Debut vs. Now || MONSTA X

Excuse my charisma!

I want to start this post by reminding everyone that the Black Lives Matter movement is still going strong, despite a slow down of exposure on a lot of people’s timelines. Long time change doesn’t happen in a week! Remember to continue to educate yourselves and spread awareness.

Now, for the post! For the Kpop ReadAThon I am team Monsta X right now and therefore I will be doing several posts on this boy group while I read my tbr~

Before this I had only heard Hero (the rooftop version). I’ve been missing out and so have you if you aren’t listening to them!

Monsta X (몬스타엑스) were formed through the Starship Entertainment x MNet survival show “No Mercy” in December 2014 and debuted the following year with Trespass. I was going to watch the programme, but I get really attached and I feel so bad for everyone in those things (*flash backs to WIN: Who Is Next?*), so I gave up after episode 1 😂 It’s available on 1theK’s YouTube channel with subs if you’re interested~

Left to Right: Hyungwon; Wonho; I.M.; Jooheon; Minhyuk; Kihyun & Shownu

The group originally has 7 members, but currently has 6 with the removal of Won Ho – honestly this was a bad time to come into this group because I’m watching all these variety and he’s definitely a fave 😭 But, let’s support him when he debuts solo!

Trespass (2015)

The title song ‘Trespass’ which was produced by Rhymer, the captain of Brand New Music, is a hip hop song maximizing the groove by combining addictive synth lead lines and EDM based on the trap singing the challenging lifestyle of MONSTA X, who are different to ‘those who are just pretty’.

Straightforward lyrics singing endless racing and provocative sounds represent the youth. Moreover, stable vocal line fix the center of the gravity safely while disordered powers of two rappers dominate the whole excitement of the album. It’s the appearance of remarkable super rookie.


Trespass is definitely a strong debut. It’s catchy and professional sounding. And at the time it was hitting all the tropes of boy band hip hop. It reminds me a lot of what Block B and BAP were doing either at that time or a little before. It has that rebel against the system, aggressive but also playful and brotherhood vibe.

The music video itself is fine. It’s pretty chaotic at times, but that was the genre then. I loved the dancing sections – also Shownu solo dance 😍. They are talented men and this video shows that, some more than others. This has a stronger focus on the rap line – Jooheon & I.M. – which considering the concept makes sense. The singers tended to be utilised in the buildup moments and combined with the rap chorus.

Fantasia (2020)

Since this dropped May 26th, I’ve been listening to Fantasia a lot! This song and album are the first Korean comeback after Monsta X’s all English album Luv U and first comeback as 6 members.

“Our title track was made naturally without restricting ourselves to conventions. It contains the message that we should be as freeform as possible, delivered in our own energetic style.” – Kihyun

“We tried to combine a sexy vibe with a free-spirited vibe. We tried a lot of diverse concepts, from all gold to vivid colors. ‘FANTASIA’ means the most beautiful and brilliant part of your life, so we worked to capture that side of ourselves.” – Minhyuk


A lot of Kpop groups that start off in the hip hop genre tend to move onto EDM, while retaining aspects of their earlier music style. This shows in Monsta X’s progression. This title track is powerful, smooth, upbeat and one of their best comebacks to date.

The way a lot of songs are started with Jooheon really set the bar high for what is to come and this is no different. The transitions to each member are smooth and their voices are perfect together.

This MV is also so beautiful! The colours, the direction, the outfits, the dancers and the boys all look great! A* to the creative team behind this ♥

Trespass was a strong debut and it’s amazing to see how much further these men have progressed with their talents. If you don’t stan Monsta X, then you are missing out on some exceptional music.

Personally, I prefer Fantasia to Trespass. I just prefer the music style more and I think the singers of the group – especially Kihyun, Minhyuk and Hyunwoo – have gotten so much better and are better placed and utilised in this song.

I would also recommend Flow! It’s another track from the Fantasia X album and I’m trash for ballad type songs and this is a really beautiful performance!

And on the other side of the coin, we have a costume dance practice. Look at these idiots, I fucking love them! 😂😂😂

I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s my first attempt, so I’m sorry if it’s not as detailed as it could be.

If there are other groups or singers you’d like me to do this for, let me know in the comments ♥

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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