Ji ChangWook x Marie Claire || June 2019

Ji ChangWook returned from his military service in late April and I’m so happy to see his face again!

Ji ChangWook is a Korean actor, most commonly known from Empress Ki and Healer ♥ If you want to see the interview and other pictures check out the post on Marie Claire.

ji changwook 1

This is such a cool and casual shot! And I’m surprised at how much I like the bright blue shirt (around £310-£340) with the checked yellow-beige suit deal (trousers – £340; jacket – £735). All clothing comes from wooyoungmi.

Meanwhile the sunglasses are Tom Ford. I had trouble finding these sunnies – they all the same to me sometimes, especially aviator ones haha – but all range from £235-£255.

This little photoset is so cute! I love the styling and the shot through the glass. So pretty!

The knit sweater from Ralph Lauren (was no where on the site goddammit!) is cute, I love green! And it suits ChangWook’s skin tone. The jewellery he is wearing is from HYÉRES LOR.

And apparently, according to the description, ChangWook is wearing the Gentlemen Only EDT Perfume from Givenchy (£72.50).

ji changwook 3

The bottle of perfume that ChangWook is holding is the Gentlemen Only EDT that I talked about above.

In this picture ChangWook looks handsome (duh) but I don’t really like the shirt. When it comes to wooyoungmi my opinions are polarised on their garments. This shirt is not my cup of tea.

The trousers are simple black, so why you’d spend £340 on them… Rich people haha

ji changwook 4

I love this photo!!

ChangWook looks so handsome in profile and his little almost smile ♥

And this is what I mean about my thoughts on wooyoungmi being polarised, because I really like this shirt (£460)! The colours and tartan feel to the pattern is so chic and cool.

I had more luck finding these Tom Ford sunglasses which are £235.

ji changwook 6

This shot is beautiful! The framing, the colours, ChangWook’s posture and smile~ He looks like the perfect boyfriend~

The shirt is from Vivienne Westwood (£390) while the jeans (around £300) are from Atlier & Repairs who have some cool looking items!

The trainers are Vans and I scrolled through so many pages of shoes and I still couldn’t find them, but most of the shoes range from £50-£70.

ji changwook 7

This outfit is from Korean brand Ordinary People, while the tshirt is from the stylist’s collection.

It’s a cute set-up, but weirdly I just don’t like the chair… I’m so picky about things that don’t matter 😂

The product that ChangWook is holding is the Mister Healthy Glow Gel from Givenchy. Apparently it enhances amber tones and makes your skin glow. The bottle is 30ml and costs £29.50.


  •  (장 재영)
  • Photographer: Kim DoWon (김 도원)
  • Writer: Kim SuJung (김 수정)
  • Hair: Chun AhRam (천 아람)
  • Stylist: Ji SangEun (지 상은)
  • Makeup: Lee SuJi (이 수지)


wooyoungmi                     Vans                        Tom Ford

Ralph Lauren              HYÉRES LOR

             Ordinary People                  Atelier & Repairs                       Givenchy

             Vivienne Westwood

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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