Sunmi x Grazia || June 2019

“You’ll see me all sharp; And you’ll bow your head low” – Gashina

Sunmi is a solo Kpop artist and member of Wonder Girls~

For more pictures and the original editorial post check out Grazia Korea.

sunmi 1

This is such a pretty photo. The dress, which has a lovely colour scheme and pattern, comes from Thursday Island’s S/S collection (£131.62 – 195,000 won). 

Sunmi is wearing Sophiamor earrings (£31 – 46,000 won) from their a/w 18 collection and I must admit I’m not really a fan. They’re too chunky for my liking. The rings are from Primaute and are around £16 each (24,000 won).

sunmi 2

This is so pretty! The oranges of Sunmi’s outfit is a lovely pop of colour in this photo. The tube top and shorts combo come from Endless Rose. The shorts are really cute (£92) but I don’t like the top (£82). In this pose it looks nice, but in full front the tube top has a keyhole on the belly and then a frill…

The Elcanto shoes which suits this outfit so well are £108.05 (159,000 won). Sunmi is wearing earrings from Millimeter – but I couldn’t find the site, let alone this pair of earrings. And the bracelet is from Midnight Moment.

sunmi 3

I love the casual and clean look of this shot! Sunmi is absolutely beautiful!

This pretty slit dress looks so comfortable and girly ♥ It comes from Thursday Island (£187.95 – 279,000 won). While the ballet style shoes are from the stylist’s collection. 

The earrings are from Sophiamor.

sunmi 4

How can someone looks so casual and sultry at the same time! I swear Sunmi is a goddess!

The tassled top is from KUME and costs £326.14 (480,000 won), while the shorts are from Buckaroo. This is a brand that I couldn’t find. And to be honest I’m not even sure when the top and shorts differentiate haha ^^”

The accessories are a cross body Oryany bag (£203.13 – 299,000 won) and justLoveR earrings. I couldn’t get access to this brands site for some reason… And lastly, Sumni is wearing rings from Primaute.

sunmi 5

This has a cool retro 50’s vibe and vintage styles really suit Sunmi~

The dress is from GUKA and is £69.32 (102,000 won). The cute £155.58 (229,000 won) white loafers are Elcanto. 

The earrings come from justLoveR, while the pearl bracelet (£26.50 – 39,000 won) is from Jewel County.

sunmi 6

Another simple and retro style that makes Sunmi look so cool!

The sunglasses are from the Jill Stuart line of SEEONE Eyewear (£178.37 – 262,500 won). The cute yellow summery top is from Bershka, while the blue jeans are from Buckaroo.

The Midnight Moment earring are so cute~ They are a “leaf vibe” and cost £56.04 which is too much for a pair of earrings in my opinion haha ^^” but they’re cute!

sunmi 7

This jumpsuit is so cute! It comes from Thursday Island and is £134.07 (199,000 won). I really like the bold pink lipstick as it’s not a shade I would have used for this outfit but it works well!

Sunmi is wearing oval white pearl earrings from Sophiamor (£31 – 46,000 won) and a Primaute ring (which I can’t really see… ^^”).

sunmi 8

This is so cute and casual!

The outfit comes from Vanessa Bruno. I really like the floral skirt (£195) it has a pretty William Morris feel to it. The violet Elcanto shoes (£135.26 – 199,000 won) from a distance look cute, but on closer inspection I realised there is pvc plastic between the violet lines and I’m not sure how I feel about that haha. 

The jewellery is from Primaute.

sunmi 9

This is a casual sexy pose. The cute daisy blouse is from DAZEDAYZ (£87.04 – 128,000 won), with an 8 by YOOX white top (£57) underneath. The denim shorts are from Buckaroo. 

The cute orange Elcanto sandals are £87.65 and are perfect for the summer weather.

Sunmi is wearing earrings from Millimeter, and a necklace from More Jude (I can’t quite tell what the pendant shape is, the prices range from £50 – £90).


  • Editor: Choi In Shil
  • Photographer: Lee Young Hak
  • Hair: Dabin (다빈 (정샘물 이스트))
  • Makeup: GunHee (건희 (정샘물 이스트))
  • Stylist: Lee Jieun (이지은)
  • Casting Director: Lee Sukgyung (이숙경)
  • Production: Hwang JungMin (황정민 (cri1216))


Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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