Choi Woo Shik x Arena Homme+ || February 2020

Suit Yourself || 19.02.2020

Choi Woo Shik is now mostly known on an international scale for being part of the cast of Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar winning Parasite.

While Choi Woo Shik does a lot of films, we also know him well in dramaland β™₯ He has also been in several popular music videos (the one that comes to mind instantly is Day6’s Congratulations)~.

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Prices in Β£’s are current conversions of the price in won.

choi woo shik arena 1

μ΄νƒˆλ¦¬μ•„ 원단을 μ‚¬μš©ν•œ 와인색 수트 69만9μ²œμ›Β·λ² μ΄μ§€μƒ‰ μ…”μΈ  27만9μ²œΒ·κ²€μ€μƒ‰ ꡬ두 29만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

This outfit comes from the brand Customellow.

This is such a cute, silly pose and turning it on it’s side adds even more silliness to it. I always think that Woo Shik is a tiny boi, but he’s still taller than me haha πŸ˜‚ I would say that those socks are an ugly colour!

Customellow – Italian suit: Β£462.77 || Beige shirt: Β£184.71 || Shoes: Β£197.95

choi woo shik arena 2

μ—°νšŒμƒ‰ λ§₯μ½”νŠΈ 49만9μ²œμ›Β·ν†΅κΈ°μ„±μ΄ λ›°μ–΄λ‚œ 카킀색 수트 59만9μ²œμ›Β·μ§„λ…Έλž€μƒ‰ λ‹ˆνŠΈ 톱 17만9μ²œμ›Β·μŠ€μΉ΄ν”„Β·ν°μƒ‰ μŠ€λ‹ˆμ»€μ¦ˆ 10만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

What a cutie! β™₯

This outfit from Customellow is definitely for a cold day! A shirt, jumper, suit jacket AND coat!

Customellow – Light grey coat: Β£330.36 || Khaki suit: Β£396.57 || Jumper: Β£118.51 || White sneakers: Β£72.16

choi woo shik arena 3

λ―Έμ„Έν•œ μ²΄ν¬λ¬΄λŠ¬μ™€ λ©œλž€μ§€ νšŒμƒ‰μ˜ μ‘°ν™”κ°€ μ˜€λ¬˜ν•œ μŠ€λ¦¬ν”ΌμŠ€ 수트 74만8μ²œμ›Β·μ€„λ¬΄λŠ¬ μ…”μΈ  17만9μ²œμ›Β·νƒ€μ΄ 6만9μ²œμ›Β·κ²€μ€μƒ‰ λ ˆμ΄μŠ€μ—… 슈즈 29만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

This is such a well tailored and classy suit from Customellow. And the leaning pose and smug expression make a compelling photo you can’t help but keep looking at.

Customellow – 3-Piece grey suit: Β£495.21 || Striped shirt: Β£118.51 || Tie: Β£45.68 || Shoes: Β£197.95

choi woo shik arena 4

톡기성이 μ’‹μ•„ μ΄ˆμ—¬λ¦„κΉŒμ§€ 착용 κ°€λŠ₯ν•œ μ—°ν•œ 카킀색 수트 59만9μ²œμ›Β·μ§„ν•œ λ…Έλž€μƒ‰ λ‹ˆνŠΈ 톱 17만9μ²œμ›Β·ν°μƒ‰ μŠ€λ‹ˆμ»€μ¦ˆ 10만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

Another turned picture. This one just makes me feel uncomfortable because it looks like such an uncomfortable position! It shows off the jumper from previously and I really like the shade of orange! The trousers also look nicely cut~

Customellow – Khaki suit: Β£394.42 || Jumper: Β£117.87 || White sneakers: Β£71.77

choi woo shik arena 5

체크무늬 μ½”νŠΈ 49만9μ²œμ›Β·κ²©μ‹ μžˆλŠ” μžλ¦¬μ— μ–΄μšΈλ¦¬λŠ” ν¬λ©€ν•œ λ””μžμΈμ˜ 베이지색 수트 59만9μ²œμ›Β·κΉ…μ—„ μ…”μΈ  15만9μ²œμ›Β·νƒ€μ΄ 9만9μ²œμ›Β·κ°ˆμƒ‰ 슈즈 29만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

I love the pose, the expression and the Customellow outfit is beautiful.

However… that damned top button! I hate what it does to the shape of the suit jacket and would have looked a lot cooler undone.

Customellow – Checked coat: Β£328.68 || Suit: Β£394.55 || Shirt: Β£104.73 || Tie: Β£65.20 || Shoes: Β£196.93

choi woo shik arena 6

μ—¬μœ  μžˆλŠ” 핏이라 λ ˆμ΄μ–΄λ§μ΄ μš©μ΄ν•œ 검은색 수트 69만8μ²œμ›Β·μ²΄ν¬λ¬΄λŠ¬ ν›„λ“œ μ…”μΈ  29만9μ²œμ›Β·λ‚¨μƒ‰ μΊ‘ 6만9μ²œμ›Β·κ²€μ€μƒ‰ 벨크둜 슈즈 19만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

His hands look bigger than his head…

also those primary school shoes are horrific πŸ˜‚

Otherwise I really like this mix of casual hoodie and suit.

Customellow – Black suit: Β£459.68 || Checked shirt hoodie: Β£196.91 || Cap: Β£45.46 || Velcro shoes: Β£131.09

choi woo shik arena 7

캐멀색 아웃포켓 μ½”νŠΈ 49만9μ²œμ›Β·λ² μ΄μ‹ν•œ λ””μžμΈμ˜ 남색 수트 49만9μ²œμ›Β·μ€„λ¬΄λŠ¬ μ…”μΈ  17만9μ²œμ›Β·νŒ¨ν„΄ 타이 6만9μ²œμ›Β·κ²€μ€μƒ‰ 슈즈 29만9μ²œμ› λͺ¨λ‘ μ»€μŠ€ν…€λ©œλ‘œμš° μ œν’ˆ.

I love this picture!! Choi Woo Shik looks great in this suit, and the styling with the beige coat is good.

Customellow – Coat: Β£328.57 || Basic design blue suit: Β£328.57 || Striped shirt: Β£117.85 || Tie: Β£45.43 || Shoes: Β£196.89


  • Editor: Choi Yong Bin (졜용빈)
  • Directing: Lee Kwang Hoon (μ΄κ΄‘ν›ˆ)
  • Stylist: Lee Hye Young (이혜영)
  • Set Stylist: Jang Ji Seon (μž₯지선)
  • Hair: Moon Hyun Chul (λ¬Έν˜„μ² )
  • Make Up: Oh Eun Joo (μ˜€μ€μ£Ό)


Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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