IU & Yeo JinGoo x Marie Claire || August 2019

♪ When I’m just me, I shine the brightest 
Palette; IU & Gdragon

IU and Yeo JinGoo are currently starring in the TVN drama Hotel Del Luna, written by the Hong sisters.

For more information and pictures visit Marie Claire Korea~

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These photos are my favourite from this shot. I just love their simplicity ♥

However, Yeo JinGoo’s outfit is somewhat off-putting… all items are from Bottega Veneta. He’s wearing a white turtleneck under a cashmere top (£685) which has a rather startling low neckline! The black trousers look all the same so they are anywhere between £540 – £1,230. 

IU’s outfit on the other hand is beautiful. It gives me governess vibes haha~ The Eudon Choi outfit comprises of a Beatrice Jacket B (£575) and an Amelia Skirt C (£375).

And I always love a messy bun~


Whoever wears watches over their clothes is not someone you should trust. The stylist did JinGoo dirty haha

This Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph watch is £9,750, while the black turtleneck is from Ermenegildo Zegna (£345).

iu marie claire

This is a cute and simple picture with a lovely neutral pastel vibe.

The white top is from Moontan (189,000 won or £128.84). While the main focus is most certainly the watch. The cute Rendezvous Moon medium pink gold watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre costs a whopping £21,200. You could buy a car with this watch!

iu and jingoo 4

Both IU and JinGoo’s outfits are comprised of Givenchy, however, it seems that the latest collection has not been updated on their site yet.

Both outfits have a more high fashion, quirky element – I mean look at JinGoo’s trousers!

I’m not quite sure if I like this picture though… IU looks positioned a little oddly and scared, while JinGoo just looks sad and bore haha


  •  (강 예솔)
  • Photography: Park ShiYeol (박 시열)
  • Hair & Makeup: Yoon HyeJung (윤 혜정)
  • Styling: Lee DongYeon (이 동연)


Have you been watching Hotel Del Luna? Is it living up to the hype?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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