Kim Myung Soo and Shin Ye Eun || Marie Claire Korea 😺

Warm Days || 03.2020

Meow, the Secret Boy (aka Welcome) is a fantasy (?) romcom starring these two cuties. It started airing in the last week of March.

Kim Myung Soo (Stage Name: L) is a member of Infinite and his acting over the years has been well recieved. Shin Ye Eun is a JYP actress and is relatively fresh, winning the Rising Star and Star of the Year awards in 2019.

For more information and the original content, check out Marie Claire Korea~

These are lovely and simple head shots. And who doesn’t love a black and white moment?!

Myungsoo is wearing a suit jacket from Kimseoryoung Homme, while Ye Eun is wearing a linen shirt by A by YOOX.

myungsoo and ye eun

This is so cute! And the styling for both are great!

Kim Myung Soo is wearing a shirt from YCH, a super cute knit vest top and black trousers from Rochas By MUE.

Shin Ye Eun’s outfit is chic and professional. The cropped suit jacket is from Acne Studios and the knit sleeveless top is a Vivienne Westwood. The white trousers are Low Classic.

myungsoo 2 MK

Myungsoo looks like he hasn’t aged in forever! This outfit is beautiful~

The mustard yellow knit jumper from Paul Smith is so cute and pairs well with the stripe shirt from Reiss. The tapered waist trousers are from Maison Kitsune By BEAKER.

myungsoo 3 MK

Myungsoo’s skin looks glowing in this lighting! I like the expression and outfit. I’m always a little iffy with blurred movement, especially if it’s not so pretty. I think this is somewhere in between, I don’t love it, but don’t hate it 😂

I really like the flat high collar effect of the denim shirt by Amiri By MUE, while the trousers are from Maison Kitsune By MUE. The sneakers are Converse.

ye eun 2 MK

I love everything about this! Ye Eun looks stunning and the posture/movement in this picture is really pretty ♥

The mixed floral and polka dot skirt and blouse are from Ports 1961. Ye Eun is wearing a black bustier (I didn’t notice it until I read the caption ^^”) from Recto, while the white cowboy type boots are from Jimmy Choo.

ye eun 3 MK

This is a really beautiful and elegant shot. It’s strange, I really like the way this outfit textures and lays, but I feel like it wouldn’t look as flattering upright.

The ivory jacket is from Dew E Dew E, while the white blouse if from the stylists collection.


  • (강 예솔)
  • Photography: Park Jong Ha (박 종하)
  • Hair: For Shin Ye Eun – Jang Ha Joon (장하준) || For Myung Soo – Se Hui (세희, 조이187)
  • Styling: Yoon Seul Gi (윤슬기)
  • Makeup: For Shin Ye Eun – Kim Mi Jung (김미정) || For Myung Soo – Min Ji (민지, 조이187)


Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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