdrop. Light brown hair on Kai is also one of my favourites.

I know I said I hated mullets in Baekyun’s section, and I do. However, in Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, this one is a lot more subtle and in this promo shot it’s not that visible 😂

Finally, while I don’t really like the style of Kai in Obsession, his clone look is stunning! The green suits Kai, but moreso the darker blue/green colour of his clone. Also, whoever, styled Kai in a crop top leather type top needs a raise! 💯

What are your favourite EXO member comeback looks? Did I miss some of your favourites? Let me know in the comments! ♥

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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