Kim HaNeul x Marie Claire || May 2019

Kim HaNeul is a South Korean actress and goddess!

HaNeul stared in one of my favourite dramas of all time – A Gentleman’s Dignity ♥

For more photographs check out Marie Claire~

The clothes are from LÄTT BY T and VIEU, but of course I’ll let you know where the clothes come from! And the beautiful backdrops are in the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort; Vietnam.

kim haneul MK 1

This picture looks so casual and I love it.

The swimwear underneath the pretty robe (645,000 won – around £424), is according to Marie Clare 325,000 won – around £214. Both items are from LÄTT BY T.

I don’t really know about swimwear, but who pays this much for something you hardly wear?

kim haneul MK 2

This view is beautiful!

And the blue suit looks so vibrant. The suit is sold separately, with the suit jacket around £326 (495,000 won) and the trousers are around £227 (345,000 won).

I don’t really like the shoes as I can’t work out if they have a heel or are flats and they aren’t on the site.

kim haneul MK 3

East Asian’s always look so stylish in even in clothes that are kind of ugly. I don’t know how they do it! It’s like magic!

The slit dress looks drab. The windbreaker is a nice pop of colour in all the white and off white in this photo. I don’t like trainers, but these are kind of cute. All the items are 495,000 won each – which is around £325.

kim haneul MK 4

This is so casual and I really like the outfit from LÄTT BY T. Everything looks so comfortable. 

The swimwear is the one from the first photo (around £424). The cute gingham check trousers are around £246 (375,000 won) and the blue loafers are about £174 (265,000 won). The straw tote bag is around £180 (275,000 won).

kim haneul MK 5

This gives me 60’s vibes and HaNeul looks gorgeous!

But I can’t get over the arm… it looks so awkward to me. How do you feel?

The white blouse from LÄTT BY T is around £293 (445,000 won), while the red tinted sunglasses are from VIEU and cost around £131 (200,000 won).

kim haneul MK 6

This is a beautiful shot! Whoever chose this frame needs a raise!

The outfit comes from LÄTT BY T. The shirt, with the pretty blue pocket pattern is around £293 (445,000 won). The white net/lace skirt, which I want but could never afford, is around £325 (495,000 won).

Also that collarbone! Scandalous *gasps* haha :p

kim haneul MK 7

Ooh I really like this photo! A lot of the surrounding is black and white, but HaNeul stands out and the trees in the reflection gives a lovely pop of green.

The outfit comes from LÄTT BY T.

The white blouse, from previously is around £293. The pretty blue wrap skirt is around £168 (255,000 won), while the slippers are around £89 (135,000 won).


  •  (강 지혜)
  • Photography: Choi MunHyuk (최 문혁)
  • Hair: Kang SungHee (강 성희)
  • Styling: Ko ByungKi (고 병기) and Na HaEun (나 하은)
  • Makeup: Suhee (수이)
  • Assistant: Jang Giwon (정 길원) and Jo HyeJin (조 혜진)
  • Location: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort; Vietnam




Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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