Hyoyeon x Grazia || 27.05.2019

Another SNSD Goddess~

Hyoyeon is best known for being a member of Girls Generation. She has also ventured into the DJ scene, as well as having her own solo music career. She is also absolutely hilarious!!

For more pictures and interview check out Grazia Korea.

hyoyeon grazia 2

This is such a cute photo!

The plaid check dress, which I only like at this angle (the bottom half is kind of ugly), comes from Weekend Max Mara (£238). The cute blue Vedi Vero Moody Sunglasses are around £160 (235,000 won).

hyoyeon grazia 3

I don’t know how I feel about this photo. There is just something about it that I don’t like… maybe because the outfit blends too much into the road ^^”

This outfit comes from H&M. The halter top (17,000 won – around £11) matches the maxi shirt (59,000 won – around £40). The sandals are white and cost around £27 (39,000 won).

hyoyeon grazia 4

This photo has such a summery, casual vibe that matches Hyoyeon’s persona. I also love when Hyoyeon wears her hair up ♥ The one thing I really don’t like it Hyoyeon’s right hand… it’s a crab hand and it looks like she only has 4 fingers.

The stripe top from MSGM by Hanstyle (398,000 won – around £270) has a unique cut which took me a little while to work out if I liked it or not. I do haha ^^ The asymmetrical skirt from Off White is chic is £455.

The acid colour sandals from Puma are ugly. Fight me! At least they don’t cost that much (at least according to Grazia who give the prices in won – these are 39,000 won which is around £26).

hyoyeon grazia 5

Another cool chic photo!

The H&M dress is cute and affordable at 39,000 won – around £26.

Again the sunglasses come from Vedi Vero and I love them! I really like the big circular glasses. They cost around £170 (248,000 won).

hyoyeon grazia 6


Hyoyeon has such a lovely smile and the sporty outfit fits the casual vibe so well!

The denim jacket from MSGM by Hanstyle is just simple and clean cut (658,000 won – around £447). The red crinkly looking joggers from Hanstyle cost the same.

The Odd One Out (94,000 won – around £64) one sleeved top is alright, but I’ve never really got this trend haha

The trainers are ugly, but I don’t hate them. They are the Trooper Iceman cano trainers from Filling Piece. They cost 310,000 won which is around £211.

hyoyeon grazia 7

Are those chicken feet drawn on the path or weird looking cacti?

This is a cute little outfit! The blue fringe jacket (380,000 won – around £260) from Longchamp is the type of jacket that only kpop idols and international students on campus can get away with haha

The strap top and the cute high waisted leather shorts come from the stylists collection.

The White Low Curve Iceman Trimix trainers from Falling Pieces come in at £219.

hyoyeon grazia 8

The graffiti on the wall gives this photo a great pop of colour.

This sporty ensemble comes from Odd One Out and Citybreeze.

From Odd One Out, the black top (which I can’t really work out what it it?) is around £64 (94,000 won) and the neon yellow long sleeved top underneath is 69,000 won which is around £47.

The black trackie bottoms are from Citybreeze and are only £40.10 (59,000 won) which is pretty good considering the prices of those tops!

The trainers are again a pair of Low Curve Iceman Trimix from Falling Pieces. While the bandana is £120… for a bit of cotton fabric with a pattern on… Alexander Wang I’m disappointed in you haha :p

hyoyeon grazia 9

This is one of my favourite photos from this editorial. The colours, pose and outfit all fit together to make a really casual and cool shot!

The dress is from Vetements by Yoox, which considering the entire thing is covered in the brand name, it took me several seconds too long to read the hangul right haha ^^”

The trainers, which are actually rather cute are the Low Top Angelice Fluo’s from Filling Pieces, which cost around £207 (305,000 won).


  • Contributing Editor: Choi Hanna
  • Photographer: Kim Hyuk
  • Hair: Lee JiHyun (이지현(알루))
  • Makeup: Shin KyungMi (신경미(순수))
  • Stylist: Seo SuMyung (서수명)



Weekend Max Mara

Vedi Vero

MSGM by Hanstyle



Odd One Out

Filling Pieces



Vetements by YOOX

Thanks for reading! I hope you are giving a good day~


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