Book Scavenger Hunt: Finding the Book!

We’re going on a book hunt~

I thought a little game would make me more inclined and/or excited to read a book as I’ve read about 3 since this whole thing started. Kayla over at BooksAndLala is one of my favourite YouTuber’s and she did theΒ Book Scavenger Hunt (a play on Peter Likes Books original tag)Β a little while ago and I wanted to give it a try! β™₯

This post will be how I found the book through the prompts and then in a week or few weeks time I will do a book review on the chosen book!

1. Grab your favourite book. Go to the acknowledgements, and the first name you see, find a book by an author with the same name.

My favourite book is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I don’t know when Acknowledgements became a thing, but they certainly aren’t in any copy of P&P that I own. There aren’t dedications either, so I just decided to use the name of Jane Austen’s elder sister. I can, so I have πŸ˜‚

  • Cassandra Austen –> Cassandra Clare

As The Infernal Devices are her best work, I went with Clockwork Angel.

2. Pick something on that cover and find another book with the thing in the title.

Clockwork Angel doesn’t really have that much on the cover. It has Will, some clock parts and Westminster – i.e. Big Ben. So, I went with ‘Tower’ because that’s what Big old Ben lives in~

  • Tower –> The Girl in the Tower; Katherine Arden

3. Go to page 50, line 5. Pick a word from that line and find a title with that word.

You guys can’t understand how I happy I was on seeing this book! I thought I would have to cheat again and use “home”.

  • House –> A Spy in the House; Y.S. Lee

book scavanger 1

4. Find a 5-star read with the same colours on the cover.

This was actually rather difficult! A Spy in the House has a rather dull cover. It’s made of dark green and browns…

This means, you kind of have to bear with me. It’s a stretch, but it was the closest I could come up with considering the book had to also be a 5⭐ read.

  • The Fifth Season; N.K. Jemisin

5. Find a book with the same number of pages.

Goodreads could only really help with the books I’ve added. So, I also went through my unread book shelves. This was arduous and I could only find books that either had a page less or a page more.

At first I tried, Lies; Michael Grant, but it didn’t work for the next challenge πŸ˜…

  • The Fifth Season = 471pg –> 470pg = Our Dark Duet; V.E. Schwab

book scavanger 2

6. Flip open to any page. The first name you see, find a book by an author with who shares that name.


Ignore the fact that this Phillip has an extra ‘l’ to the Philip I chose.

  • Philip Pullman –> Northern Lights

7. Find another title with the same number of letters.

Northern Lights has 14 letters and I have discovered, much like not being able to tell how many pages a book has, I can’t tell how many letters a title has… this took a while.

  • The Star of Kazan; Eva Ibbotsen

8. Find a book with a similar cover.

The Star of Kazan is basically just red and gold with a jewel on the cover. I ignored the jewel and just went with the red and gold aesthetic. Mainly because I was tired and the chosen book was pretty much next to it on the shelf~ πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

  • The Song of Achilles; Madeline Miller

book scavanger 3

9. Flip to a random page. Point at a word, and find that word in a book title on your TBR shelf.

… This was the least fun part…

From ❌ Obeyed ❌ After ❌ Over ❌ I ❌ two ❌ everyone ❌ room ❌ like ❌ call ❌ fury ❌

I gave up writing down words because I felt like I would never get a word…

However, I eventually got: Beyond βœ”

  • Beyond the Deepwoods; Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Beyond the Deepwoods (The Edge Chronicles: The Twig Saga #1; The Edge Chronicles #4)

This book is the first in The Edge Chronicles: The Twig Saga. I don’t know anything about this series. I have another book in the Edge Chronicle’s world that my mum got me years and years ago, but I have no idea where it fits (she got it because it looked like something I’d like πŸ˜‚πŸ’•). One of my best friends was getting rid of some books and she let me have this one. It has been sat on my shelves ever since~

Oh. And on Goodreads it says each book is a stand alone adventure… is this true? I’ll have to dig out the other book and see when I eventually finish this one!

It looks super fantastical and was first published in 1998.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Abandoned at birth in the perilous Deepwoods, Twig Verginix is brought up by a family of woodtrolls. One cold night, Twig does what no woodtroll has ever done before – he strays from the path.

So begins a heart-stopping adventure that will take Twig through a nightmare world of fearsome goblins, bloodthirsty beasts and flesh-eating trees. Can he discover the truth about his past?

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Have you done this challenge yourself?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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