IU x High Cut || 아이 핑크 유

Volume 253 || Dec 5th – 11th 2019

This is a Christmas shoot! Am I still going to post it in late March? You bet I am! This is such a pretty and aesthetically pleasing photoshoot ♥

For more information and original photo’s check out High Cut Korea~

새로운 뮤즈 아이유에게 영감받은 U자 모티프에 진주를 세팅한 조엘 페를리나 컬렉션 귀고리와 목걸이, 반지, 물방울 모양 스톤이 우아한 U 주얼 워치는 모두 제이에스티나, 카디건은 나인, 드레스는 티백.

We love a pouty little cutie! The duvet and the little armchair look so comfortable!

All the jewellery comes from J. Estina. The grey knit cardigan is from NAIN and the ruffled pink dress is from tibaeg.

모던한 체인 링크 장식에 핑크와 화이트 스톤을 매치한 조엘 페를리나 컬렉션 목걸이와 귀고리, 양손의 반지는 모두 제이에스티나, 드레스는 이케.

IU is so pretty and elegant. I mean how can someones feet be so beautiful?!

This beautifully constructed floor length, baby pink dress with buttoned cuffs is stunning. It comes from the brand Ike. Again the jewellery is from J. Estina.

둥근 모티프에 핑크 스톤으로 포인트를 준 크리스마스 컬렉션 이어링과 네크리스는 제이에스티나, 톱은 티백.

This is such a beautiful “fresh faced” makeup look.

The jewellery is from J. Estina, while the top is from tibaeg.

Everything about this shot is super pretty! ♥


  • Editor: Lee Young Woo (이영우)
  • Photographer: Kim Ui Mil (김외밀)
  • Stylist: No Ju Hee (노주희)
  • Hair: Gu Seo Yoon (구서윤(멥시))
  • Make-Up: Lee Shin Ae (이신애(멥시))
  • Set Stylist: Yoo Hye Won (유혜원)
  • Assistant: Yoon Ji Yoo (윤지유)


Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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