Dreamcatcher – Deja Vu || MV/Song Review Spooky Edition #6



I want to do something fun for spooky season! Throughout October I will be reviewing spooky kpop videos, but sadly the kings of spook: VIXX won’t be on the list, nor will Sunmi, SHINee, Block B, Red Velvet or Gain. They have fantastic spooky videos and if you haven’t listened to them I would highly recommend them, but they aren’t new to me. I hope you’ll happily meet new artists with me or roll your eyes that I’ve somehow missed your faves! ♥

Dreamcatcher debuted in 2017 after Happy Face Entertainment revealed that the girl group MINX would be re-debuting as Dreamcatcher along with two new members. Due to the great success of the group, their agency has renamed itself DreamCatcher Company.

The Dreamcatcher members:


  • JiU – Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer (original member of MINX)
  • SuA – Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist (original member of MINX)
  • Siyeon – Main Vocalist (original member of MINX)
  • Han Dong – Vocalist
  • Yoohyeon – Lead Vocalist (original member of MINX)
  • Dami – Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist (original member of MINX)
  • Gahyeon – Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

For more info on the members check out kprofiles~

Deja Vu is from the September 2019 Album Raid of Dreams.


The storyline I get from this video is that these women keep sticking together and being friends, despite knowing that they will get betrayed time and time again.

Eh I want these moments to all be false
Uh I hope these are passing delusions


From the lyrics and with the video, it seems that despite how painful the betrayals become they don’t want to let go.

All the truths I believed
Covered me in falsehoods
Oh ah In the midst of the darkness, like a ray of light
You took my hand, I follow you
Follow you

Oh deja vu
Oh deja vu
Oh deja vu
I’m saved now

I think this concept works really well with this “fairytale-esque” vibe. And it’s a theme that we can easily put into this narrative.


This is a very pretty video. The added effects to the beautiful outfits and members make it very enjoyable to watch.

Some parts did feel a bit cheesy – when one of the members is “falling” through the air. And I didn’t quite understand how the second black outfit for the dance part fit into the aesthetic.

However, a lot of thought went into this video and the editing. I loved that parts where we’re in a throne room and the fire element.


Dreamcatcher’s vocals are wonderful! I’m definitely going to be listening to everything they’ve done! They are have clear and lovely voices.

Screenshot_20191027-151557_YouTubeThere are a few different styles to this song, the main one being ballad. Siyeon opens the song beautifully, followed by Gayeon and then bam, my heart was immediately taken by Han Dong! Her style is so pretty ♥

And then the chorus smacks you in face with pop and rock undertones! Yoohyeon’s voice is great here and isn’t overpowered by the music which I was afraid it could have been.

Dami’s rapping is so pretty. I love rapping that still has that quality of singing.

Screenshot_20191027-151901_YouTubeJiA and SuA were the two that kept the pace throughout the song. Each having lovely vocals. Although, I do feel that JiU’s voice was just a little too sweet for the end part of the song.

Overall, this group has a solid set of vocals that work very well together!


I don’t really know how to review the dance. They were very few and far between and felt like we were missing a lot of the joining moves to make it cohesive and memorable. I couldn’t even work out a main move as we only saw it once or twice and the sleeves (although rather fun) made it hard to work out individual moves.

You can see the live performance on M Countdown

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable story-line: 3.5/5
  • Video production: 4.5/5
  • Vocals: 4.5/5
  • Dance: 2/5
  • Overall package: 7.25/10

What are your thoughts on Dreamcatcher?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


2 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher – Deja Vu || MV/Song Review Spooky Edition #6

  1. I recently discovered them and I must say..they are amazing..I love their concepts and vocals..especially siyeon..she kills us every time..they deserve more💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • I completely agree!! Dreamcatcher deserve so much love. They’re all amazing and their music is so experimental for a girl group! Siyeon’s vocals are perfection ♥


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