SooYoung x Marie Claire || May 2019

SooYoung is member of South Korea’s best girl group (I don’t make the rules~ :p)

However, she is now pursuing a solo career in music and acting. I’m pretty excited to see her newest film ‘Miss & Mrs. Cop’ with Ra MiRan ♥

For more photographs and the interview with SooYoung, head over to Marie Claire~

sooyoung MK 1

I feel like this outfit could be kind of an eye sore, but in this light pastel pink setting, the pop of yellow is great. All the piece are cute, and come from MaxMara. The yellow blazer (£840) is worn over a one shoulder cotton poplin dress (£380). I’m not quite sure of the point of the leather trimmed belt, especially as it’s £340!

sooyoung MK 2

Sooyoung is soooo beautiful! And this may sound weird, but her lips shape is so pretty ♥

The flower dress is from Coach (and I think was the same dress Krystal is wearing in one of her shoots recently), which has cute white lace details and is £495. The sunglasses are from Agnes B. and are the £245 pink édith’s.

sooyoung MK 3

I don’t really like this picture. I feel like Sooyoung and the outfit don’t stand out against the white and somewhat drab background.

The one shoulder white blouse (£315) and the skirt with a large asymmetric frill (£405) are from MaxMara. The shoes are also from MaxMara and come in a wide range of colours (£445).

sooyoung MK 4

Once again, I wish the background allowed the outfit to truly pop because this outside is so beautiful! Women in suits/jumpsuits are just swoonworthy~

Under the grey pure wool weave jumpsuit (£840 – ooh that’s a lot!) is a one shoulder shirt in the same grey (£345). The MaxMara grey shoes, with a bow/frill detail are £380.

sooyoung MK 5

This is my favourite picture from the shoot, which is why I used as the cover pic as well!

I couldn’t find the clothes on the 3.1 Phillip Lim website, but I found the jumper on farfetch and it’s ₩492,229 – which is around £328. I also found the shirt on farfetch and it’s ₩552,296 – which is around £368.

The jumper is super cute. I’ve seen more muted coloured shirts from 3.1. Phillip Lim, but this one is so vibrant. The chic gold rimmed sunglasses aren’t on the Agnes B. site yet.

sooyoung MK 6

This isn’t my ideal backdrop, but the angle is wonderful.

All the items of this outfit are from Coach. The white blouse is £250-£295… I can’t work out which it is haha

The demin patch jeans aren’t on the site yet, but by the looks of things they are from the autumn collection. And this is the same from the pastel pink mini backpack/purse. This collection has a rose embellishment rather than the C embellishment. And the ones that have been released are so cute!

sooyoung MK 7

The angling of this photo is good, and I love Sooyoung body position.

The jacket is from Ports 1961, but hasn’t been released on the site yet. The shoes are ₩109,000 – which is about £70 – from the brand SSD251. And the Vintage Hollywood earrings are ₩63,000 – which is about £40.

sooyoung MK 8

I really like this photo, but I’m kind of mad that none of these items from Coach have been released on their site yet!

The mint coloured jumper is super cute. I’m not sure about the skirt, I can’t quite tell if there is a pattern on it.


  •  (임 경미)
  • Photography: An JooYoung  (안 주영)
  • Hair: Oh JongOh (오 종오)
  • Styling: Seo SuKyung  (서 수경)
  • Makeup: Lee Young (이 영)




Agnes B. By Seeone Eyewear

3.1 Phillip Lim

Ports 1961


Vintage Hollywood

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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