Hit The Stage || Uniform || Top 3!

It’s dance time again!

I’m not going to lie, when J. Black and Blank crew came out with the prompt “uniform” for episodes 5 + 6 I was expecting so many school uniforms… I was sorely disappointed haha ^^”

Also can we talk about J. Black’s alter ego and those heels?!! The cuteness and sass was perfect!

Despite being disappointed this took me a while to get down to 3 performances.

3. Bora x Nilson

Bora has used each stage to explore a different style of dance. I’m a fan of Sistar’s music but I don’t know much about the members and I was amazed at Bora’s expertise in tap dance.

In true 20th century musical style, Bora and Nilson donned a sailor type uniform and performed a charming and fun tap routine. It was the best performance from Bora so far. This was a great partnership~

2. Feeldog x Cube Sound

I was unsure if I was going to give Feeldog this spot or Hyoyeon. They had rather similar themes, despite donning different uniforms. In the end I found Feeldog’s performance more engaging and fun.

Feeldog’s passion is also a compelling factor that shines through in his performances. The little theatrical elements and the mugshots were great additions.

1. Ten x Prepix Crew

Ten is a literal treasure and it makes me really excited to see Taemin and him perform for SuperM (which I keep reading a sperm and it’s a problem haha 😂)

This performance showed the mania of an orchestra conductor and this was such a beautiful dance. There were lots of elements which together formed a well orchestrated (get it ^^”) performance.

Ten’s facial expressions are wonderful and elevate the performance as well!

What were your favourite performances from episodes 5 + 6?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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