Gong Yoo x Harper’s Bazaar || 03.02.2019

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” – Tom Ford~

Gong Yoo is a Korean actor known most notably for Coffee Prince, although I’m assuming the newer kdrama fans would know him for Kim EunSuk’s Goblin. He’s also the lead in Train to Busan (which I haven’t watched because I’m a wimp haha ^^”)

I’ve tried something different with the pictures being large, I hope you like it~

gong yoo 1

Look at this 39yr old man being a little cutie! ♥

The poppy hoodie is from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection and costs £1,120. The flared jeans revival seems to be taking hold in LV, and I hate it. These jeans cost £835 and I want to burn them!

The sunglasses are Tom Ford and cost £230. These better have good UV protection for that price!

Also, I first thought the product in the window was called “drinksy” and I’m sad that that’s not the actual brand name haha!

gong yoo 2

Look at this cute little bean! His skin tone is absolutely beautiful in this photo!


Everything Gong Yoo is wearing in this photo comes from the s19 capsule collection from Berluti.

The jacket, which is super cute, costs £3,400. I’m glad that they didn’t show more of the shirt because after I found it, I didn’t like it. The pattern is oddly dispersed for me. It cost’s £450.

And they really out here selling shorts that little boys wear in primary school for adults? And for £700??? That’s got to be illegal! … I’m so poor, but honestly who pays hundreds of pounds for shorts?

The trainers are £800 and I think they’re ugly… but I don’t really understand a lot of trainer styles.

It’s a good job that Gong Yoo looks so precious in this photo otherwise I would hate it!

Bvlgari is a brand that I’ve come across while making these posts and the prices physically hurt me. This outfit costs £5,350, while the Bvlgari “Octo Finissimo Automatic” watch costs over twice that amount at £11,900.

Rich people confuse me so much!

gong yoo 3

Ooh sexy Gong Yoo is here!

This outfit is a Louis Vuitton ensemble. The double breasted jacket is beautifully tailored and costs £2,150. And the silver/grey jacket goes very nicely with the white shirt (£925) and the trousers (£835).

gong yoo 4

Sexy Gong Yoo got casual. He looks like a kdrama CEO male lead who thinks he’s completely disguised by dark sunglasses haha 😂

Again, this outfit is a Louis Vuitton ensemble.

From what I can tell, the shirt and trousers are the same as those Gong Yoo is wearing in the last photo. Meanwhile, this suit jacket is an off white that looks wonderful in the sun in this shot and costs £1,970.

The sunglasses are again Tom Ford. I worked out that they weren’t the same as the ones in the 1st photo, but I couldn’t find this pair on the site. However, a pair that looked similar were £240.


Interview (in Korean) and other pictures can be found here.

Editors: 박의령, 허 세련 and 강남회

Hair: 임 철우

Make-Up: 이 혜영


Louis Vuitton                      Tom Ford                              Berluti


Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~

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