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Listen to K-Pop folks! ♥

In November 2019 Billboard made a post on their website listing their staff’s 100 greatest K-Pop songs of the 2010’s. This post can be found here~ I will be quoting certain parts of this and I will credit every one ♥

I want to go through these – around 10 in each post – and I want to either check out a new song/artist or gush about my faves being in this list, don’t judge me haha 😂 100 is a lot of songs, so I’ll try not to ramble! Here we go!

100. Chungha; “Gotta Go” (XII, 2019)

Jan 2, 2019 – MNH Entertainment

Chungha was a member of I.O.I and I’m not particularly familiar with either her group work or her solo stuff. However, her solo stuff carried on the cute, girl feel that I.O.I had, but with Gotta Go “the song’s sultry darkness hit the right mark for an image overhaul” — L. Singh. Currently, Chungha is a fast rising name and face in the K-Pop scene.

You can definitely tell that Chungha’s vibe is more mature in this video. The visuals, the tone of the song and even her voice has a more “woman” feel. This doesn’t mean that Rollercoaster or her other works aren’t good, it’s just that this new “brand” is what is getting a lot of people interested.

Chungha is a very hard working idol and it’s great to see her getting success. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future ♥

99. Produce 101 Season 2’s Nation’s Sons, “Never” (35 Boys 5 Concepts, 2017)

Jun 2, 2017, MNET

I have never watched any of the Produce 101 series. The only “idol” competitions I have watched are Lee Hi’s and then AKMU’s SBS’ Kpop Star series and the WIN: Who Is Next (which broke my heart for most of it). I’m not really a fan of these programmes.

I was a little confused with this one: The group who were made were Wanna One and they have a version of this song… but there are 4 whole other humans involved in that group… As this article didn’t name the final group “product” I’m going to assume they mean the Produce 101 episode 9 performance.

Monique Melendez labels this song as “a propulsive tropical-house track carried by the diverse voices of the then-hopefuls” and while I don’t know what tropical-house is, I can safely agree that these voices are diverse. The rappers are both somewhat husky and deep, but they are each distinguishable. The singers all have complimentary sounds.

I’m sad this group were just “temporary” and that their contracts didn’t last longer, but hopefully, we’ll see more from them and/or their respective groups.

Also shout out to Min Hyun being his usual beautiful self ♥

98. GFriend, “Navillera” (LOL, 2016)

Jul 10, 2016; Source Music

It took me a while to get into GFRIEND and I do prefer their newer stuff, but they still have the same characteristic sound: orchestral pop melded with electric guitar” — Caitlin Kelley. And it’s true that Navillera was a song that allowed more traction in GFRIEND’s popularity. I’m just unsure why this song in particular was chosen for this list, but that’s because I’m super biased towards Fever! It’s a whole jam!

97. WJSN, “Secret” (The Secret, 2016)

Aug 16, 2016; Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment

This one got me so confused! I’ve heard of Cosmic Girls, but I hadn’t heard of WJSN… But they be the same group… huh? 😅 They are a Korean and Chinese collaborative group and they have 13 members! (wow… this is some Suju level nonsense! I don’t agree with groups having this many members, I’m sorry. I don’t think it’s fair on the individual members).

The song is cute, fun and has an interesting concept, but personally, it would take a lot of listens for me to really enjoy it.

96. NU’EST “Overcome” (Q is., 2016)

Feb 17, 2016; Pledis Entertainment

Like with GFRIEND, I’m not sure why it was this Nu’est song that was chosen. While I agree that this song has a “constantly shifting musical landscape” and it gives the song more depth of sounding like “they’re on an arduous journey to reassure their lover” — Joshua Minsoo Kim I just find the sound to not be cohesive. I enjoy the voices, I enjoy the chorus and lead up, but it’s just a bit lacking for me.

I would have chosen, either the classic that is Face or Love Paint which was from the same year as Overcome (p.s. whoever did that to Ren… that poor boy 😂)

95. GOT7, “If You Do” (Mad, 2015)

Sep 28, 2015; jypentertainment

How did I forget this song existed?! Even though I love their more cooler and sexier concepts, I literally just listen to Just Right when I want cheering up and sleep on their other stuff… I need to stop this! 😅

J.B. (Billboard’s staff member not GOT7 leader lol) is great in saying that If You Do marked a turn towards sentimental R&B for the band that remains a cornerstone of their sound today”. We see even see it in their most recent You Calling My Name.

I also think that If You Do was the first time I really sat up and took note of how good each member’s voice is ♥

94. Pristin, “Wee Woo” (Hi! Pristin, 2017)

Mar 21, 2017; Pledis Entertainment

Pledis Girlz redebuted as Pristin in 2017 with Wee Woo. They were a 10 member group that only lasted 2 years. Not much is really known about the sudden disbandment as they were moderately successful and they won several rookie awards.

Wee Woo is a fun song, with an interesting concept. Even though it’s not exactly my taste, there are elements in the song and video which I can see, if expanded on, would make great comebacks. It’s always a shame when a group disbands, especially when there is potential for a group to do very well. Pristin V – a subunit formed in 2018 – was fantastic and I’m mad that they weren’t able to shine like they should have!

But then again, should I be surprised considering how shit Pledis Ent. treated After School?

93. TWICE, “Fancy” (Fancy You, 2019)

Apr 22, 2019; jypentertainment

I always go into Twice’s comebacks with a hope that they’ll mature their sound… and they never do. And I understand why. Twice are very popular and they have a concrete aesthetic that works for them and JYP knows that. M.M. rightly says that Fancy is a sonic evolution that refuses to compromise the girl group’s essence”.

I just personally want the group’s essence to compromise. Certain aspects of the song do have a more mature sound and creativity, but the overall feel is still fun, feel good and somewhat silly.

Also, anyone giving Momo and Heechul hate can leave. I don’t tolerate those who potentially ruin careers because idol’s fall in love. It’s ridiculous and childish.

92. Lee Hi, “Breathe” (Seoulite, 2016)

Mar 8, 2016, YG Entertainment

“A go-to during hard times, it is a masterpiece.” — Tamar Herman

This was a song I was sure was going to make this list, not only because Lee Hi is a literal queen and I love her, but how impactful this song now is for Shawols and those effected by Jong Hyun’s passing.

It’s a song to comfort and assure it’s listeners that they are doing well – a message that Jong Hyun was known for expressing. We miss him a lot and this song is both comforting, but also a painful reminder of a precious human that we’ve lost ♥ Personally, I find it difficult to get through this song without tearing up.

Also, I want a Lee Hi comeback now! She needs to be freed from YG! PSY or Tablo I’m looking at you!

91. Hyukoh, “Comes and Goes” (22, 2015)

May 27, 2015; DooRooDooRoo Artist Company

L.S. said the most perfect thing about Hyukoh, that they are “deceptively cheerful and unpolished.” Hyukoh has a lazy, chilled feel that has a bounce to it, but then the lyrics aren’t the most cheerful. I mean Come and Goes is about relationships ending…

Hyukoh’s sound is unique and distinctly not in the K-Pop category despite them having some mainstream success. If you are looking more for fresh, indie Korean artists, I would recommend checking them out ♥

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to the rest in this “series”. What are your thoughts on these choices? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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