NAME-A-THON || 16th – 22nd September πŸ“š

This is a fun readathon that is all based on your name, christian or otherwise. This was created by @utcbookblog and @ideallyinspiredreviews~

I have 8 letters in my name so I don’t want to use Hayleigh haha ^^”

I’ll never be able to read 8 books in a week! I have a nickname that my dad calls me, which is five letters. And I have one that my sister uses (and I hate!) but it’s only four… so I’m going with that!

It’s ‘Bill’.

I hate it.

My dad’s best friend came up with it. He used to always write my name like the rock n’ roll singer Bill Haley… and then he started calling me Bill. It was years ago and my sister still keeps it up…

There are prompts for each letter and I’ve chosen the one that I can use with my own physical tbr.


B – Beautiful Cover

I’m currently reading The Raven Cycle and I really like the covers! Which makes sense to put the next book in the series on this list. So for this prompt I will be reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue; Maggie Stiefvater.

I – International: Set in Europe or has a European character

This isn’t International for me, but I’ll use the prompt anyway :p (any Brexiteer’s who think that we’re not European if we leave the EU need to walk off the nearest cliff).Β I was going to be cheeky and use The Raven King, I mean Glendower has to count right? He’s Welsh haha

But I decided to go with The Creeping Shadow; Jonathan Stroud. It’s set in London. I’m a little way into this already and I’m so eager to keep reading and finish this week!

L – Longest on Your TBR

This is the one I’m most scared of… The longest book I own is Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell; Susanna Clarke.

It’s 1006 pages long… I know some versions are set into three books, so I might aim to get at least the first portion done during the NAME-A-THON

L – One-Word Title

Last month, during the NEWTs I had Thunderhead; Neal Shusterman on my tbr. I didn’t get round to it so this is a perfect time to read it~

Are you taking part this week?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~

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