Seo KangJoon x GQ Korea || 26.12.2018

This is an older issue of GQ, but this editorial is so beautiful! The colour scheme is stunning!

Seo KangJoon is a singer, actor and model. I know him from the SBS reality series Roommate, but he is probably better known for his role in Cheese in the Trap and the upcoming drama The Watcher.

Click here for more picture and the interview on the GQ Korea website.

seo kangjoon gq

Someone needs to sort this handsome man’s hair out… and explain to him what he’s holding because he looks so confused haha

This outfit is made up of a dark shirt from Ermenegildo Zegna Couture (which is around £300) and a tie that is £215 – which is a lot for a tie… I don’t think I’d pay over £10 haha ^^”

The trousers are Ralph Lauren and look great around the waist, but they seem oddly baggy in places and white trousers… they’re a gamble!

seo kangjoon gq 1

Is that gravy or syrup? Only important questions are asked here at Dramarambles :p

This is my favourite outfit of this shoot. The reds mix with the blue hues of the lights and in turn deepens the reds and gives them a richness.

The white shirt is from Comme des Garçons (Homme Plus) and shirts all look the same to me when they are just plain… just know it probably costs far more than it should haha

The trousers are from Golden Goose Deluxe (£397.55) which go really nicely with the Ermenegildo Zegna Couture gingham check jacket. Although I hope he isn’t accident prone because this jacket is around £2,000! 

seo kangjoon gq 3

This is my favourite shot! The angle of the camera, the glittering effect of the lights the slight parting of KangJoon’s lips, and his soft expression! So beautiful! ♥

The striped shirt is from Saint Laurent by Anthony Baccarello.

seo kangjoon gq 2

This shot is kind of meh to be honest. This whole outfit comes from WooYoungMi which is a brand so hard to find prices for because you have to go through other outlets.

The coat is around £900, while the trousers are around £300. I couldn’t find the t-shirt, but similar t-shirts I saw were between £100-£250.

seo kangjoon gq 5

Is he eating chocolate or a bit of metal?

The only problem I have with this shot in the frame. If the frame had been widened to fully allow for all of his right hand to be in shot it would be a much better photo.

KangJoon has really pretty lips~

The shirt and tie are the same as the first photo in this shirt (Ermenegildo Zegna Couture). 

seo kangjoon gq 6

*fans self*

I would like to say that this outfit is cool and KangJoon is serving us looks without baring his chest, but it helps :p

All the clothes in this shot are from Givenchy. The jacket and trousers are not that distinct that I could find them, but the beautiful monster pattern robe, which is honestly the only part of the outfit my eyes are drawn to, is £1,155.

And it’s long! I mean it’s weird that it’s over a suit jacket, but it looks so cool, so I don’t care haha

The outfit is finished with a talisman charm necklace (£550) again from Givenchy.


  • Editor: Lee YeJi (이예지)
  • Photographer: Kim HeeJun (김희준)
  • Stylist: Park TaeIl (박태일)
  • Hair: Jung MiYoung (정미영 at Aluu)
  • Make-Up: Jo HeeJung (조희정 at Aluu)


Ermenegildo Zegna Couture                   Ralph Lauren                     YSL      

Golden Goose Deluxe                    WooYoungMi                   Givenchy

What’s your favourite picture?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a great day~


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