Bae Suzy x Grazia Korea || March 2020

City Girl || 25.03.2020

Suzy was a member of the popular girl group Miss A. She made her acting debut in 2011 with Dream High. While Suzy has made solo music, when her contract with JYP expired in 2019, she signed with Managment SOOP – an acting agency.

Suzy has grown and truly shown her skills as an actress over the past few years. In 2020, she will be starring in the drama Startup.

For the original content and more information, check out Grazia Korea~

suzy grazia 03 1

This is a chic photo and I love the angle! The textured top from & Other Stories is giving me Romeo and Juliet/Elizabethan vibes that I’m not sure I’m here for… However, the trousers from Low Classic are very pretty! I love a simple, tailored trouser.

The accessories come from a range of place. The earrings and gold chain necklace are from Hei, while the silver pendant necklace is from Matias for Hago. Both of the rings are from the brand Engbrox.

suzy grazia 03 2

I love this shot!! The outfit is super cool and the pose and lighting highlights the clothes really well. I also like the editing~

The cute round Katherine UV sunglasses are from Carin. The outfit: black leather jacket and leather dress are both from the label Daejoonso. The cute work boots that round off this outfit really nicely are from the stylist’s collection.

suzy grazia 03 3

Despite not really knowing what the clothes actually are meant to look like (which should be the point of an editorial…) I really like this photo. The different textures and the framing of Suzy’s face is very pretty.

The cute pink frames are Kirsten C2 from Carin (these look a lot nicer worn and outside than the photo used on the website). The top is from Off-White.

suzy grazia 03 4

This is super cool! It’s playful, vibrant, but also cool โ™ฅ And the angle is pretty too (I’m so jealous of pretty people who can take pictures from below… like how?! ๐Ÿ˜‚)

The slim Anna C2 sunglasses are from Carin. The cool pop print “pyjama” suit is from the collaboration between DJ and Producer Peggy Gou and YOOX.ย  The acrylic hoop earrings are from Kindababy for Hago.

suzy grazia 03 5

Suzy is just so effortlessly beautiful โ™ฅ

The glasses are from Carin and are the leopard and rose gold metal framed Sevigny C2 edition. The red, black and pink anorak, as well as the biker shorts (which look hideous…) are from the brank Ul:kin.

For accessories, we have hoop earrings from Engbrox. The strap heels (which I hate!) are from the stylist’s collection.

For only liking the earrings and the jacket, I do like this shot. I like the composition, pose and the editing.

suzy grazia 03 6

Ugh, this “beauty” shot is so nice to look at. The shape of Suzy’s mouth is really pretty and I love the shape of the Carin sunglasses: which are the UV Madeleine C1 edition.

The logo cropped denim jacket is from Calvin Klein, while the small chunky hoop earrings are from Hei.

suzy grazia 03 7

This is my favourite shot from this editorial! The expression, the movement, the position, the simplicity and the outfit are wonderful! โ™ฅ

The pretty rose gold Katharine C4 tint glasses are from Carin. The red logo crop top is from Calvin Klein (as if the giant label at the bottom didn’t give it away haha!). While the cute 3/4 length skirt is from Off-White by YOOX.

The earrings are from Korean jewellery brand La Belle Epoque, while the bracelet is from Hei.

suzy grazia 03 8

Again, so effortless! This is cute and rather dorky and I’m here for it!

The rose gold sunglasses are from Carin (I couldn’t find these ones for some reason. They are named ํ—ค์ผ๋ฆฌ C2 – which is weirdly my own name!)ย 

The denim jacket – which looks thin, cute and comfortable – and trousers are both from the label Moon J.



  • Editor: Kim Ji Won (๊น€์ง€์›)
  • Photographer: An Joo Young (์•ˆ์ฃผ์˜)
  • Hair: Lee Hye Young (์ดํ˜œ์˜)
  • Makeup: Lee Young (์ด์˜)
  • Stylist: Park Se Joon (๋ฐ•์„ธ์ค€)
  • Assistant: Kim Jin Su (๊น€์ง„์ˆ˜)

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day and staying safe โ™ฅ


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